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I was in my office working on my laptop when my PA came in with the coffee I told her to get for me twenty minutes ago. I glared at her and also noticed she was shivering slightly.

"What the hell took you so long?" I yelled.

"The queue at the cafe was long so I had to wait till it got to my turn." She answered shakily.

"Couldn't you tell the person in charge I'm the one who own it?" I asked again.

"I'm so sorry sir." She said again already close to tears.

"Give the damn coffee to me." I stated.

She gave it to me with shaky hands. I took a sip from it to notice it was already cold and it wasn't even the type I ordered. I spat it out and poured the content in the cup on her.

"Is this what I ordered for and why is it even cold?" I asked.

"I'm so sorry sir. I thought that was what you ordered and the elevator stopped for a little while so I had to wait for it to work again." She replied.

"Keep your sorry to yourself because you're fired." I stated facing my laptop once again.

"Sir please forgive me,I won't do that again." She said already crying.

"GET OUT NOW!!!." I yelled but she just continued crying and pleading.

I picked up the telephone on my desk and called the securities. In some minutes they came and I told them what to do. They started dragging her out of my office and when they were about stepping outside,I stopped them.

"Stop by her office,pack her belongings and throw her out along with them. I must not set my eyes on her in this premises ever again." I told them. They nodded and resumed dragging her till they were out of my sight.

I picked up my telephone again and put a call across to my secretary telling him to get me a new PA as soon as possible. After that I went back to work.


I woke up this morning,tidied up the house and cooked breakfast for my mom and younger sister. I climbed up the stairs and went to wake mom up in her room that food was ready so she should freshen up and come downstairs. I also went to the room I and Marie shared together to wake her up to prepare for school.

"Morning sis." Marie greeted me when she woke up.

"Morning. How was your night?" I asked.

"Good." She stated simply already moving to the small bathroom in our room to take her bath and prepare for the day.

I went back to the kitchen then picked up my small phone and turned it on to find a missed call from Cherry and called her back.

"Hey bess. How're you doing?" I heard her voice from the other end.

"Well I'm at home preparing to go to the daycare." I replied sullenly.

"Alright sorry about yesterday. I was busy that was why I haven't called to ask after you since then." She stated sadly.

"Its not your fault but that dickhead's. At least I still got two more part time jobs left but the one with the highest pay is the restaurant. But I lost it already so what can I do?" I replied boredly.

"Well what if I tell you there's something you can do?" She asked happily.

"What is it?" I replied hopefully.

"Have you heard of A.C organizations?" She asked.

"Err.... am I supposed to?" I asked dumbly.

"That's why I told you to know what's going on on the Internet. Well it is the biggest group of organizations in the world and the headquarter needs a personal assistant for the CEO." She explained.

"Are you sure I stand a chance? Because you know my level of education." I stated.

"Well,why not give it a try first." She said.

"Well it doesn't hurt to try. Thanks for the info bestie." I stated.

"No problem. Now stop whatever you're doing cos the interview is starting by 8:30am and this is 7:45 so run along." She stated with authority.

"Yes mother." I replied chuckling.

I got up from the kitchen counter I was sitting on and then ran up to the room to find Marie already dressed up and heading downstairs for breakfast.

"Cherry found me a well paying job so I would be heading out for the interview." I announced rushing to the bathroom.

"OK. After eating I'm heading to school so bye." She called out already exiting the room.

I took my bath and got out of the bathroom towards the wardrobe where Marie and I keep our belongings and started rummaging through it looking for a suitable dress to put on for the interview. I saw a manageable black pencil skirt and a good shirt that goes along with it. They were looking a bit rough so I quickly ironed it out a bit.

After dressing up I brushed my long wavy hair and applied lip gloss then went to where I keep my shoes to see a black flat shoe that goes with my dressing.

I looked at myself in the mirror attached to the wardrobe and was satisfied with my looks so I took my credentials from where I kept it with my phone and some dollar notes and put everything in my small handbag.

I checked the time to see I was almost running late and ran down the stairs to the living room and met mom eating. I told her where I was going to and she prayed that I got the job. I ran out of the house and took a cab straight to the address Cherry sent me. I got out of the cab and paid the driver. In front of me stood a glamorous building. I walked into the building straight to the receptionist's desk.

"Good morning miss." I greeted the beautiful lady sitting at the desk politely.

"Morning,how may I help you?" She asked raising her head from the computer in front of her.

"Uhm.... A friend of mine told me there is vacancy for the post of a personal assistant so I'm here for the interview." I stated looking at her.

"Oh OK. Take the elevator to the 4th floor and turn to your left. That's where the interview is taking place." She replied. I thanked her and walked to the elevator. I pressed the button to the 4th floor and the door closed. It started elevating and I waited for it to get there.

The elevator dinged and the door slide open. I got out of it and was shocked at the amount of people waiting for the interview. I found a place to sit and after waiting for a long time I was finally called upon. I got into the room and was dumbfounded at the person I found in the room.


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