Ah, it's only been a day and I can't stay any longer. He actually sat there in a daze. His handsome face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

"Immediately get her to return to the villa and wait upon us!"

"Yes, young master."

Uncle Lin came to the seaside. "Third Young Madam, Young Master wishes for you to attend to him in the study."

Yan Xi turned around and served him again. Didn't he want her to go in? Yesterday, when she went to take care of him, she was almost strangled to death.

"Uncle Lin, didn't Third Young Master want me to take care of you?"

"This... Third young mistress, your young master is in a bad mood, so you shouldn't make him angry. Although you just married in, your young master didn't say anything. " Uncle Lin looked at Yan Xi's dark blue eyes and her innocent face. She didn't seem like someone with a scheming mind at all.

"Alright." Yan Xi stood up and walked back to the second floor of the villa. She knocked lightly on the study door.

"Come in!"

Yan Xi Luo pushed open the door and looked at the man who was reading a file beside his desk.

He was wearing a dark shirt and was lazily leaning against the chair. With such an elegant and noble appearance, it would be fascinating if it wasn't very cold.

"Third Young Master, what are you looking for me for?" She looked at the expressionless man from three meters away. He didn't dare to take a step closer.

In her heart, she still minded how he suddenly pinched her neck yesterday.

She could understand that the wheelchair she had been in for so long was irritable.

"What are you doing at the seaside? Are you unhappy being married here? " He lifted his sharp eyes and stared straight at Yan Xi, as if he wanted to see through her heart.

Yan Xi Luo shook her head, "No, I have nothing else to do, so I went for a walk by the sea. Third Young Master, you can arrange a job for me. I can do anything! This way we can pass the time. "

The man's icy cold eyes did not contain the slightest bit of warmth, "Yan Xi Yan, stop pretending. What do you, a young miss, want to do? Don't you want to leave? Or did Jomo Chen send you to spy on me? "

Yan Xi was startled when he suddenly slid his wheelchair in front of her in two seconds.

She took a step back at once, afraid that he would pinch her neck again, that the man's dark, narrow eyes were like a swirl, as if he were trying to suck her in.

"Even if you want to do something, it will not be as you wish. From yesterday onwards, you will be the wife of I, Qiao Mo Xie, and you will die on this island. If you want to be with Qiao Mo Chen again, you will have to wait for your next life!"

He stared intently at her small face. It was so delicate and charming. Inwardly, he was more venomous than a snake. He laughed contemptuously, "Oh, there's one more thing I haven't told you. Because of my disabled legs, you and I can't perform the ritual of husband and wife. I hope you can slowly be a widow here!"

The look on his face was suddenly chilling, and words of insult came out of his mouth, "If you really don't want to be lonely, I can satisfy you in other ways. But none of your people, not even your thoughts, can leave this island. "So stop pretending to be pitiful in the future, no one here will ask you to join them!"

Yan Xi fell into a daze as she looked at the man's ever-changing expression, speaking such harsh words. Her face alternated between red and white.

Her heart suddenly felt sorry for the man. What made him hate her so much, wasn't it the brothers who stole his sister?

However, he had already gotten his "sister". Shouldn't he be happy?

"Third Young Master ? I, I have never been unhappy, I am very willing to take care of you, and since I am married to you, I will not have any contact with anyone else. " For his father's sake, he must not provoke this freak.

Qiao Meishui looked at her black and white eyes with a confused expression. He swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

"You want to take care of me?" He slid across the wheelchair and pulled open the glass door. "Wash up the inside of the chair and the bedroom. Clean everything up!"

He turned and looked at the petite girl standing next to him with a mocking smile.

He had already investigated this young miss of a rich family from the start. She lived her days of stretching her hand from mouth to mouth, her fingers not touching the Yang Spring Water.

He told her to wash the bathroom and clean the bedroom to see if she jumped.

Yan Xi Luo smiled and nodded, "Okay, I will do it now."

After saying that, he walked into the bathroom, picked up a towel and began to clean himself.

Ten minutes later, he gently slid the wheelchair into the bathroom. The girl was bent over, wiping the washbasin with a towel. She was wearing a skirt that fell to her knees.

Her two snow-white calves stood there, and as she wiped them, her skirt swayed up and down.

The covering part of the dress was hidden inside. Qiao Mojiao was stunned. He suddenly felt his mouth go dry!

Shit! He immediately turned and slid the wheelchair away, thinking of her little hand resting on his yesterday. His lower abdomen felt hot!

Damn it! What happened to him?

He had never thought about a woman for so many years. Even though she was his wife, he would never forget that he had married her in order to take revenge on Qiao Mo Chen.

He wanted to make her suffer, make Qiao Mo Chen wish that he was dead!

This was just the beginning. In a few days, that man would definitely come to the island to demand an explanation! The good show is yet to come.

He immediately slid his wheelchair out of the study and made a call.

After a while, a black car slowly drove into the villa and a man wearing sunglasses got off the car. He walked straight into the living room.

"I heard you got married yesterday," he said. "Why, even the bride isn't going to show us, so we hid her away." The man walked to the sofa and sat down immediately.

He looked at the man on the wheelchair with a smile, and knocked on the back of the sofa with one hand. Were they unsatisfied with their new marriage? "Hmm?"

Qiao Mo leered at the man on the sofa who had a devilish smile on his face. He really wanted to run over and rip off that man's face that looked like he deserved a beating.

"Let's go to Puqing immediately!" The man slid his wheelchair out.

The man on the sofa immediately followed, "Hey, hey, Mo Hai, at least let me have a look at the bride before we leave. "Yun Shang and the rest have yet to go."

But the wheelchair left the living room without a sound and slid onto the beach. When it reached the car, Qiao Mo Chen suddenly stood up from the wheelchair. He opened the door and got into the car.

"..." The man behind looked back to make sure no one was in the cab. Start the car.

"Why did you get in the car yourself? "If someone sees it ?" He turned around and looked at the handsome man with a face as black as the bottom of a pot. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

After the car left the beach, the solitary wheelchair was left swaying due to the wind.

On the second floor, Yan Xi stood up to wipe her hands after showering.

He was quite satisfied with his masterpiece. She smiled. She had done these things many times since she was young. Difficult to get hold of her?

She turned and walked out, gently pushing open the bedroom door.

What entered his vision was a pair of deep blue curtains, as well as a cotton quilt the same color, neatly placed on the large bed. The bed was large enough to stand in half a room.

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