A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C19 She doesn't need a family
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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C19 She doesn't need a family
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C19 She doesn't need a family

Qian Li did not dare agree with him because she had not taken good care of her family in her previous life. In this life, she did not want to have another family member.

How great it was to be a person, to come and go freely without any worries, and to someone like her, who was full of hatred, having a family was a burden.

After Gaoler Head left, Qian Li looked at his back for a long time, then as if nothing had happened, she lowered her head and continued eating her food.

On the second day, the Gaoler Head still did not appear. Qian Li stretched his body, and it was already much better than before. She had to admit that the medicine of the unknown old man was very good.

Looking at the sky, Qian Li estimated that it was about time for dinner, she then got up and walked out. After a simple wash, she changed into the clothes that Gaoler Head had brought, and she carefully folded the clothes left behind by the old man and placed it on the bed.

It wasn't because he was disdainful, but because his current identity wasn't very suitable. Furthermore ?

In this place where they could fight at any time, wearing a dress was not suitable.

After exiting the courtyard, Qian Li sniffed once, and then walked in the direction of the smell. Along the way, he met many people, and they all looked at her strangely, with respect, disdain, surprise, and, of course, with disdain!

It was at this time that Li Nian appeared. He patted Qian Li's shoulder, with a bit of force, but fortunately it was avoided by Qian Li, but even so, the slap that landed on her injured shoulder still hurt.

Qian Li frowned, she did not know why this person was so rude.

Li Nian also seemed very embarrassed, "Sorry, Qian Li, this is how we usually greet people, and we forgot that you are a woman."

Qian Li did not reply, she only pursed her lips a little, secretly thinking, if he did not treat her as a woman, it did not matter, she might not be able to pat her shoulders.

Seeing Qian Li's reaction, it was only then that Li Nian realized the situation, "Ah, I actually forgot about the thing on your shoulder ?" Qian Li had already interrupted him before he could even finish his sentence, "Brother Li, where's the place to eat?"

It wasn't that Qian Li wanted to say something, but rather, she didn't want many people to know about her injuries. Of course, injuries definitely still knew a bit, but for serious injuries like this, it was still ? It was best if she didn't say anything.

She had been to this kind of place in her previous life before. She knew the morals of the people inside the place best. Who knows when they might be assassinated. Therefore, she still needed to keep her secret from these people.

Especially regarding the condition of his body, exposing his weakness to others, in Qian Li's opinion, that was not a wise decision.

Qian Li rarely spoke, and calling him "Big Brother Li" caused Li Nian to not be able to react for a while.

Looking at Qian Li, he realized that her previously bloated face had now become much better. And after washing up, Bai Zhe's skin and the extremely fine outline made him a little dazed.

In reality, he had not seen many women, but even the injured Qian Li was already considered extremely beautiful in his eyes.

And now that she said it ?

This made his heart beat even faster as a tough guy who spent most of his time in the crowd of men.

Li Nian didn't know what kind of feeling that was, until a long time later, when he found out that he could already die for this heartless woman, he finally understood that it was too late.


Looking at the looks of everyone, she did not continue speaking, but luckily, the thin person behind him appeared, "Over here, Qian Li, do you want to eat with us?"

Qian Li nodded, and then walked in the direction that the thin person had pointed out. Her nose was extremely sensitive, her eyesight was different from ordinary people, and even her hearing was much better than normal people's.

In his previous life, Gong Ye had called his a natural born leader for all these very rare advantages.

Not wanting to be disturbed by the events from her previous life, Qian Li quickly walked to the front. The skinny man patted Li Nian's shoulder, "Boss, what are you doing? "Why are you suddenly in a daze?"

Li Nian held onto his heart, and said with deep emotion: "Skinny, it seems like your boss is going to have feelings for you at the beginning."

"Stop messing around boss." "You're already so old, and yet you're still in your infancy?"

"Really, skinny one, touch if you don't believe me. My heart is beating very hard. "

"Boss, don't tell me you have a crush on me ?"

Hearing this, the distant Qian Li staggered, and almost fell down on the ground like a dog eating shit. She shouldn't have been curious about what they were saying and why they were trying to listen. From the looks of it, what they were saying wasn't something that she could listen to.

"Qian Li? "What's wrong?" Skinny Man and Li Nian, who did not know what had happened, hurriedly ran over. However, when they detected their footsteps, Qian Li took the initiative to stabilize her heels before they arrived.

"I'm fine."

After a few twists and turns, Qian Li finally arrived at the so-called dining area.

This place had never had women before, so when they saw Qian Li appear, regardless of whether it was eating, eating or other, they all looked at him with respect.

Regardless of what everyone was looking at, Qian Li's footsteps were steady and steady.

She stood in line with everyone else, but when it was almost her turn, someone actually wanted to cut in line, and was thrown away by Qian Li with a flip of her shoulder. The man still wanted to continue, but Li Nian roared and silently turned to the back of the queue.

Vaguely, Qian Li seemed to have heard him say, "Damn, I only saw women, how come even my boss ignored me?" Qian Li slightly curled her lips, feeling that this child was somewhat fun to play with.

Finally, it was her turn. There were large bowls in front of her, and a man's appetite was naturally very big. This was even more so for men who needed a lot of strength to do a lot of training.

Qian Li took a bowl. The people who cooked in the front were tall and big.

And it was one of those types that could scare a child to tears with just a stare.

Qian Li ignored the man's eyes and passed the bowl over.

"How much more?"

"Two steamed buns, two servings of rice, a spoonful of beef, a spoonful of vegetables, two eggs, a cucumber, and then... And a bowl of soup. "


Not only was the man in front of them stunned, even the skinny man and Li Nian behind Qian Li were stunned.

With so many things, did Qian Li treat him as a man?

Or could it be that she didn't know how to cook, so she just followed the people in front of her and shouted?

The man stopped and stared at Qian Li without speaking. Qian Li frowned slightly and asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

Then, looking at everyone's gaze, the thin person could only explain, "We can't waste anything eating here. Hit as much as you want, don't you... "Too much ?"

Qian Li frowned, she was a little unhappy. This kind of thing was similar everywhere, she had always known about it.

Therefore, she passed the bowl to the man who was eating, "Beat it!"

The man was still in a daze, Qian Li was too lazy to wait, thus she took the spoon from the man's hand and slapped it on her own. Two and a half, although there was no scale. However, there were many things that she was familiar with while doing them.

As a result, when he saw Qian Li methodically pouring the big bowl into her hands, according to the specifications, the people who were eating had a flash of surprise in their eyes.

He regained his senses, took the spoon from Qian Li's hands, and said: "I'll do it."

Qian Li would not stop him herself, and only after seeing the man put all the things she had just said into a bowl, did she prepare to turn around while carrying the side of the bowl of soup.

Then, they saw that Li Nian and the skinny mercenary were a little... A worried expression.

"Qian Li, why don't you give me half of it? If I can't finish it in a while, I'll be punished."

Qian Li raised her eyebrows. She was a little moved by the skinny guy's actions as she smiled, "No need. If I really still have more, then no matter what punishment it is, I will accept it."

Then, he ignored Li Nian and the skinny mercenary. He found a place to eat and began to eat.

Of course, because of the incident just now and because she was the first woman to come here, everyone had initially been watching her attentively.

Some were curious, some were waiting to watch a joke. For a moment, the entire arena was quiet.

Qian Li was too lazy to care about all these, after sitting down, he began to eat her own food in an orderly manner.

Naturally, she knew how big her appetite was. Normally, she might not be able to finish all of these things, but the base was different. She would definitely eat three meals a day.

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