A Son for a Billionaire/C2 I don’t want to get married
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A Son for a Billionaire/C2 I don’t want to get married
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C2 I don’t want to get married


Theme: I don’t want to get married.


Thirty two years old Ace Clark was the Vice President of his family multi billionaire company. Clark corporation was a multi billionaire dollar companies that dabbled in everything in New York, from canning food products to fancy restaurants and small cafes and the others. Clark corporation was rated as one of the most influential businesses while Ace Clark was listed among top 30 CEOS on Forbes.

He sat at the bar with his maternal cousin, Arthur Young who owns an entertainment agency. Arthur listened to Ace as he rattled on about his new business plans.

“Once I get the Vice President of Huncho company to sign the contract then the deal is done.” Ace said with clear excitement in his tone.

“Once you sign the deal then we would celebrate in a big way but for now let us talk about the upcoming family event, have you prepared everything for your engagement party?” Arthur asked as he drank from his wine glass.

“Not really, the truth is I have been really busy with work at the office. But the last time I checked on the arrangement I think..mom is insisting we have a photo shoot before then and some other silly stuffs.” Ace answered.

“Momma is a good event planner but from what I am seeing right now, you don’t look too satisfied with what is going on around here. Tell me why the long face? You should be happy about this your wedding which means you are leaving bachelor's life to being a married man.” Arthur grinned.

Ace leaned closer toward his cousin. “Can you ever stop teasing me? you of all people should know that I am not interested in this whole thing and I don't want to get married yet.” He whispered.

Arthur laughed. “Oh! Sorry buddy I almost forgot you don't love your so called fiancée. But don't worry bro -“ He said placing one of his hand on Ace’s right shoulder blade. “I am pretty sure that once you get married and spend some time with your wife, you will possibly fall in love with her. Camilla is nice, beautiful, smart, kind and -“

Ace interrupted him as he removed Arthur’s hands from his shoulder blade. “Please enough of this silly jokes, it is not funny. But if you think my wife to be has these good qualities in which you have stated then you can as well take my place if you are that deeply interested in Camilla.” Ace said with a screwed up face.

Arthur laughed again. “Come on bro, dad has always wanted you to have Camilla, not me!”

Ace shook his head in agreement. “And one thing that pisses me off about this whole thing is the publicity, I really hate that shit!” He spat.

“Oh..you want a private party?” Arthur wolf whistled. “You have really changed bro because if I can recall, let us say about ten years back..” Arthur tapped a finger at the side of his head. “You have always wanted everybody to know you as Mr Clark’s only heir.” Arthur shot Ace 'can you remember look'

“I was way to young back then, Arthur.” Ace said.

Arthur nodded in agreement. “And everything changed after you came back from your dad's hotel in Arizona.” He said.

“I can never forget what -“

Arthur cleared his throat when he saw Camilla walking up to them and Ace was quick to get the sign so he stopped talking.

Camilla smiled. “Hi Arthur.” She greeted.

“Hey look who is here?! Ace Clark bride-to-be!” Arthur stood up from the high stool and gave Camila a hug and threw a wink at Ace.

“It is really good to see you, Arthur.” Camilla said as she disentangled from the embrace.

“It is good to see you too, Camilla. So how are you doing?” Arthur asked.

“Well I am fine as you can see.” She turned away so Arthur could check her out.

“I can see that clearly and you must be really happy that you are finally getting married to Ace Clark.” He said.

Camilla eyes gleamed with happiness, “Of course! I am so happy.” She went over to Ace and planted a kiss on his lips.

Arthur chuckled. “Wow! Congratulations.” He clapped his hands.

“Thank you, Arthur.” She linked her arm with Ace’s

“I do hope that I will also find my own bride very soon.” Arthur said with a faked smiled.

He enjoyed every bit of distress on Ace Clark’s face.

“Well I am sure you will find one soon.” Camilla said.

“So momma said you guys need to have a pre wedding photoshoot, so when will the shoot take place?” Arthur asked.

“Oh Arthur that is why I am here.” Camilla paused. “Arthur, you should be able to help me with that, I know you have great skill in photography.”

“Ouch..it is a pity that now that I have decided to stay off camera..you need my help.” Arthur raised his hand in surrender.

Camilla huffed. “If you can’t do it then we need a professional photographer

“Alright getting you a professional photographer won't be a problem. I have a photographer I use for my models. But she is a female, if you are cool with that then we can go on.” Arthur said.

“Is she good at what she does?” Camilla asked with a happy face.

“Yes and I bet she can capture the wind..” He joked.

They both bursted into a loud laughter at Arthur’s joke while a deep frown grazed Ace’s face.

“If she is good as you claim then I am fine with it. I trust your sense of professional approval.” Camilla said.

“I have worked with so many photographers but this lady is just exceptionally talented and she also works as a film producer.” Arthur brought out his phone from his jacket.

“Well I am not sure if I have heard about her before.” Camilla replied with a snapped eyebrows.

“Let me show you some of her works.” Arthur unlocked his phone and showed her pictures.

“Wow! These are really beautiful. I will like this particular shoot for us.” She pointed to a couple’s picture.

“Alright.” Arthur put his phone back in his pocket.

“Can she help us out soon?” Camilla asked.

“I will talk to her once I leave here. Don't worry, you will get to meet her at my studio tomorrow, if that is okay with you.” The corners of his eye crinkled.

“Tomorrow? Is it okay with you, Ace?” Camilla asked.

Ace faked a smile “Sure.” He replied.

“Alright then we are good to go tomorrow. Arthur thank you very much, I will let ma’am Clark know about it.” Her face flashed with excitement before she walked away.

“Oh my God bro! You should count yourself as the luckiest man on earth. You want to know why? It is because you are getting married to the daughter of one of the richest men in Los Angeles. You are both a perfect match!” Arthur continued to tease Ace in an annoying way.

“Arthur, I don't give a damn about who her father is in this Los Angeles.” Ace stood up to leave. “I am out of here.” He gulped down the last liquid in his glasses before he walked away.

“Bye bye cousin.” Arthur waved at Ace as he smiled in satisfaction.

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