A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C4 ( good mood ) chapter 4
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C4 ( good mood ) chapter 4
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C4 ( good mood ) chapter 4

sir , for how many hours do you plan on looking at that piece of document " he signed , while leo was not even looking at the documents but was pretending to look , his mind was totally occupied by the thought of his fated pair whom he met at the party .

" Sir , sir " .

" Umm , what is it aron ' ?

Aron is his secretary as well as his friend , leo and aron grew up together since primary school .aron has a delicate and a cute face like an Omega , but he is actually a beta . And even many alphas fear him . because he never let anyone to mess with him , many alphas mistaken for being an Omega .but he doesn't like Omegas of both kinds ( norm and dominant ) but he does have a soft spot for week omegas .

" Sir I think you are in good mood , you are not even looking at the documents properly , but pretending to look at it " . Leo replied with a smirk on his face , " you have known me well secretary aron kai " .

Aron signed again . " If iam right are you still thinking about that Omega " . Leo chuckled has he heard him saying " yes you are right ".

" How come you have fallen for a simple Omega sir he is not even a dominant " aron pulled a long face has he said . " Yes , but I think he is different from others ". He smiled , aron never smiling like that before .

Aron was disappointed " sir I can find you a better Omega who is a dominant and better than him ".

" No need aron , I don't want anyone except him ." So I think you should just do your work " .

"But sir " ...... Aron stopped has he saw his face , seeing how happy he was .he stood silently .

" Aron I know you are worried about me , but don't worry , I have just kept my distance to the omegas but when I saw that person I felt like I have seen light through him and he is my mate too .and please find out details about him ." Leo said with a soft smile inorder to comfort him .

" Yes sir , I will have done , what you have asked for mast.... Sir ". Aron left silently . as he went through steps his mind was filled with the thoughts of leo grayson .," Master has Always kept distance from Omegas but never disrespected them .......but....that day when he turned out to be a dominant , he was locked up with a bunch of Omegas in heat , if I was not there on that day I don't know what would have happen to him , that's why I hate omegas , they are just human drugs who try to deceive others by there scents " . He bit his lips " I won't let that Omega to get near master " . He frowned has he reached to the second floor .

While he was at his thoughts he heard other saying that the boss ruined the party because of an Omega . Aron glared At them as if he was shooting an arrow , everyone turned around silently has they stopped talking but they started to whisper has he left .

" I think secretary aron is on fire ( angry) today , while today our boss is on flowers ( good mood ) , how cute . They laughed has he walked away .

Aron went out of the company building " ahhh , why should I collect the details of that damn Omega ". It shows he was annoyed how his boss/master is reacting to just an Omega .

To be continued ..........

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