A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C12 Thank you for your kindness
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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C12 Thank you for your kindness
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C12 Thank you for your kindness

"Whap." The first thing they did was to whip the screaming woman. Normally, they would have whipped her. But this time, the jailers who were still asleep had started to randomly sweep at the woman.

The barb directly pierced the girl's face, causing blood to spurt out everywhere. The woman's shrieks became even louder.

"You're disturbing my dream so early in the morning, are you trying to rebel?"

The woman felt wronged, of course, most of it was fear. She pointed to the two corpses on the ground, "They're dead, the rapist is dead, and so is the young one. I just saw it, they don't have any breath left."

The jailer yawned. The death in the prison was nothing new, but when he heard the woman say that the person who died was a rapist, his drowsiness was immediately gone.

"Who did you say? Who died?"

As he spoke, the guard lowered his head and saw the two corpses on the ground.

At the same time, many people in the surrounding area were roused from their stupor.

Everyone looked at the ground and saw a very bloody scene. The two women's prison uniforms were half hung on their bodies, while one of the rapist's hand was still placed on the girl opposite them. Their pants were already missing.

The half of the tongue in the woman's mouth was abnormally bright, and looked extremely horrifying. Blood flowed from both of their bodies, and it was hard to tell which one was the real one.

Everyone in the prison knew the name of the rapist. Everyone in the cell including the guards knew that she had such a hobby. There were even many who had been destroyed by her.

Some of the women who really liked her for her actions had begun to sob, and some people who hated this sort of behavior had already started cursing. In short, at that moment, the prison was abnormally noisy.

It was at this time that Qian Li and the girl beside her opened their eyes. At this time, a lot of guards had arrived, and immediately after, the dog head appeared.

She looked at everyone, then ordered someone to move the two corpses away. After that, her gaze landed on the girl who found the corpse first.

"You were the first to see it?"

"Yes ?"

"Do you have any skills?"

The girl covered her bleeding face and replied in confusion, "A little." With just that one sentence, Qian Li knew that the girl was dead for sure.

"What's your relationship with the deceased?"

"No ?." "It's okay." It was very embarrassing for a woman to do this sort of thing, so even if everyone knew about it, a woman still might not be willing to say it.

Hearing this, the dog head became angry. He aimed another whip at the girl, which scared the girl quite a bit, and she immediately acknowledged it. He didn't know her before, but after entering the prison, she ? By her ? As for Little Man, we're good friends. "

She pointed at the blood-dripping rapist and replied with a sneer, "Once, still many times."

"Almost all of them ?"

"The two of you have been locked up together for the longest period of time. Being treated like this by a woman for a long time, I believe you must have long harbored a grudge in your heart."

Only then did the woman react. She quickly raised her head and said, "No, I don't hate her."

"No?" Dog narrowed his eyes and pulled the woman's hair away. "I don't believe that you don't hate her." Then, he fiercely threw the woman out.

"Men, pull these two corpses along with this woman and feed them to the dogs. Of course, if you're still interested in her before you feed her to the dogs, you can do whatever you want with her as well."

"Roar! Roar!" The guards began to shout, and dragged the woman out.

"Why? Why did you do this to me? It really isn't me."

The woman's shrill cries echoed throughout the prison, but this sound didn't arouse any sympathy from anyone.


The dog-head turned his head, his gaze falling upon the collar of her bloodstained clothes and the blood-stained chain.

"You've always held a grudge against the rapist. Seeing her act this way towards your good friend in the middle of the night, you know that your chance has come. When they're having fun, you fiercely stick the thing in your hand under her." At this moment, she stuck out her tongue and was bitten off by Little Man. However, during the bite, she might not have been as straightforward, so she used all her strength to strangle Little Man to death ? I don't think I need to say anything else, do I? But let me remind you, after doing this kind of thing next time, you'd better not ask about it. Oh. You won't have a next time, hahaha ? "

The woman's heart was dead. Looking at the bloodstains on her handcuffs, she still could not tell what had gone wrong.

Qian Li shifted her gaze, too lazy to spare another glance.

That's right, her blood had indeed stained the girl's iron chain. At daybreak, she was the first to move to wake her up.

Everything was going according to his plan. It was indeed perfect.

After the guard dragged the corpse and the girl away, the prison was temporarily silent.

The girl pulled Qian Li's wrist. She said rather timidly, "Thank you."

Qian Li did not reply. She merely expressed her gratitude for the grass and location that the girl had given her earlier.

"May I know your name?"

"Qian Li."

This was the first time she acknowledged this name, and it was also her first time. She decided to use this name to start a new life, and was prepared to truly accept the beginning of this name.

"My name is Little Peach, and I came in because I was framed. I didn't hurt anyone, but I'm still going to die."

Qian Li was still very tired, so she did not listen to the girl's blabbering. After Little Tao said a few words, he realized that the person had fallen asleep, so he tactfully closed his mouth.

She kept staring at Qian Li, feeling that she was extremely calm. Then, why did she come in?

In fact, she was someone who had just entered not long ago. The day that she met Qian Li was also the first day that she had been imprisoned.

After lunch, the Gaoler Head came.

"Qian Li." On the surface, it looked like Gaoler Head was a rather warm person, but anyone who knew of his methods would be clear that if he really wanted to attack, she was much more vicious than that dog-head.

He always had a beaming smile on his face, but none of the people he had led away with a smile on their faces had ever returned.

No one knew where those girls had gone.

No one knew whether they were dead or alive.

Qian Li opened her eyes and stood up. She asked, "Is it time yet?"

His tone was very cold, as if he was asking, "Am I the one who should die today?"



Qian Li stood up under the crowd's gaze, and Little Peach, who was by her side, reached out to pull her. Qian Li originally wanted to shake her off, but her eyes reminded her of someone.

"Remember, your destiny is in your hands. Sometimes, losing something doesn't mean anything."

"Hmm?" Qian Li's voice was lowered, to the point that she spoke into Little Peach's ear, so the others didn't notice anything.

Without waiting for Xiaotao to react, Qian Li had already straightened her body and said:

"I won't die." He was telling her that if she tried, she might be the next person to go out.

However, Xiaotao still looked at her foolishly. Qian Li pursed her lips and didn't say anything more.

That's all I can say, Peach. I've paid you back today for the grasses I owe you.

If you are able to understand it and think of a way to leave, then I congratulate you. If you are unable to, then that is also the fate that you have chosen.

"Then let's go."

Gaoler Head said, her eyes still holding onto her smile, and then Qian Li was carried out by the people behind him.

Her expression remained calm as she swept her gaze across the cells. She had to remember everything that happened in this place.

But from start to finish, Qian Li never turned back.

She was different from everyone else.

He did not have the despair of a dying person, nor did he have the joy of leaving this place.

In short, Qian Li's reaction caused many people to feel that it was strange, but they also felt that she should have been like this all along.

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