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I went back to my office immediately the crazy girl left. Shortly after I settled down, Manuel came sauntering into my office like he owned the place.

"Hey buddy." He greeted.

"Shouldn't you be at the office working or something." I asked a little confused. Manuel is the owner of one of the best selling clothing and shoe company in the world. His company deals with anything men,women and children wear and the company has branches all over the country and the world so I'm kinda surprised he's here instead of working though I shouldn't because this is not the first time he is doing it. He doesn't even act like he's rich.

"Is that the way you greet your best buddy?" He pouted then continued before I had a chance to reply."Besides I'm the owner of my company so I have people working under me. I'm not like some people who bury their body, mind and soul in work from morning till night." He mumbled the last part quietly but I heard everything he said perfectly. I fake glared at him and he raised up his hands as if surrendering to me.

"Hey,you won't believe who I met again today." I said feeling my lips stretch into a small smirk remembering the amount of punishments she'll get from me.

"You met one of your bitches?" He asked confused.

"No idiot I saw the bitch that poured food on me and kicked me the other day. Guess where I saw her?" I said then asked.

"At a mall or something?" He asked again.

"No she came for the interview for the post of my personal assistant and I hired her so I would torment her." I replied a wicked grin forming on my face.

"Huh…… I don't know about that……." He trailed off unsurely but I just waved him off.

"I'm getting my revenge and no one's stopping me." I replied going back to the files I was attending to before he came in.

"Make yourself comfortable or kindly step out." I stated before I put my mind on what I was doing.


A bright smile was on my face as I exited the building. I am so happy I got the job but I can't help but feel a little suspicious he gave me the job without hesitation so I'm probably going to be prepared for anything.

I wanted to flag down a cab but kicked against it since my house is like a twenty minutes walk from here and I'll be able to save money. By the time I got home I was sweating profusely due to the scorching hot sun outside.

I got into the house to meet mom and Marie watching the small TV in the living room.

"Hi mom,hey Marie, I thought I saw you go to school this morning and it isn't even closing time yet." I stated confused.

"Yeah I went to school but immediately I stepped foot into the class the teacher said I should have my school fees before coming back to school." She replied sadly. I bowed my head in pain knowing I am one of the reasons she'll be staying home.

"Its all my fault, if not for this stupid sickness I could be out there working and you won't have to drop out of school and your sister too won't be staying at home." Mom sobbed.

"Don't even think about it mom because it is my responsibility to take care of the family as the first child." I snapped then continued before she could reply." The interview I went for,I got the job!!!" I squealed.

"Really, you're working in a company now?" Mom and Marie chorused in disbelief.

"Yup and then I'll have the money for mom's treatment faster and enroll Ana into a better school." I replied.

"Thanks so much Brianna I don't know what I would have done without you and I can't stop blaming myself for putting you through this stress." Mom said sadly.

"Don't blame yourself mom,it isn't your fault that you are sick." I stated.

"And also I gotta go take a shower because I stink." I said climbing up the stairs to the bedroom. My phone decided to ring at that moment and I fetched it from my bag to see Cherry's name boldly written on the screen and I clicked on the receive button.

"Hey,so how was it?" She asked expectantly.

"I got the job and I'm gonna resume tomorrow!!! " I squeaked out a reply.

"Yay!!! Do you have the dress and shoe you're going to wear for your first day at work?" She asked and the smile on my face slowly faded.

"I haven't even thought of that. What am I gonna wear." I stated panicking.

"Hey relax. I'm gonna buy you two or three dresses when I'm coming back from work and you don't have a choice than to accept it." She replied and I sighed in relief.

"Thanks so much bestie. You're a life saver." I said to her appreciatively.

"No problem so expect me in the evening so we can go to the club together at night." She stated before hanging up.

Oh I forgot to mention that Cherry and I work as bartenders in a club at night and I'm have considered quitting but I won't because it'll only increase my salary per month.


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