A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C10 Life and death are up to fate
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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C10 Life and death are up to fate
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C10 Life and death are up to fate

"Maybe what?"

The Empress once said, if there really is a next life, she would definitely choose to be reborn in an ordinary family. There would be no imperial power struggles, no self-deception, and no scheming or scheming.

Gong Ye unconsciously tightened his grip on the hand hanging by his side, his tone hesitating. "She ? Did you really say that? "

"Yes, that's why this servant is willing to personally send the Empress on her way." When she said till here, Xiao Lan looked up at Gong Ye, her tone filled with grief.

"Your Majesty ?" This servant thanks you for giving this servant a second life, and also thanks you very much for arranging this servant to follow the Empress for nearly ten years. In the future, this servant will accompany the Empress.

After saying that, without waiting for anyone to react, Xiao Lan kowtowed three times towards the Emperor.

When he straightened up, there was a large patch of red at the back of his forehead. There was blood already seeping out.

She stood up, turned around, and ran towards the Weiyang Palace.

"Xiao Lan." Gong Ye called out, but Xiao Lan was too decisive and did not turn around.

"Your majesty, are you thinking of your elder sister again?" A gentle voice sounded beside his ears, also bringing the Gong Ye from his memories back to reality.

Looking at the surroundings, he felt that it was unreal, "I suddenly remember that there are still some memorials that have not been read, An Rou, you rest early."

After saying that, Gong Ye stood up and walked out, leaving the incomparably wronged An Rou sitting on the ground with her fists clenched tightly.

"Murong Yan, Murong Yan, why is it that it's always Murong Yan?"

"Empress, don't be angry, the empress ? Ah, no, Murong Yan is after all a dead person, it is not worth harming her body to bother about a dead person. " Mama beside her advised.

"Even if it's a dead person, Murong Yan has accompanied the Emperor for ten years, and they are people who went through life and death situations together. If the Emperor is so heartless, then what do I count as?"

"You don't necessarily like risking your life and risking it. Moreover, the more people suffer together, the more you need to guard against them. Didn't someone say that before?" As a man, Murong Yan's ability would definitely not lose to the emperor's, so... Such a dangerous figure, the Emperor ? How could she really stay by her side? "

However, for a single person to be able to stay by the emperor's side for ten whole years, the emperor would definitely still like it. Furthermore, you did not see that day at the Weiyang Palace, in the eyes of the emperor, I could not help but think that it was as if we had not met before. "

"Empress, why bother with all this?"


"In my opinion, that person is already dead. Even if the emperor really does miss him, there's nothing he can do." Furthermore, Murong Yan had just died. If the emperor did not show a little sadness on his face at this moment, wouldn't that mean ? Was he about to be tongue-tied? "The emperor is such a smart person. How could he let others misunderstand him like this?"

"So you mean... "The Emperor's current appearance is all because ?"

"Empress, some things can only be understood but not spoken."

nodded his head. Mama was his wet nurse, and a person whom he trusted absolutely, he had spent even more time with her than his biological mother. Furthermore, when he first entered the palace, he had to use all his energy to exchange the marriage of a maid for a wet nurse of his age.

"I understand what Milkman means, but... At this moment, when the Emperor is in deep sorrow, should I do something? "

Maybe because she felt that An Rou was really smart, the old Mama immediately laughed, she started guiding him, "The emperor values the empress very much, we cannot be so jealous at this point in time. From what I see, the emperor never buried or dealt with the empress's body, he actually wants to give the empress a reputation in name, you see, people who have accompanied the empress for ten years, and for the sake of the people of this world, they can be considered to have bowed to the utmost, if they are to die, they will not be buried in the imperial mausoleum. Wouldn't that mean ? I'm going to make everyone in the world unhappy. "

"But the matter of the Murong Family rebellion has already been announced, although we initially said that Murong Yan did not participate, but after all, they are a family ?"

"This matter is enough to show what the emperor is thinking. Empress, look, the late emperor did not reveal any details, he only said that the empress felt ashamed of herself and committed suicide. The empress did not ruin her reputation, and now, in the eyes of the people, Murong Yan is still a good empress. Why don't we take this opportunity... What about winning the heart of the Emperor? "

"Aiya, Nanny, stop being so suspenseful and just tell me what to do." An Rou was anxious.

"Esteemed Empress, everything must not be rushed. You are now a imperial concubine, although the position of fourth concubine is still empty, there is never a lack of women in the imperial palace. If you are not steady, you want to ?" Did you miss that position? "

Hearing that, An Rou immediately calmed down, she pursed her lips, "I know my temper is still a bit impatient, but ? Isn't it too urgent? "

"Alright, this old servant means that the Empress Dowager can take this opportunity to please the Emperor. You are now the most eloquent person in this imperial palace, if you take the initiative to ask the Emperor to bury the Empress's body in the imperial garden and to preserve its title of Queen, not only will the Emperor look at you differently, even the other concubines in the imperial harem and even the ministers in the palace will think that you are reasonable, maybe ?"

"But this matter is still the emperor's taboo to the end. What if I say that the emperor is angry because of this ?" Wouldn't that be a loss? "

"Esteemed Empress, life requires risk. What's more, the Emperor refused to be buried for such a long time because he was waiting for someone to speak up. Otherwise, do you think ?" Will he really leave just because you mentioned Murong Yan? "

"Then... "Or what?"

"The Emperor felt that he had hinted at you so much, but you were still unwilling to speak, so he was angry. Think about it, although it's winter now, corpses will eventually rot after being left behind for a long time. The more times the Emperor comes to your place, the more anxious he'll be ?"

"Then... I'll go find the Emperor right now. "

Hearing that, An Rou's heart was moved, she immediately jumped.

However, just as he stood up, he was pulled back by an old hand. The Emperor is definitely not willing to talk about such matters right now. Furthermore, it's already very late, how can you go over and disturb us at this time? "

"Then... When will I be able to go? "

"Tomorrow ?"

"Why tomorrow ?"

"Your Highness, you seem to have thought it through carefully, and ? You can't just say that Murong Yan, you also need the Emperor to bring the Xiao Lan with you. "

An Rou was about to cry from anxiety, her tone had already carried a trace of panic, "And why is that?"

"Murong Yan's identity is sensitive, and she definitely cannot bring any accompanying items. Xiao Lan is completely loyal to her, and it's said that Xiao Lan is an old friend of the Emperor. She's most suitable."

"If this is the case, not only will the Emperor feel that I am a man of righteousness, but I will also feel that I am a righteous person." An Rou finally understood and nodded, "Alright then. "I'll wait for a while, we'll go again tomorrow ?"

"Hmph, Murong Yan, you definitely did not think that the matters of your death would be taken care of by someone like me, right? If you had known in the underworld that I helped you fight for your position as Empress and even helped you enter the Tomb of the Emperor, would you have been deeply grateful? "

An Rou pursed her lips, thought, and really fell asleep.

In the dungeon.

"Achoo." The sudden sneeze made Qian Li frown. She rubbed her nose with her fingers that was swollen like a bun and still felt like sneezing.

Although the environment here was poor and also extremely cold, Qian Li's body was still very good, so she was sure that she was not sick.

Since he wasn't sick ?

The continuous sneezing. What did it mean?

Sensing that a gaze was looking at him, Qian Li lowered her eyes and shook his head, attempting to throw out the messy thoughts in his head.

Qian Li was a little vexed, she could not help but blame herself for being distracted at this kind of place where people could die at any time.

There were only six or seven girls left in this cell, so the next batch would be the five people at the edge of the cell in a few days.

If she was here, his name would probably be in the next batch.

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