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C15 Genuine man

Gaoler Head brought Qian Li to live in the backyard, which was a separate courtyard. Although it was a little run-down and the environment wasn't very good, it was still possible to live in after cleaning up.

"Because there have never been women in this place before, there have never been rooms specially arranged for women. Although this place is a bit dilapidated, it is the only single courtyard here."

Qian Li was grateful. Even though she was the Prime Minister's daughter in her previous life and was later the noble empress, she had accompanied Gong Ye to wars in those years. She had encountered all sorts of harsh environments, and compared to those places, it was already much better.

"Thank you." Qian Li pursed her lips, then swept her gaze around the room, and after seeing the basin of water, he took it out to the door to draw water.

"I may need to deal with it now."

Hearing that, the Gaoler Head walked out of the simple house, Qian Li casually cleaned up the house, and realised that the house was not as bad as she had imagined.

She simply treated the wound. Her ten fingers were swollen to the point where they could no longer be seen. There were wounds all over her body. It seemed as if she had broken down.

Many of the wounds on his body had already started to fester. Because of the fierce battle just now, his entire body had been stained with blood. His prison uniform had long since been drenched in it, and it was impossible to distinguish its original color.

Qian Li looked around the room. It was winter and it was really cold for her to wear something like this.

His blood had already congealed, but there were still many areas that were wet. As long as there was a slight breeze blowing, he would tremble.

Qian Li held the bottle of Gold Sore Medicine in her hands. The quantity was too small, so it was not enough for her to use.

At that moment, the door rang again.

Qian Li knew who it was. When she opened it, she found that it was indeed Gaoler Head.

I brought you two sets of clothes, both belonging to men. Although they are old clothes, they are all clean, if you don't mind, you can use them first. As for the sheets and blankets, they are already being made.

Qian Li nodded, and extended his hand to receive it. She knew that she was still a lowly servant, so she didn't raise any requests. It was even more impossible for her to require him to get new bedding and new clothes.

"Thank you."

But Gaoler Head did not leave in a hurry, he still stood by the door, "Is there something else?"

"My name is Uncle Li, speaking of this, we are somewhat connected by fate, our names all have the word 'pear' in them."

Qian Li pursed her lips, she did not reply, she believed that she would not say all these for no reason, and even more so, would not find her to chat, so she kept quiet and waited for the Gaoler Head to continue speaking.

Gaoler Head took off his mask. Below it was a face that matched her name. She still had a benevolent look on his face.

"Now, we can be considered a family. My name is Uncle Li, which is what everyone usually calls me. As for my other identity, you will know soon enough."

Qian Li put the clothes in her hands to the side, then turned and left, "Now, where are we going?"

Uncle Li smiled slightly. Without his face and the environment of the dungeon, he looked a lot more amiable.

"No need to rush. You should first clean up and rest for a day. Tomorrow at this time, I will come to find you." After saying that, the old man turned around and walked out again. Qian Li was slightly stunned, but she did not hesitate at all.

Gaoler Head was startled for a moment, then laughed again.

The sound was extremely soft, but Qian Li could still hear it.

She squinted, and looked at the door that she tightly closed. She was startled for a moment, then realised, at this time, shouldn't she politely invite Gaoler Head in to take a seat? After all, she had been busy with her own matters the entire time?

She raised her hand to open the door, but when she heard the sound of footsteps getting farther and farther away, she sighed and turned away.

Although she could barely walk, no doctor had seen her and didn't get any good rest or medicine, so how could she still have any extra strength. Even when she was walking, she had to take a short rest to barely be able to stand up.

However, the continuous battles had long ago exhausted her physical strength. If it wasn't for the fact that she had faith in herself, she would have already collapsed.

Qian Li got some water, and then, another person brought a blanket over, "I have indeed offended you today, please forgive me."

The man had been the one to be the most ruthless towards him, moreover, he did not lose to him in the end and had maintained a clear head. Because the man had been too ruthless towards him previously, it was hard for Qian Li to not remember him.

Qian Li pursed her lips, took the thing in his hand, and said: "Thank you."

She didn't seem to want to talk about what had happened.

The man did not immediately turn around and leave. He directly walked into Qian Li's room, and then helped Qian Li tidy up the room without saying a word. He said, "My name is Li Nian, I'm in charge of this place.

Qian Li frowned, she wanted to stop him but she did not know where to start. Most importantly, she did not have the strength to do so right now.

However, she still felt that she wasn't used to this kind of help that couldn't be refused.

She opened her mouth and tried to express her opinion, but after a few attempts, she gave up.

Forget it, he was Qian Li after all, not Murong Yan.

He could not arrogantly tell others to do whatever he wanted, nor could he get what he wanted just like before.

[If he is willing to help me, I can't just let him get out, can I?]

"The person today ?"

After a long while, Qian Li opened her mouth slightly and chose to say something else. She really didn't have any strength left, so she decided to just sit on the chair without moving.

His clothes were still there, and when he opened the door, it looked even colder.

It was rare to hear her take the initiative to speak, Li Nian frowned, then turned and walked out the door, only then did Qian Li realize, there was actually such a thing at the door.

It was a stove with a teapot beside it. Although it was worn out, it was still better than pouring cold water on it previously.

Forget about this thing. These are all men with better body and bones. Usually, no one uses hot water.

This was definitely the warmest sentence she had heard since her rebirth. Qian Li felt that her ice-cold heart had become a lot more comfortable from these words.

She blinked, but there were no tears to shed.

She lowered her eyes slightly. "Thank you."

"There's no need to be polite. Don't be scared by what happened just now. This place isn't that scary after all." Normally, everyone is in love with each other and easy to get along with. However, the people in the military are rather impatient and crude. When they get to know each other, everything will be fine. "

Qian Li nodded her head slightly, she realised that Li Jian was actually a very warmhearted big brother, she stood up and wanted to help light a fire, but was quickly stopped by Li Nian, "You already suffered serious injuries before the competition, right? I think it's better if you just sit down and rest for a bit.

After messing around for a while, green smoke finally came out of the furnace. Some muttered that they had to look for a lot of places to find coal that was left behind many years ago, but didn't know if they could still use it, after that, Qian Li saw seven or eight people coming over to help. Some helped with cleaning, and some made up the bed. Surprisingly, there was someone who found a wooden barrel for Qian Li to bring over, and even said that she definitely needed something ?

Some of them even had bruises all over their faces. Qian Li knew that they were all her masterpieces, but she did not expect them to drop their grudges and come over to help so quickly.

However, among these people, there was not the one that was broken by him, and there were also a few that were severely injured.

Noticing Qian Li's gaze that was sizing him up, Li Nian scanned his surroundings and explained.

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