A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C2 ( you are my mate ) chapter 2
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C2 ( you are my mate ) chapter 2
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C2 ( you are my mate ) chapter 2

Samuel picked up the call " hello mother how have you been " he greeted

" Iam fine son , how are you and luna "

" Iam good , Luna's doing good too mother "

Samuel always called his grandmother has mother he thinks of her has his own mother since she was the one who raised him after the death of his parents .

" Why did you call me all of a sudden .

"Son when are you going to get married it's been five years already " . Samuel was surprised has he heard it all of a sudden his face expressed changed .

" Mother I have told you that I won't get married , I only love him . And even if I want to marry I want someone who will love my daughter too , so please don't ....." He went silent for a moment .unless his grandmother signed and continued .

" Ok I won't talk about it anymore , I called you because I wanted to ask a favour from you , will you do it ?".

" Yes mother I will do it " samuel accepted without any trouble . But he doesn't know what is waiting for him ahead .

His grandmother asked him to attend a party instead of her since she had some other business to attend and it was an party of an important person , she even told him just go and give gift to that person behalf of her and samuel agreed since it was today itself he had no other way to reject since she told him at the last moment. She even sent me the package .

Samuel before leaving the shop , he asked miss Olivia weather she could pick up and take care of luna from the school , miss Olivia agreed.she picked up luna has soon as the school was over and took her to her home .

As samuel reached home he saw a package infront of his house which was sent by his grandmother . as he checked the package there was a invitation , a suit to wear and a box with a costly wine wrapped . as he saw the invitation he was surprised .he signed " is grandmother seriously send me to this party it's unbelievable "

" It's a party of a billionaire family " .

He swallowed has he saw the invitation . He has never been to an party of a billionaire so hesitated a little but for his grandmother's sake he have to go . But no one knows how she has connection with a rich person . Samuel got dressed up and left his house ,he took a taxi to reach there . Samuel was looking quite good with the suit he reached were the party was held .

It was held in "BLAKES BRISTOL" one of the biggest hotel in Germany were only rich dominant alphas , omegas and others attend . He was amazed by seeing the hotel itself has he entered . inside it was so grand . And this was owned by the graysons family itself.

Today was the birthday of mister Sebastian grayson the old man of the graysons family . samuel felt chills has he entered the hall , there were only dominant alpha everywhere with there omegas some without and it was filled with pheromones so he felt little uneasy ." Thank god I took there medicine " .

I should get out of here has soon as possible " . Has he thought he went to mister grayson and wished him and had chit-chat when mister grayson heard samuel was miss Emily's grandson , he was shocked and they had a very long way of talk .

Samuel was about to leave since he has finished the work which was asked by his grandmother suddenly an announcement was made by the old man grayson

" Good evening ladies and gentlemen , I thank everyone who has attended my birthday party today "

Today I have a very important announcement "

Has samuel heard he stood there thinking what it could be . as mister grayson continued .

" Today iam going to introduce my grandson who is going to take care of the graysons treasurer's from now , let welcome my beloved grandson " leo grayson"

Samuel was stunned there it self unable to move when he saw a figure , an dominant alpha , with golden eyes ,he was such a handsome figure . When leo showed up every one gathered around him to greet .

Samuel snapped out and felt something is wrong , suddenly there eyes met .

Samuels body started to burn up has soon as there eyes met and he was shivering has if he was in heat even his medicine didn't work , he couldn't move " I have to run , I have too ....." He tried to run from there has he took one or two steps .

Suddenly a warm big hand grabbed from behind , it was leo grayson , " you , you are my soulmate " my pair ". samuel was shocked and his face turned bright red and he tried to get away from his grip but it was impossible leo was strong , samuel lowered his head with a face which turned red " please let me go ..... " As leo Heard this he loosened his grip . The whole party went silent has samuel ran away still blushing and little tears in his eyes . " Impossible , it impossible , we are not mates " ,how could this be possible " .

To be continued ...........

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