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C13 His probing

Qian Li followed Gaoler Head directly towards the back door. On the way, her eyes were covered by a black cloth.

She did not ask any questions, nor did she know where she would be taken. She was like a obedient puppet that they could take with them as they pleased.

Gaoler Head looked at Qian Li. He always felt that this girl was a little different from the first time she saw her. Looking at it now, it still felt very different.

After a long while, he walked for a while and was then brought to the carriage. It was also at this time that the iron chains on Qian Li's hands were completely removed.

She quietly sat in the carriage. Even though she knew that no one was watching her, she still did her duty of not removing the strip of cloth over her eyes.

However, Qian Li's hearing was very good. Even though she did not make any movements nor did she look very obedient, she still did not give up on any details on what the people around her were doing.

When he got off the carriage, he saw that the strip of cloth in her eyes was still there.

Sure enough, that person was right, Qian Li was a good seedling.

Qian Li was led into the lobby. After a few turns, she was led through a long alley. She suddenly felt like she was moved from a warm place to a cold place.

The clamor in his ears suddenly disappeared.

Qian Li's ears moved slightly, she carefully judged the path that she had walked on. It could not be restored, but if she could get an idea of the environment, it would definitely be beneficial for him.

"Alright, release it."

After opening it, what Qian Li saw was actually a ?

How should he put it? This was a place that resembled a secret base. Standing in front of him were ten or so vicious looking people.

Qian Li turned her head to look at Gaoler Head. She did not say anything, but the meaning was obvious.

"This is your final test, sparring with them. Let me see how capable you are!"

Qian Li pursed her lips, she did not think that she would think the same, thus she asked, "They all look ferocious, and look fierce, I am just a little hoodlum, and haven't gone through any professional training before, what if I can't beat them?"

Gaoler Head squinted her eyes. Actually, she had asked Master similar questions before, but what she said was, Qian Li was still a girl after all. With so many people in front of her, how could she be a match for them.

However, Master didn't answer, so the butler could only say, "No matter what the result is, we'll fight first."

Knowing that she could not avoid it, Qian Li frowned, "Then Qian Li can only try."

So saying, she flexed her wrist.

But without any extra time to prepare, they were suddenly surrounded by dozens of males.

Qian Li squinted her eyes, and thought about the strategy, "Should we all go up together, or one by one?"

The crowd instantly mocked, "He doesn't look too good, but his tone is quite impressive."

"Can't you speak with a good tone?" Even if I don't have the ability, I can't possibly lose in terms of momentum. "

With that said, Qian Li took the chance and immediately knocked down the person in front of him.

The man stood up and glared at Qian Li angrily. Qian Li could also see the enmity she had towards herself in the eyes of others.

"You're cheating."

Qian Li frowned, "What do you mean by cheating? Didn't Gaoler Head say just now, that it started, did everyone not hear it? "

Hearing that, Gaoler Head immediately laughed.

Yes, pre-empting the enemy was indeed not bad.

He touched his chin, and unconsciously, he looked towards a certain direction. With just a glance, Qian Li already knew, that today, the real master had appeared.

Although she didn't know who it was, she knew that it was definitely someone with a high position.

Qian Li squinted, and took the chance to knock down another contestant before they could react, she knew that this kind of competition usually had an unwritten rule.

That was, those who had fallen could not continue to participate. Originally, she was weak against more than ten people. However, her entire body was covered in injuries, which was even more disadvantageous to her now.

However, when she found out that her real master was still here, she knew that she couldn't lose. Hmm, it's not that she couldn't lose, it's just that she couldn't lose in an ugly way.

If she didn't use all of her power at this moment, she might never have the chance to see him again.

Then he had only two options.

First, she needed to think of a way to escape, but she knew that it wouldn't be that easy.

The first was to stay in this place and train with these people, either dying during the training, or obtaining a good ranking after the training, and then participating in some secret missions to get out.

But either way, it wasn't what she wanted.

That was why she chose the third option.

That was ?

"Ah." As everyone was still in a daze, Qian Li knocked down several people at once.

The people behind the curtain slightly raised their eyebrows.

Although she had already taken advantage of the situation to eliminate a few people, what she was going to face next was the eruption of the crowd.


saw it, but she did not panic. Following that, the group rushed forward, and instantly, Qian Li was encircled so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out.

Facing the punches and kicks of these strong men, although she did not retreat, nor did she have the thought of surrendering, it was still a little difficult for her to deal with these professional guards.

She had indeed hit a few people, but none of them had fallen, and she herself had inevitably been injured once more.

Right at this time, a man kicked towards Qian Li. She turned her body a few times and stumbled, but luckily she avoided it.

Following that, the second person joined in the battle once again. Qian Li faced off against two people, while the others did not have the chance to interfere, which gave Qian Li some time to rest.


The two men attacked from the front and back, attacking at the same time. Qian Li had no way of dodging, she could only watch as one of her arms was grabbed tightly.

That was where the wound was.

This person must have seen his own bleeding shoulder, so he took advantage of the situation.

Her hands were in pain, but Qian Li did not plan to let go. It was painful to the point where it could reach another realm, so no matter how much it hurt, it would not hurt anymore.

When the man used his strength, Qian Li frowned, but did not let out a sound.

Her face turned cold. To be honest, she hated people who took advantage of people when they were in danger the most in her life.

Qian Li squinted her eyes, aimed straight for the opportunity and attacked the man in front of him.

She didn't care about the difference between men and women. In her previous life, she had experienced everything between a man and a woman.

What is there to be ashamed of about people who have had children?

Most of all, I always knew that only by living could I do what I wanted to do.

What is dignity? No one would care if it was just a passing cloud.

As long as he lived, as long as he achieved his goal, nothing else mattered.

Thus, Qian Li suddenly rushed forward and grabbed onto the man's vitals.

Following that, Qian Li firmly grabbed onto that man's thing. She exerted force and felt something in her hands break.

Even though he was still wearing his pants, she knew that this man could be considered to be crippled.

Maybe there had never been a woman who was so ruthless, or maybe there had never been a person who had seen such a shameless woman before. In short, after seeing Qian Li's actions, they were all shocked.

The man's scream reverberated throughout the entire base. Everyone unconsciously looked towards their location, and then they felt incomparable pain, even the way they looked at Qian Li changed.

This was the result that Qian Li wanted, thus, when everyone was in a daze again, she flew up, and quickly dealt with a few of them.

At this time, there were only eight people left on the field.

Qian Li's fingers were already trembling slightly, all of her appropriate moves had already been used up.

After that, they could only fight head on. However, she also knew very well that the ones that could be left behind were the ones that were the hardest to deal with.

Qian Li walked back and forth with much difficulty. When there were only six people left, Qian Li clearly knew that her strength had been completely overdrawn.

Gaoler Head looked at her. Although she said that Qian Li was the one who was playing tricks on her the first time they were eliminated, she relied on her own strength later on.

A woman could still face such a situation with ease. In essence, she had already won.

Her foundation was not bad. Gaoler Head even felt that as long as Qian Li had a chance to rest, these people would not be difficult to deal with.

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