A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C6 ( in heat ) chapter 6
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE/C6 ( in heat ) chapter 6
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C6 ( in heat ) chapter 6

Leo walked out tired after a long talk with his finances father David Dylan , aron stood out side of the hotel until there conversation ends , even though aron is his secretary he should be his side where ever he goes ,but in this case he doesn't want to hear the conversation of them . Because he knew what kind of person was nikki Dylan and why is master hates her .

Nikki Dylan she may seem to be a beautiful women but her intentions are all I'll , she is a woman who loves to spend her money into gamble , on alcohol , and she is even know as a sex addict , she would sleep with anyone in order to satisfy her desire she even deals with various kind of drugs , she love to smoke too , even though she is an Omega she is kind a unhealthy person but no one knows about her secrets beside leo and me .

" That's why boss avoids her completely , I feel sorry for her parents ." Aron signed .

Leo arrived and aron picked up the car has they were about to go home . " Sir how was the meeting with misses Dylan " aron asked with a stiff face.

Leo loosened his neck tie has he let out long breath " nothing special , that lady makes me sick in every way ,tch ."

Meanwhile it was 1:00 am in the morning , samuel was so much busy today that he almost forgot to even look at the time , he was busy arranging flowers for a wedding . A customer ordered a bunch of flowers to be arranged in last moment of there daughters wedding which will be tomorrow , samuel had no other choice but to stay late at shop .

Samuel felt he was unwell " why is my body burning , it's not time for my heat yet , there are still days left ".

" Ha . I think my heat is starting anytime soon " he took out the heat reducer pills and took it . " I should get home soon " he thought , he closed the shop and left . Samuel left his daughter luna in care of misses Olivia so he need not to worry about her .

Samuel walked in the empty road where only few people can be seen , he was unconsciously was releasing his pheromones scent . He suddenly felt his body heavy , " how can I go suddenly in heat ugh " he closed his eyes he walk has fast as he can but , his current situation gave out his strength .

Suddenly a person grabbed his hands " hehe a Omega in heat uh ". He chuckled has he said , being grabbed by a stranger and a alpha , he knew something worse might happen to him so he struggled to get free from that strangers grip but due to his condition he was unable too defense . All he could do was shout " LET GO OF ME , YOU BASTERD ....."

Meanwhile leo was in car due to the red signal the car stood at the traffic light , suddenly he saw a familiar figure being dragged by someone else to a ally on the road ,when he realised it was samuel the person he loves , he got out of the car leaving behind aron .

Aron was shocked he was confused why his master went out in middle of the road so all he could do was shout " sir , master we're are you going , waittt .."

At that time samuel was thrown to the ground in that small ally , he was unable to move his body , but he was struggling to get out and escape but the stranger would not let him go . " Hahaha do you want that much badly , don't worry I will give to you " the stranger started to unzip his pants . Samuel was so scared " iam going to get ra**d , please someone help me " has he thought he closed his eyes tightly . When the Stanger alpha was about to attack him , a fist appeared , samuel opened his eyes , the person standing in front of him was leo .

He hit the stranger badly that his nose started to bleed " ugh ... You damn basterd ....if you wanted him you should have told , then why did you...... " Before the stranger could finish the sentence he saw a terrible glare from leo , that made him get chills allover then the stranger left that place cursing .

Leo took a glance at samuel he was in worse condition but dude to the scent released by samuel made leo to go out of control Even though he was a dominant . Leo pinned samuel to the ground his eyes turned to golden . samuel let down his guard he stopped struggling has he thought " I thought I was saved by him , but his is also no different from other alphas " he closed his eyes with tears in his eyes , leo finally bit .

Aron was searching leo suddenly his Phone rang , " hello master wear are you " he asked .

" You bring the injection from my bag .....,..... And buy an Omega heat reducer pills from the..... ".

Wait why is your voice like this , master are you alright "

" Just do it fast ...." .

The call was cut and Leo's voice sounded horrible .

Aron rushed and brought the medicine and when he saw the what has happened he was surprised that .

His master is protecting an Omega , Leo's hand was bleeding instead of biting Samuels nape he bit his hands so he may not lose control over samuel who is heat .

Later both wear taken to the clinic instead of hospital .

" Sign , how can this happen " ( arons proverb )

To be continued ...........

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