A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C1 All the past has turned into smoke
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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C1 All the past has turned into smoke
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C1 All the past has turned into smoke

Murong Yan was awakened by a sharp pain. She opened her eyes with misty eyes, and the scene in front of her caused her to fall into a trance.

Only after her body continued to shake did she realize that she was inside a large modified carriage. The carriage was a metal chest big enough to hold over a dozen people, and her ears were filled with all sorts of sounds. Terror, fear, indifference ?

At this moment, she herself was chained tightly with four to five girls around her. As she looked over, her wrists and ankles were filled with shocking marks.

The carriage came to a sudden halt. It was a huge grassland. Through the gaps in the gap, they could clearly see five fierce men standing outside with whips in their hands. They looked very ferocious. Although they didn't say anything, these four words were enough to describe them.

What was going on?

Didn't she die in the cold palace?

Why did he suddenly arrive here?

"I ?" He opened his mouth, and just as he wanted to ask what was going on, he heard a huge difference between his voice and his own. With just two words, all the gazes in the surroundings turned towards him.

"Heh." Seemingly someone was laughing at him, Murong Yan immediately stopped talking, "Even when you are about to die, you still didn't forget to dream. Qian Li, you are truly a special person. It's still me, in my next life. "

The one who spoke was a woman from the same carriage. She was slender, frail, and had an expression on her face ? Murong Yan felt that it was extremely complicated, as if he had nothing to live for.

"This place is ?" She slightly frowned, not really understanding who this person was talking about, but she had clearly been looking at her when she was speaking, and her body was slightly trembling. Her intuition told her that she should be quiet, but the fear in her heart caused her to uncontrollably ask.

"Shut up, who allowed you to speak?" Just as she said those two words, she was forcefully cut off. Accompanied by this furious roar, Murong Yan felt a burning pain on his face, and her vision became blurry as warm liquid flowed out from his face.

Perhaps because she was too shocked, she forgot to scream. She stared blankly at the man in front of her, not understanding why a mere prison guard would be so rude to her.

"What are you looking at? Get down here." Murong Yan suddenly woke up from the shock. Looking around, the other girls had all disembarked from the carriage, and because they were all tied up, her body was crooked from the whip.


Everything was strange, but there was no time to think. Looking at the burly man who was viciously approaching her and prepared to personally throw her down, she staggered up and begged, "Wait, I'll be right down."

Ah!" Before he could regain his balance, the unexpected attack came again. The thin girl who had been talking to him in the carriage was instantly torn apart by the evil dog that had pounced towards her. Her body was instantly sent flying and her arms were directly torn off.

The screams became louder and louder. The girls fled in all directions in fear. Their noses reeked with the heavy smell of blood.

Murong Yan did not dare to breathe loudly, she grabbed onto the shaft of the chariot tightly, trying to stabilize her body in this way. After that, she looked at the badly mutilated bones in front of her, she looked at the three gigantic Tibetan Mastiffs who were drooling, seeing their eyes that were glaring at her, she unknown where they got the strength from, and shouted: "If you don't want to die, you better stand still."

The voices were so loud that the girls, who were still running wildly, subconsciously stopped and looked towards her.

The lady's body was dyed red with fresh blood. The flesh on her face, which had been whipped by the whip a moment ago, started to turn outwards, radiating a terrifying light.

However, that frail and frail body seemed to contain a tremendous amount of energy. She opened her mouth and spoke with a clear and cold voice that carried a firm energy.

"I'll say it one last time. Those who don't want to die, it's best not to move."

It was unknown whether it was because her appearance was too frightening, or because the aura of someone in a superior position was too obvious, but even though she was in such a sorry state, the crowd still couldn't help but stop struggling.

The girl swallowed her saliva, looked at the girl who was constantly rubbing her head, then looked at the big dogs that were about to finish eating the meat, and finally asked with a tremble, "Qian Li, what do you think of this idea?"

Hearing that, Murong Yan raised her head and looked towards the stage, upon seeing the familiar people, her entire body shivered, but precisely because of this, she understood that begging was better than begging.

Looking around, she tried her best to suppress the uneasiness and fear in her body. "Although these dogs look fierce, there is still a way."

Perhaps it was because they saw the confidence in her eyes, or perhaps it was because there was really no other way, but the girls instantly drew closer to her. The eyes of the people on the high platform narrowed, revealing a dangerous glint.

That person was simply too far away from her, so she couldn't see his current expression, but based on her understanding of him in the past, she could already guess what his current expression was even if she closed her eyes.

She tried her best to hide her emotions, saying, "Based on the current situation, these Tibetan mastiffs still need an incense stick to finish eating the remaining meat. However, I can't guarantee that they won't come back after they finish eating, so I'll just say what I'm going to say next. If you want to live, you'd better cooperate."

After she explained everything clearly, Murong Yan took a deep breath. Even though she was extremely afraid, he couldn't allow her to be weak at this moment. If she wanted to live, she had to live ?

Go to the people on the platform alive and ask them why.

Hearing their guarantee, Murong Yan then continued, "When they rush over later, you will go from the left side to the right, and you, you will go from here to there, and you, you will be responsible for the back legs of the dog. You two, forelegs, you're the neck... "I said that when we start, everyone has to put in a lot of effort together ?" She furrowed her brows and tossed all her emotions to the back of her mind. She was carefully calculating. It was not that she had such confidence, but rather ?

These people were all wearing prison uniforms, since ? Since they were all condemned to death, they must be a bit ruthless. At this moment, she had no other choice but to gamble.

"Remember, you have to be fast and fierce." This time, there was a hint of threat in his voice.

Those dogs seemed to be extremely hungry, and in just a few moments, they had completely dismembered a person. Strangely, they didn't seem to be in a hurry to finish their meal.

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