A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C3 ( when I love him ) chapter 3
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C3 ( when I love him ) chapter 3
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C3 ( when I love him ) chapter 3

Samuel ran all the way from the party to escape from the reality of being met his fated person , he ran nonstop until he got tired .he sat on the middle of the street it was twelve am midnight . No one was around except one or two on the road .

Has he thought about the face of leo he buried his head in his arms . He was ok with finding his pair but it was too late for him to be found because he had already lost someone he dearly loved once it was Charles , all he could do was question himself " how can I pair with someone , when I love him , Charles " ? How ? . Has he asked himself all he could do is remember his past .

I met Charles when I was a High school student , all I did was get bullied by others , and being bad at everything , I tried my best to distance myself from everyone I was scared of the alphas the most of both kinds the Norm and dominant alphas .

Despite of everything I met Charles , he was the first person to talk to me with such kindness . All I could see was how charming and loveable Charles was even though he was just a norm alpha , he brought light in my life .

After the meet ,we both started to get closer step by step and confessing to each other even it was very funny . Ours was just getting started wear we lived happily but I never excepted that day would come soon when I will be loosing him soon .

He suffered from blood cancer , even though he knew he has only less time left . But he always smiled every time I went to meet him at hospital .

I never showed my sadness to him , nor he did . We tried our best to keep each other happy .

But it was the end , he finally closed his eyes living me alone in this world . The pain I felt .

After he was gone I thought I had no use of living a life in this world but I didn't know weather god is playing with me or not , I was pregnant with his child after his death and that baby was the only hope that has kept me still alive in this world .

Samuel burst into tear has he drowned himself in his past has he thought " when I have him in my heart , how can I love someone else even though we are fated pairs ."

Samuel cried for a long time has he stood up and started to walk again he thought it's just a nightmare it would be good if he forget . Anyway that person will not come looking for him again . Was all he thought

Samuel went to miss Olivia's home has he picked up luna who was fast asleep . Samuel reached home has he laid her on the bed . He smiled has he saw luna . " We don't need anyone right luna , mommy will protect you alone " he whispered has he fell asleep beside her .

To be continued .....

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