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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C7 Wait for my phoenix nirvana
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C7 Wait for my phoenix nirvana

Because of all these, Qian Li finally had a few days of relaxed days. No one disturbed her, and no one came to cause trouble for her.

Although the scars on her body would not heal in the short span of a few days, she still had time to recover. The feeling of having his strength slowly return to his body allowed Qian Li to confirm that she was actually still alive.

It was a pity. He had said that if he wanted to be an ordinary person in his next life, he would have to walk the road of no return.

'Forget it. Being able to live is the greatest fortune amongst misfortune. What rights does she have to hope that she can be happier? '

Three days later, the prison was deathly still, just like a hot summer day.

Qian Li sat in a corner, her instincts telling her that this was not a peaceful day.

The weird atmosphere that had spread throughout the prison early in the morning. The women prisoners were shivering and squatting in the corners, not saying a word. Occasionally, someone would whisper something in their ears, but it was very soft.

The sound of the guards' roars echoed from outside the cell. The sounds of the whips hitting the bars echoed out. It was very scary.

Finally, the first cry broke out from the prison.

Immediately after, the second and third sounds of crying rang out.

At first it was suppressed sobbing, then it was followed by crying.

"Shut up. "Whoever dares to cry anymore, I will beat them to death!"

The guards kept clamoring, but to the women, they were not intimidating at all.

It was not until a woman was dragged out of the room and taken turns by four or five guards in front of the crowd that her voice gradually became softer.

Qian Li saw with her own eyes that the woman who was struggling in the beginning got beaten up a few times before she gradually obeyed.

But, was he really being obedient?

No, she could see her unwillingness from her fish-like eyes. But what's the use of being unreconciled, she could only endure it until she was played to death by those men.

Qian Li lowered her eyes, no longer giving that woman another glance.

Because she couldn't save her, only now did Qian Li realize that, all this while, she had always felt that her death was unparalleled, but compared to these methods of death, she was still considered to be alright.

At the very least, she had died at the hands of the people she loved, but these girls were different. Not only did they accept the cruelest of punishments, they even died with such a lack of dignity.

She had always known that there was a very perverted criminal law in the prison, one that specialized in dealing with women.

That was, the day before the beheading, they would usually let the women ride on the iron horses until their lower bodies were completely minced. Of course, this was for the women who were already women.

Qian Li had heard of it before, and had always known of it. But because she had never seen it with her own eyes, and at that time, she had also felt that since this punishment was meant for women who disobeyed the rules, it could only be considered as them getting what they deserved.

Both of her hands were tightly clenched into fists. In her previous life, she was the Queen, if she had not been so stone-hearted in persuading Gong Ye to cancel this miserable method, she would not have seen such an inhumane punishment.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as' if '.

"Ah ?" Milord, have mercy, please have mercy on me. "

In a trance, another woman was dragged out. The prison warden brutally tore her clothes into pieces, exposing her perfect body to the crowd.

More and more guards approached. They took off their pants and exposed their naked bodies in front of the crowd.

No wonder he was curious before, and was immediately rejected by Gong Ye when he wanted to take a look inside the prison.

So the things here were actually this dirty.

Qian Li bit her lips, trying hard not to hear the sounds, but how was that possible?

The man's maniacal laughter echoed in the cell, and the woman's screams, screams, and pleas for mercy rose and fell.

Even if she wanted to ignore it, there was nothing she could do.

Qian Li knew that this situation would continue. None of the five girls who were going to be executed tomorrow were spared.

She couldn't help but shrink back. Was she supposed to be one of those people tomorrow?

However, because she had yet to confess and had secretly concluded a deal with the Gaoler Head, the other girl was then replaced.

If she did not return, Qian Li would have to face this!

"Ah, that's good. Brother, let's go together."

The guards were not responsible for the women's deaths. If they were lucky, they could live past today. However, they would be beheaded tomorrow as well. Moreover, the title of a slut would not go bad for a long time.

If they were unlucky, they would die during the course of their violence. In any case, both of them were dead, and neither of them had any dignity.

If they went to the market tomorrow, it would be impossible for them to bring the corpse back to be buried under this kind of crime. In the end, there were only two types of results, one was gradually rotting on the spot, becoming weathered, and in the end disappearing without a trace, or else it would be eaten by some wild dog or cat or other ?

In short, any woman who left the prison, no matter which one of these two outcomes it was, would not be pitied or pitied by anyone.

The family couldn't wait to be far away from them, and even more so, they wished that no one would know that they had once given birth to a daughter like this ?

Qian Li pursed her lips, the surrounding noise still did not lessen by even a little, she suddenly felt grief for the fate of women.

Those who were better off would have to marry from a husband to his son. Those who weren't married off well would die without a burial ground or die of loneliness for the rest of their lives.

Was this the life she wanted? Qian Li asked herself in her heart.

The result is negative.

In her previous life, when she met Gong Ye at the age of five, they were destined to live at the age of ten, so she accompanied him on his campaign at the age of fifteen, making her name famous throughout the world at the age of twenty.

She thought she should do what a woman should do in order to spend her whole life for the one she loved, but in the end?

What did she get?

She died for love, at the hands of a man she thought would love her for life.

When she was still Murong Yan, she had paid a terrible price.

Her face was ruined, and her body was finally shot in the forehead by the person she loved. Her corpse was also burnt, and she died with no dignity, not even her ashes were left behind.

Qian Li pursed her lips and thought back to her miserable life.

In short, she would abandon everything that she had yearned for in her previous life. If she could avenge herself, it would be the best. She would not be able to live after that either.

She wanted to rely on her own ability to eliminate these inhumane criminal laws. She wanted to set up something that could be complained about. She wanted to tell the world what men could do. As women, they could too.

After thinking about it, Qian Li opened her eyes.

She thought she was immune, but seeing the tears in the last girl's eyes still made her feel guilty.

All of this was caused by his incompetence in his previous life.

Qian Li held onto her own palm.

She finally understood that it wasn't that this world was too cruel, or that fate was too biased against anyone. Everything could be changed based on her own efforts.

Therefore, from now on, do not easily sympathize with others, do not feel sadness or pity for the fate of others.


If she was strong enough, she would become the one to see the sorrow of others.

Qian Li's eyes were cold as she looked at all these unfamiliar faces in the dungeon.

She had to remember all of this, remember this suffering, remember all of this. In the future, she would be able to return it a hundred times over.

Then, Gong Ye, once I, the phoenix Nirvana, die, the first person I will slaughter will be you.

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