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Her head was still lowered, and her hand was still frozen in midair. Vaguely, she could hear that after this accident, the surrounding people had become incomparably quiet, and a hint of viciousness flashed across Qian Li's eyes, but disappeared a moment later.

She raised her head and looked forward. The first thing she saw was a clean set of clothes.

Prison guard.

It was said that this person only cared about the Gaoler Head here. Qian Li had vaguely heard his name before. What should I call him, a dog's head or something?

She shook her head. I don't remember. However, he still silently confirmed this name in his heart.

In fact, she didn't even need to raise her head. She had already guessed the identity of this person just by looking at his attire. She just didn't understand why this person would make things difficult for her.

She stood up straight and watched as Dog Head threw the steamed bun in his hands and stomped on it a few times. Qian Li's expression did not change as she watched her movements quietly.

"What is it? Aren't you angry? "

Qian Li still did not answer.

"Did you just go out on a trip and not remember the rules here? Everyone here only has one steamed bun every day, and now yours is gone. You're going to starve today. "

As for those people who were causing trouble for no reason, Qian Li did not even bother to pay attention to them. Under everyone's astonished gaze, she bent down to arrange the iron chains around herself, held it up and walked towards her position.

He would never die from hunger.

However, when she was halfway there, she rolled to the side and dodged the vicious whip from Dog Head.

"That's a stubborn person. Men, drag her out for me."

Qian Li didn't know what the Kobold was planning to do, but she knew that it was useless to blindly resist in this situation.

She was placed on a rack. Not far away was a huge pot that was burning very vigorously. Inside the pot was a red-hot shovel.

Not only had she seen that thing before, she had also personally used it. In her previous life, when she interrogated the prisoner together with Gong Ye, she had also personally branded that thing on the chest of the disobedient prisoner.

As she watched her flesh slowly burn, she felt incomparably carefree. And now, these torture instruments were actually being used on her?

Heh, as long as she doesn't die, she will accept all the suffering.

It was just a burn, so what did it matter?

Kobold took out his shovel and stopped three inches away from Qian Li's face.

"If you beg for mercy now, I'll let you go."

Qian Li could not help but twitch her lips. She wanted to roll his eyes, but felt that such unnecessary actions would be a waste of her strength, so she endured it.

How could he just let her go while begging for mercy? Begging for mercy would only stimulate the evil nature of these people, it would only make them become fiercer.

"Yo, you're pretty stubborn. "Then don't blame me for being merciless." As soon as he finished speaking, the shovel directly landed on Qian Li's shoulder, burning the meat. The smell of the meat mixed with the smell of his burnt clothes was transmitted to the inside of the dungeon, causing green smoke to continuously emit from her shoulder.

The sweat on Qian Li's forehead dripped drop by drop as a heart-wrenching pain accompanied every organ in her body.

She bit her lip. Her face was pale, but she didn't make a sound.

Her lips were white, covered with white skin.

Gong Ye, what you owe me in my previous life, I will remember all of it in my heart. Don't worry, as long as I have the chance to leave, I will make you burn your bones and scatter your ashes.

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