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C7 Chapter 7

" man how can you injure your hand like this because of an Omega tch ." Doctor Daniel frowned has he said cursing.

" Please give these tablets before food and apply this ointment over his injured part , if we leave it just like that it may cause infection since it's a bite mark ". He signed has he told these things to aron to take care off and told him to buy the medicine.

Leo was still in daze thinking about samuel the whole time . He replied slowly " he is not just an Omega you shit head doctor Daniel , he is my mate " he smirked .

Daniel felt annoyed , " what the ..... Sign ." Dumb ass ". He pouted.

Daniel is 26 years old he is a major heart specialist and a psychiatrist , even though many biggest hospitals call him to be there permenent doctor he always refused , so he only visits hospitals when there is a case of surgery , and he has his own interest of running a small clinic .

Leo and Daniel were childhood friends , and Daniel is one of his family doctor , leo never go to hospital in case of any injury or accident but he comes straight to his clinic . Even though his family owns number of hospitals in Germany .

" How is he " leo asked Daniel after a moment of silence , " ha ... He is been sent to home, his heat seems to be more agressive than before , but don't worry I have checked him it's just caused by the sudden shock of encounter of his original mate , so I have given him some dose of medicine he should be alright in three days ". Daniel reply has he shuffle his head . " But see your hand , it looks gross man "

" Don't worry about it " leo smiled has he said , he was relieved by the thought that samuel is alright .

Meanwhile at Samuels home.

" Samuel are you alright , "Olivia slam opened the door has she shouted with a worried face , luna was scared to see her mommy in that condition so she just stood outside .

" Iam totally fine .. miss Olivia don't worry about it " he smiled has he uttered his words slowly . His face was all flushed and bright red , he was sweating ,and his breath was heavy , he even had a light fever .

" Were is luna ?" .

" She is standing outside , let me call her ".

Olivia called luna , luna hesitated to come , she was so much worried as she got near him seeing his condition .

" Mommy .. is this heat ?". She asked as she was about to cry.

Luna is still a five years old kid , so she is still not mature enough to know what heat is , but she was completely worried seeing his condition .

She couldn't see her mom in that condition , she began to cry silently , as she hugged him .

Samuel understood her has he hugged her back , he whispered in her ears as he patted her" momma will be alright so luna baby should not cry ok , be strong . " He smiled .

The little girl felt relieved as she heard that he will be alright " .

Later miss Olivia and luna both left him alone to rest for sometimes .

Samuel was alone when his sight fell on an office coat , it was Leo's , leo covered him when he tried to protect from that stranger .

Samuel slowly took the coat in his hands , his heat was not completely gone yet , so he thought about how Leo's hand wear big and warm when he hugged him he sniffed the scent of leo from the coat , he couldn't control himself , so samuel touched himself unable to control his body while sniffing his scent , he rubbed himself up and down , he was finally at his climax has he came .

He glanced over his hand which was filled with the mik which he let out " what have I done , how am I going to face him now " samuel buried his face in embarrassment.

Meanwhile leo was blushing has he thought about samuel , he could sence his scent on his body which is still remaining , his lower part didn't listen to him and it stood up , leo when to the bathroom has he let out everything has he jacked off thinking about samuel , " shit " leo cursed has he blushed .

After three days samuel recovered , and he started to go for work , while everyone was staring at Leo's hand has he entered the office leo singed has he greeted everyone and walked away , aron was busy with giving reasons to everyone who asked him what has happened to there boss hand , all he could say was " aa....a big bug has bit him so... Haha " aron was completely wasted answering them .

To be continued ........

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