A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C5 ( please marry me ) chapter 5
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C5 ( please marry me ) chapter 5
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C5 ( please marry me ) chapter 5

" leo and aron walked out of the meeting room as it was finished , leo took a glance at his watch . " Do I have any other appointments " . Aron checked his tablet as they walked to the elevator . " Yes sir you have an lunch appointment with your finance misses nikki Dylan sir ".

Aron startled has he said " your finance" without thinking, he realised that he hates his finance , so he doesn't want anyone to tell him that she is his finance , aron turned and glanced at him . His expression was changed " ok " only that was the word came out of his mouth . But thank goodness his mood was good today .

Both silently got out of the lift , leo walked out while aron went to pick up the car from the parking lot , leo got inside of the car has he told , " aron stop the car when you see a flower shop " . Aron continued to drive has he said yes to him . Leo wanted to buy flowers for his finance parents .

Everytime she comes to meet him she always brings either her mother or father so he wanted to buy flowers for them .

Aron stopped the car infront of a small flower shop " Luna's flowers " it's such a pretty name " he said as he got out of the car " may be yes sir " aron was stiff as usual .

They both walked towards the shop as they opened the door . The florist who was arranging pots ,welcomed him , leo stood frozen for a minute has he entered . And even the person who was holding a flower pot stood froze . Samuel and Leo stood staring at each other , it was such a coincidence that they both met again. Leo slowly muttered " my soulmate " .

Samuel turned red has he blushed thinking " why is this person hear ". He had no words to say . He asked has is voice cracked " wh.....what kind of flowers would you like to buy sir ?".

Leo snapped out of his daze and suddenly rushed towards samuel , he caught his both hands " I love you , please marry me " samuel was shocked and aron was froze to death has he shouted " whattttt ? , Master. .....sorry , sir how can you do this . ?.

Samuel face turned bright red . " Please let me go , I don't want to marry anyone , and I have a precious little daughter to take care off " he said loudly .

" No problem , I will take good care of you both , so please marry . I will fulfill all your needs ok " leo said with such a honest gaze . Samuel thought " how can he say simply just like that with such honest face "?.

As the conversation was going on luna entered the shop with miss Olivia . As she saw the scene before her she thought her mom was being bullied . She ran and pulled the suit of leo with such terrifying face " let go of my mommy , don't bully him " .

Everyone one was shocked buy what was going on miss Olivia stood froze and aron was not able to do anything .

Has leo saw luna who was pulling his suit he turned towards her, he sat down so may reach her hight.

Samuel rushed towards them luna hugged samuel .

" Are you his daughter " leo asked with a smile on his face , " luna hesitated to talk " yes " .

" Will you let me to marry your mommy , I will be good to both of you " . Luna frowned has she said directly " no " . The drama ended as samuel started to wrap the flowers they asked to . The situation was all cleared by one word .

Leo said bye to luna , has he went out dropping his head . " No I can't give up " . Aron signed " sir it's time let's go ."

Samuel left a breath of relief has they both went , it was silent again . " Luna my baby girl saved me " samuel hugged her and started to kiss her , " ah mommy stop it .

Samuel saw them getting into car and leave , he smiled has they left , he realised " ugh .... Why am I smiling at him ".

Meanwhile leo reached the hotel where he was supposed to meet her , as soon has he entered nikki was waiting for him " she ran and hugged him " o my darling , my fiance you are here " . Leo was displeased , he whispered into her has he pushed her with a clod voice and a terrifying expression " don't you dare call me your finance infront of every one " he walked towards the table wear her father was waiting for him . Nikki Dylan felt chills all over her body has he said that and she stood froze .

To be continued ......

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