A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C2 Eating people without spitting out their bones
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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C2 Eating people without spitting out their bones
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C2 Eating people without spitting out their bones

"Everyone, get ready." Murong Yan moved her body, and a sharp pain arose. This was a feeling she had never experienced before, and at this moment, her life was hanging by a thread.

And the person who caused this disaster... At this moment, he was looking at the stage in high spirits.

In her heart, there was only desolation left, and hatred filled her heart. She almost couldn't hide it, but luckily ? Fortunately, those big dogs really did come, giving her no extra time to think about other things.

"Where did the Prime Minister find such a formidable batch of prisoners?" "Seems like he has some skill."

Gong Ye sat at the highest point, surrounded by the crowd. The noble officials and officials of the palace sat down in order, and beside the emperor, was the most favored, the Noble Consort.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, they are only death row prisoners. I originally planned to let Your Majesty and everyone else experience the ferocity of my Heaven Dynasty's Tibetan mastiff, but I didn't expect that there would be some ruthless characters amongst these prisoners. I'm sorry for disappointing Your Majesty."

Gong Ye waved his hand, "Sigh, hasn't this mastiff been seen all these years? The war between humans and dogs was much more exciting. "I am deeply satisfied with the Prime Minister's arrangements. Why be modest?"

After saying that, without waiting for the Prime Minister to speak, the Emperor looked towards the Ninth Prince at his side. It was his younger brother, an idiot who stayed silent all day, "What does Ninth Royal Brother think?"

Hearing this, the man obediently raised his head and averted his eyes, "Good, very good." The tone of his voice was rather disjointed. Looking at his expression, the emperor's eyes flashed with disgust. Indeed, it was the fault of a palace maid. Even a prince would not be able to show his worth.

Just at this moment, everyone gasped. Gong Ye raised his head and saw that the battle on the grass field had ended, the girls inside were all still alive, the three gigantic mastiffs had been turned into pieces. They were all covered in blood, and had all collapsed onto the ground.

"Who is the woman in the lead?" The people in the distance could not see her face clearly. Her white prison uniform was covered in blood, and from her figure, it could be seen that she was a woman.

The Emperor became more curious as he read through them.

Hearing this, the prime minister looked back and immediately replied, "It's said that he was previously just a domineering street hoodlum, and then was sent in because he killed the son of the number one rich man in the Chang'an City. He had originally planned to go to the execution ground in three days, and the emperor meant ?"

Could it be that the Emperor has thoughts about that woman? After all, the Emperor has always had his eyes set on her, wouldn't Empress Murong Yan, who died miserably in the Cold Palace not long ago be a special person?

However, after hearing his words, Gong Ye instantly lost all interest.

He was just a street hoodlum, and a condemned prisoner at that.

He just couldn't understand how the sight of her jumping and the calm face of the danger reminded him of something from the past.

Gong Ye frowned. Forget it, it was not her after all, he had personally killed Murong Yan, and he had even personally buried her corpse. How could she possibly appear here?

Thinking this way, his mood vanished. The Emperor waved his hand. "I'm slightly tired, so I'll disperse now."

With that, the emperor rose to leave. The prime minister's eyes narrowed as he spoke. "Your majesty, this is the only one who survived under the mouth of the mastiff. Look ?"

"These matters have always been arranged by the Prime Minister, is there a need to ask me?" The emperor flung his sleeves and left. In the end, he even swept a glance at the incomparably foolish Ninth Prince.

Only, he did not see that after he turned around, Ninth Prince suddenly raised his head and looked towards the center of the grassland, his eyes sharp.

When Qian Li raised her head, the people on the stage had already scattered, the Prime Minister said that he would spare their lives for now, so they were stuffed into the iron cage and sent back into the prison.

Along the way, she kept her head down without saying anything. She was too lazy to respond to the girls who were still alive thanking her.

The memories of the past kept boring into her mind, as if thousands of ants were gnawing at her brain.

The pain made it difficult for her to breathe.

However, compared to the pain of having his son killed, what was this worth?

The one who was seated on the stage just now, was that Gong Ye, right?

My dear Emperor, you didn't expect that I would still be alive after you ordered someone to take away my child, destroy my veins, and even personally send me on my way, did you?

Qian Li squinted, look at his body, what was it called? Qian Li?

Good, very good. Since you gave me this new identity, then ?

His hands clenched into fists, what he owed me in his previous life, I will definitely take back in this life, Gong Ye, we will see how it goes in the future.

"Get out."

Just as Qian Li was meditating, the carriage suddenly stopped, the iron cage was too big, when it stopped there was a constant clanging sound. Gaoler Head took out her whip and lashed it hard at the inside, there were quite a few girls who had scars on their bodies, when the whip landed in front of Qian Li, she quickly dodged it. She firmly pulled on one end of the rope, not saying a word, and stared fiercely at Gaoler Head.

"What, don't think you can do whatever you want in front of me just because you've won a few Tibetan mastiffs. Let me tell you, in my territory, if you're a dog then you have to lie on the ground. If you're a wolf, you'd better learn to be like a dog."

Qian Li frowned slightly, then suddenly let go of her hand. Gaoler Head didn't react at all and unconsciously took two steps back.

Qian Li did not pay attention to the strange looks from her surroundings. She stood up and jumped off the horse carriage, walking towards the dungeon.

Gaoler Head stared at her back, seemingly deep in thought.

The dungeon was a place that ate people without spitting out their bones. If the outside world was chaotic, then this place was not that good either.

Qian Li lived in a large prison with a dozen or so women, and the women who went with her earlier were also assigned to other cells. Here, only she and a group of people she did not know were left.

"Yo, he actually came back alive. He sure is unpromising."

The moment she stepped into the cell, she heard the eerie voice of the woman inside. Qian Li was too lazy to respond, but the guard behind him spoke, and his tone was similar to the woman before, "That's right, I'm already strong. Not only did I kill all the Tibetan mastiffs, I actually let my comrades return alive, oh, other than the one that I wasn't prepared for at the start."

After saying that. He pushed towards Qian Li's back, causing Qian Li to stagger a few steps before she fell inside, but she didn't fall. She turned her head, and looked at the prison warden gloomily.

Too many things had happened today. Qian Li felt very tired, she walked towards the place that she remembered belonged to her. It was a corner and the grass under her butt was much less than the others'.

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