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C9 She deserved to die

Looking at Murong Yan who was kneeling outside his palace and continuously making things difficult for him, Gong Ye finally decided to kill him.

Just when Murong Yan fainted because of her weak body, he had her subordinates, which was more like palace maids and Xiao Lan s that had followed Murong Yan for more than ten years, make their move on Murong Yan.

That night, he stood outside the Weiyang Palace and watched with her own eyes as Murong Yan turned into a human, not looking like a ghost or a ghost.

Faintly remembering that day, the flames continued to spread, bit by bit, wanting to destroy the entire palace. Murong Yan stood inside the palace, watching the palace maids and eunuchs flee in all directions with a cold gaze.

She was still holding a torch in her hand and her eyes were filled with bloodlust. She was the one who set off this great fire. He knew why she did that, but he discovered that when facing her in such a state, he actually ? He didn't dare to confront her.

"Madman, everyone run." At that time, the palace maids and eunuchs within the Weiyang Palace had been clamoring non-stop as they fled in all directions, leaving only Murong Yan, who was covered in blood, standing inside.

Her white dress was dyed red and her face was destroyed by the Xiao Lan in her dreams. She wanted Murong Yan to wake up to find that his face was disfigured and then cut herself off.

But he never thought that Murong Yan's degree of stubbornness would actually exceed her own knowledge.

Madman? Hearing her address them, Murong Yan could not help but laugh, but following her actions, the faces of all the people in the palace turned even more pale, "Ghost, everyone escape."

That's right, she was a ghost. Right now, her white clothes were dyed red with blood, and there was not a single spot on her face that was intact. If it wasn't a ghost, then what was it?

"Empress, quickly go. This servant will bring you out." Everyone was running outside, but Xiao Lan walked in front of her, and upon seeing her, Murong Yan's eyes flashed.

"Xiao Lan, where did you go just now?"

Hearing this, the face of the palace maid named Xiao Lan flashed with panic. She looked at Murong Yan, and when she saw her face, she quickly lowered her eyes, "This servant just, this servant was called away by Noble Consort."

Murong Yan suddenly walked up and pinched Xiao Lan's neck, "Xiao Lan, I usually treat you well, right?"

"Empress." Xiao Lan's face flushed red, she was unable to say a single word, "Empress, please spare Xiao Lan, Noble Consort used her family members to force me, I was forced to do this."

"For the sake of your family, do you have any reason to kill my children?"

Although she said that, Murong Yan still threw Xiao Lan out. In the end, she still couldn't bear to, after all, she was someone that had followed him for more than ten years.

"Empress, this servant ?" This slave has let you down. If there is a next life, I will definitely apologize with my death. "

With that said, the man on the ground fiercely rushed towards Murong Yan. Caught off guard, Murong Yan did not dodge, and the dagger pierced straight into her heart.

Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth as she let out a pitiful smile. "You've always been someone of the Emperor. The meeting over ten years ago was all premeditated, right?"

Xiao Lan pursed her lips in tacit acknowledgement, bean sized tears flowed down her face, the dagger in her hand spun a few times in front of Qian Murong Yan's heart, causing red blood to spurt out.

"Is... Why, he ? Gong Ye would rather waste more than ten years on me. "

She fiercely shook her head, "No, you must have lied to me. Xiao Lan, this palace and Your Majesty are extremely loving, my entire body is filled with military might, and even this world was struck down by both Your Majesty and I, how could he ? "How could that be? No, it must be that slut, Imperial Concubine. She was definitely the one who ordered you, right?"

Gong Ye remembered that Murong Yan had never said such rude words before. This time, it really broke her heart, right?

He knew that Murong Yan had long since guessed everything. In fact, up until now, Murong Yan had never changed.

However, she still loved him in her heart, so she looked forward to his explanation when they met.

However, what's the use? When you love, it's true love. When you don't love, it's also true that you don't love anymore.

And her love was too heavy, he... I don't want it anymore.

At the moment, if Murong Yan did not die, then what he did would be known by the world, and as long as Murong Yan was still alive, she would definitely do it, so she had to die.

"I'm sorry esteemed Empress, it has always been His Majesty who ? I don't want you. " The words of the Xiao Lan were not meant to be said by him, he had wanted to stop him, but when she thought about how Murong Yan was a person who was about to die, she decided not to.

After saying that, Xiao Lan flew into the air, and kicked Murong Yan in the chest, causing the dagger to sink into her heart. Murong Yan took a few steps back, but in the end, she did not manage to hold on and directly fell to the ground.

Right at this moment, he was finally unable to contain himself and personally appeared. Together, he also appeared ? The woman he liked now, An Rou.

Perhaps it was too painful, Murong Yan could not move at all. She raised her hand, seemingly wanting Gong Ye to save her, or, in fact, she just wanted to ask him if what Xiao Lan had just said was true.

In the end, he did not dare meet her gaze, so he pulled the bow and arrows from the eunuch's hands, preparing to personally send her off.

He saw that her eyes had suddenly become filled with unparalleled hatred. She originally wanted to shoot an arrow at her heart, because her gaze suddenly deviated from its original direction and directly shot into Murong Yan's forehead.

Xiao Lan tried again and she found that she was no longer breathing. Her eyes were wide open and her whole body was covered in blood.

"Your Majesty, the Empress is dead."

He took a step back, and upon hearing Xiao Lan's report, he actually felt relieved, but even now, he still could not understand, why Xiao Lan's words made him stagger.

If not for the support of the eunuchs behind him, he most likely would have collapsed on the spot.

He threw away his bow and arrow and glared fiercely at Xiao Lan, "We did not ask you to say a single word more, why do you have to waste so much words on her?"

Xiao Lan knelt on the ground, her attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, but actually had a bit of Murong Yan's demeanor.

"Even though this servant was someone that the emperor had intentionally left by Empress's side from the start, now, ten years have passed and the master in the Xiao Lan's heart has been replaced by the Empress. Since the Xiao Lan is a slave, the emperor has no choice but to obey.

"Who gave you the guts to let a lowly maid speak to the emperor like that?" If it wasn't for the life that the Emperor had given you, would you be where you are today? "

Gong Ye did not say anything, but what An Rou said at the moment, was also what he wanted to know in her heart.

It was him who had given Xiao Lan her second life, on what basis was she supposed to call Murong Yan her master?

When Xiao Lan heard An Rou's words, she remained kneeling on the ground. She raised her head, her face filled with stubbornness, "It's because this servant has always remembered this favor, that I had listened to Noble Consort's commands, and that's why I did this. I didn't hesitate to harm the Empress in order to obey the orders of the Emperor.

"Actually what?" Gong Ye frowned, at the moment, he was already standing up straight, without getting angry at himself. But Xiao Lan didn't seem to be afraid of her at all.

She said, "The Empress has always trusted the emperor, so no matter what the emperor says, she will believe it. So even if the Empress hears about the Murong Family being raided by everyone in the clan, she only wants to have a good talk with the emperor. She's even worried that the Murong Family might have really done something outrageous, but the emperor ? "Not only were you unwilling to see the Empress one last time, you even took away her child ?"

Gong Ye felt his entire body becoming startled. The blaze had already spread throughout the entire Weiyang Palace, and he was suddenly a little anxious. His face became gloomy, "So, what happened next?"

"Actually, this servant thinks that letting the Empress die like this is pretty good too."

"You ? "What do you mean?"

"Empress Dowager once told this servant that she had given her life to Your Majesty. If one day the emperor doesn't need her anymore, or if he wants to personally destroy her, she'll do it willingly ?"

Gong Ye, who had just steadied himself, almost fell again when he heard this.

Are you willing?

"The Empress loved the Emperor and herself. She had actually long anticipated that she would have such a day, so when she truly encountered these things, she was very obedient, but the Emperor kept pressing down on her step by step ? Thus, this servant felt that rather than letting the Empress linger on her last breath, it would be better to just die and be more direct. If she died, she would feel better. Perhaps ?

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