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C8 Chapter 8

" mommy you look so happy today , were are we going " luna asked as she sipped her juice .

" Umm we are going to return this stuff to the owner". Samuel replied as he was driving ., While he pointed the coat which he kept in a paper bag to return to leo .

" Then are you going to kiss that person " .

Samuel was surprised by the question ,as his car was out of direction for a second.

" Wh..what are you saying luna , we are just going to return his coat that's all , haha ". He blushed a little

" Then why wear you so confused in wearing clothes today ? "

Samuel felt awkward has he smiled " that " this morning I really messed up , I was so confused what should I wear since I was going to meet him just to return his stuff , but I got all ready as if iam going on a date or something " samuel was so embarrassed has he continued to drive thinking what he as done in the morning .

Samuel reached directly to the JK company wear Leo works .and he is the CEO of the JK company

" Sir today we have an important meeting with the director of the KEL company " aron explained as he was reporting his schedule for the day " so when would you like to have the meeting " aron asked with a stiff face as usual .

Leo was checking the documents as he answered " let it be on afternoon 3 o clock "

The phone rings aron pickups .

" Sir someone is here to meet the CEO , they are saying they want to return something " the attender at the entrance said .

" Who is it ? .

" Sir they say that there name is Samuel ". As the attender said

The call was on a loud speaker , leo stood up as soon has he heard " samuel " .and told aron that , to tell them to let him in .

Aron was about to deny , but his bad luck he signed " that Omega ha " he let out a long breath , he couldn't resist the charm of his boss in the end .

" Let him in , tell him to come to the 25 th floor " .

Samuel was instructed his way to his office , he took his daughter by his hands while holding the paper bag on the other hand . he walked towards the elevator .

People started to goosip , " omg he is so cute isn't he "

The other one replying chuckled " yes he is " he must be important to our boss , he is an Omega too .

Samuel could hear everything they said yet he did not pay much attention and entered the elevator , as one of the employee also entered with him , mister Zhang chief of the managing dipartment who is currently 40 years old , he looked all might and made a big show off before exiting the elevator .

Samuel felt people in this company are bit stranger as he smiled .

Samuel reached the office of leo , when samuel was about to open the door and enter.

Leo rushed over and hugged him tightly . Meanwhile luna thought he was harrasing again , so she glared and told " let my mommy go you bad uncle " .

Leo released him and bent over again as he did when he first met luna .

He smiled and introduced himself " my name is Leo grayson ,the owner of this company , and your mommy is my mate , can I not hug him "

The first time luna met leo , she was confused and thought he was really harrasing samuel ,but after knowing that he protected her mom she felt more comfortable to talk with him .

" Umm no you can't , I won't give permission " luna told him with a cute face , that almost touched there hearts . aron was shocked by her cuteness .

Samuel chuckled seeing both of there reactions .

Samuel handed over the paper bag to him and told him thanks . They both blushed as they were talking with each other .

While luna was playing with aron on the other side , all the four of them had lunch together in a expensive restaurant . Leo wanted to treat both of them and wouldn't let them go , so samuel had no other choice. But to except .

Unexpectedly nikki Dylan had arranged a spy to look over leo every time , leo does know what her intentions are yet he never cared .

The spy she had arranged took a snap of all the four being together and enjoying at a restaurant .

It was almost evening , leo even skipped his meeting which should be held today , once again aron was in trouble as he was busy in explaining .

" Well thank you so much for saving my life on that day , and thank you for treating us ,despite being busy " samuel smiled as he thanked him . Leo was so happy to hear that from samuel .

Luna was happy to and she was convinced , so she asked leo to bend over , leo bent to her .

Unexpectedly luna gave a cute little kiss on his cheek , leo and samuel both wear surprised . Luna told bye to him as she left.

Leo felt butterflies all over it was the first step to get near samuel even though it was unexpected .

To be continued.........

New chapter is coming soon
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