A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C1 ( my only hope ) chapter 1
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C1 ( my only hope ) chapter 1
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C1 ( my only hope ) chapter 1

The Omega stood still has he spaced out thinking about charles the person he fell in love with . But it has been five years since he left this world , leaving him in pain , before he could come out of his thoughts a tiny little hand reached out to him " mommy mommy , what are you thinking " the Omega was startled , " it's you luna , my sweet little daughter , iam so sorry for spacing out and not listening to you " he said it with a smile . Has he hugged her tightly , " mommy let me go you are gonna mess up my uniform " he realised her " sorry , hehe " he chuckled has he said .

" Mommy I have made the breakfast let go and eat " the Omega stood smiling at her has she walked towards the dining hall , because she is the only hope that he is still alive in this world .

Luna is just a five year old child , yet she acts like all grown up . She even makes breakfast for her mommy too , she calls him " mom" no matter where they are in front of other people .

They finished the breakfast , it was delicious just like how he makes , she has learnt a lot .

It was Luna's first day for the school , so they walked towards the bus stop wear the school bus arrives . Even the mother's of other kids came there to send there kids . Has they both arrived , people started to goosip.

" Hey I think he is an Omega ,"

" Yes me too , I think I child he is holding in his hand is his child "

" But how come he has a child , yet he has not been bonded yet "" I have never seen him with his husband either "

" O my , don't tell me that poor thing was ....."

They went silent has they saw him , looking towards them .

The Omega lowered his head , his face turned pail in no time .

Luna understood that her mother is being bad mouthed by other's .

The Omega looked like he was about to cry by what they meant , but he didn't want to show his embarrassing side nor he wanted his daughter to be sad . So he endured it . And smiled at her has she stared at him .

Luna said in soft voice for him to sit down so he may reach her hight , luna squeezed the cheeks of her mother and told him .

" Mommy I will be a good girl and iam gonna make lots of friends too " she said it with a confidence in her eyes . These kind of words gave him strength buy seeing how adorable his daughter is .

The school bus arrived and he sent luna with a smile in his face . He clenched his fist and told " let work hard today " he walked towards his house got all dressed up and left to work in his shop

He has his own flower shop , which just take half an hour to reach . The shop was already open , has soon has he entered he thanked miss Olivia , she was startled by his voice " it you samuel , good morning " you are early today " , she smiled .

"Yes , today my daughter's school bus arrived early ."and they started to continue there work it was already noon , meanwhile luna had made many friends at the first day of her school "

The Omega signed has he worried how luna is at her school by now .

Suddenly his Phone started ringing **********

It was his grandmother who is calling him after a long time .

To be continued ........

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