A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C8 The emperor's conspiracy
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A Romantic Beauty Around Imperial City/C8 The emperor's conspiracy
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C8 The emperor's conspiracy

Imperial Concubine An Rou was currently in the arms of the emperor Gong Ye. The two of them looked at each other lovingly, when suddenly, Gong Ye shivered.

An Rou quickly got up, "Your majesty, have you caught a cold?"

After saying that, An Rou took Gong Ye's robe from the side and covered it for him. Such a considerate action instantly made Gong Ye's heart soften. Even his voice had subconsciously softened. He reached out his hand and pinched An Rou's tender and white, soft and small boneless hand. he said softly.

"It's nothing. It's just that my nose is itchy all of a sudden. In the past, at this time, it had always been Murong Yan ? "

Before he finished speaking, Gong Ye's voice suddenly stopped, he suddenly realised that ever since Murong Yan died, he seemed to have mentioned her more and more.

But why was it so frequent? It was love. Was he reluctant or unable to forget?

Gong Ye shook his head. Regarding this, he couldn't think of it for a long time.

"Your majesty, can you not let go of big sister?" A flash of jealousy appeared in An Rou's eyes, she never thought that this Murong Yan had such ability, she was already a dead man, yet the emperor was saying it like this.

"How could that be?" Seeing the person in his embrace being so gentle, Gong Ye's heart immediately softened. He felt that only someone like An Rou could be considered a woman, slim and graceful, as gentle as water, and when she spoke her voice carried a pitiful tone, and her eyes seemed to be able to speak, making her seem very attractive. In short, her every word and action was like what he liked, like how a woman should be when she was with a man.

Of course, although all of these were important, they were also the things that Gong Ye valued the most, and that was, from An Rou, he could see the love this woman had for him at all times. Just like now, he had inadvertently mentioned Murong Yan. He could also see a hint of jealousy in her eyes. Wasn't this the thing that men felt the most accomplishment?

The fact that she would be jealous meant that she loved him.

However, in the past few years, as long as he said that the young lady was not bad, she would immediately help him enter the imperial harem, and in her eyes, she could never see what was called possessiveness. She seemed to always understand things, and silently arranged everything for herself.

When they slept together, she would always follow the rules, numb like a puppet. Sometimes, when she was frustrated, if she wanted to talk to her, she would just have to busy herself to make arrangements for her woman to sleep with, and the An Rou in front of her was one of them.

She was bold, bold, and full of tricks in those things, and he always found in her a sense of accomplishment as a man.

But these... It was impossible for this to happen to Murong Yan.

Ever since she became the emperor, she seemed to have been very busy, and Murong Yan seemed to be even busier than she was. They were either busy with their daily life, preparing for the empress dowager and the Empress Dowager's birthday, or busy with all sorts of festivals within the palace.

She always acted very sensibly, and her words and actions weren't the slightest bit wrong, so no matter where he went, the most he heard was the people's evaluation of her. But, these weren't the things he wanted.

What he wanted was the Murong Yan who had a heart that was full of him, the charming girl who ran away while covering her face with her hands as soon as he spoke. It was the Murong Yan who would always call him Big Brother Gong Ye from behind.

But these were not her.

At first, he only felt disgust, but later on, he felt really fed up. This was because every time he saw Murong Yan, he would think of all the sad things that happened to him.

There were even many people who would say behind his back, "The reason why Your Majesty was able to obtain everything today, was because of Murong Yan."

"Your Majesty, once again, Murong Family has rendered meritorious service with their horses, deserving of praise."


In front of others, Gong Ye had been trying his best to hold back. However, in front of others, he could not wait to kill everyone in Murong Family.

He was already the prime minister and his daughter was already the empress. What was there to praise him for?

Let's just let them be the emperor.

Furthermore, if that's the case, it would seem as though was nothing more than a nobody without his Murong Family ?

Because of these negative emotions, Gong Ye became more and more agitated. Every time he saw Murong Yan in the future, he hated him more and more.

It just so happened that someone had advised at that time, "Your majesty, your Murong Family is a great achievement, and your arrogance is becoming more and more arrogant.

Just one sentence, was enough to completely rouse Gong Ye from his stupor.

Gong Ye felt that what he said was completely correct. Hence, after a month of time, he finally formulated a series of plans with the others that he would wholeheartedly help his aides with all his heart.

He very quickly began to find various reasons to weaken the power within the Murong Family.

However, this family of people were very tolerant, they did not resist at all towards their own actions, and even allowed him to take away the authority of Murong Family.

Even when he mentioned it to Murong Yan, Murong Yan would think it over carefully, and then give him a suggestion, "If Your Majesty feels that our Murong Family is too powerful, and will affect others, then Your Majesty can just appropriately weaken it a little. If Your Majesty feels that you have let down your father because of this, then ? As for father, this concubine shall speak of him. "

"You ? You don't feel wronged? " He remembered that at that time, Gong Ye asked Murong Yan this question.

But Murong Yan was so silly, she seemed to have firmly believed that Gong Ye would never let her down, so she said extremely innocently, "Chenqie is already the empress, what else can I feel wronged about? As for his family's position, it is fine as long as they have a high ranking. Father, what kind of position are they in? It isn't important. This concubine wouldn't mind, and I presume father and the rest wouldn't mind either. "

Look, it was actually not Gong Ye who insisted on using the Murong Family, but Murong Yan herself had suggested it. If more than a hundred people in the Murong Family were to be sentenced to death for the crime of resisting, then it wouldn't be his fault, right?

The most important thing was that after he had taken the initiative to execute Murong Family, his image in the hearts of the people had clearly grown larger and larger. Those nobles who had previously been relying on Murong Family had also completely awakened, and they now knew who the true master of this country was.

With regards to this result, Gong Ye was still very satisfied, but it was just that ? The only one who he felt sorry for was Murong Yan.

She had been living in the harem for a long time, but there was no news of such a huge incident at home.

Of course, the reason why she didn't receive the news was because she had deliberately blocked the news and told everyone not to tell her.

He had always thought that as long as Murong Yan didn't know, they would still be able to live a peaceful life.

Towards Murong Yan, even if there was no love, it was still a woman who accompanied him all the way here. He still felt some pity for her.

But right at this moment, Murong Yan excitedly told herself that she was pregnant ?

The Murong Yan family had already been beheaded, how could she, Murong Yan, still have a child in her stomach?

Furthermore, the child in the queen's womb was destined to be born to become the crown prince ?

We can't keep this child.

Because of this unforeseen event, the little bit of guilt Gong Ye felt towards Murong Yan disappeared completely once again. He had personally designed this so that Murong Yan's personal servant could add saffron into Murong Yan's food. As expected, news of a small bore arrived not long after Murong Yan had eaten it.

He was secretly gratified, and secretly instructed the Imperial Physician Courtyard to give her a medicine that would give her a lifetime worth of sterility.

He thought that this was the most kindness he had towards Murong Yan, but in the end, the harem was still a wrong place. The matter of Murong Yan's family was found out by his envious concubine, and he even mocked her in front of him, saying that she had actually killed a whole family just to protect her life.

Murong Yan... When she confronted him, he could only ignore her.

But she was so stubborn, she could not even kneel outside her own palace.

At that time, Murong Yan had just given birth to a small child, and snow had just fallen from the sky.

The palace maids and eunuchs who passed by pointed out. The empress dowager, who knew of the internal affairs, blamed herself for being too excessive. Since she had already caused the death of the Murong Family, she could not disappoint Murong Yan.

He was the only ruler of the country, why should everyone scold him? All of this was something that Murong Yan had sought for herself.

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