A Son for a Billionaire/C4 The meet again
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A Son for a Billionaire/C4 The meet again
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C4 The meet again


Theme: The Meet Again



Arthur Young already set the studio with the other workers as they all waited for Ivy to come and work her wonders.

“Are you ready Camilla because everything is set and we are just waiting for my girl to come around.” Arthur Young said with his hands on his waist.

“And why is the photographer not here yet?” Camilla asked.

“Don’t worry too much Camilla, she is on her way.” Arthur Young answered.

“Arthur, are you sure about this photographer you have put up for this shoot?” Mrs Clark asked with a raised eyebrows.

“Yes momma. She -“ He was interrupted by the sound of Ivy’s beautiful voice.

“Good morning!” Ivy walked into the large room, greeting everyone that was presence there to work.

“And here she comes...” Arthur turned away from them and walked up to her.

“Good morning, Arthur.” She exchanged hugs with him.

“Morning Ivy...” They both exchanged pleasantries.

“I am so sorry that I am late. I had to put things in order at home and got stuck in traffic on the highway.” Ivy apologized.

“Ivy, you don’t need to apologize. My call was impromptu but you still managed to show up here today. Thank you.” Arthur’s eyes glistened with endearment towards Ivy.

“So is everything set?” Ivy asked.

Arthur shook his head. “Yes..just for you to work your magic on the soon to be wedding couples.” He clapped his hands to call the workers in place while Ivy grabbed her camera from her bag.

“Let me introduce you to my family.” Arthur held her hand and walked her to where Mrs Clark and Camilla sat down while Ace was busy making call at the end of the large room with his back turned at them.

“Momma please meet, Ivy Rivera the photographer.” Arthur introduced Ivy.

“Nice to meet you, Ivy Rivera.” Mrs Clark smiled at Ivy.

“And here is Camilla Anderson our bride to be.” Arthur introduced gain.

“It is really nice to meet you.” Ivy shook hands with Camilla.

“Arthur has shown us some of your works and they are really nice. I never knew it was you until I met you now.” Camilla flashed Ivy a bright smile.

“I told you that she is someone you will know. She is quite popular in the movie industry but she is just someone that doesn't fancy fame.” Arthur explained.

“You have been nominated for an Oscar award before right?” Camilla asked.

“Actually yes, I was nominated for an Oscar award for my work on a big budget movie as a film producer.” Ivy answered.

“I knew it! Ivy I am so glad you will be the one taking my pre-wedding photos.” Camilla smiled brightly revealing her perfect dentition.

“And I also feel honored to be the one to do your wedding shoots.” Ivy said.

“And where is Ace?” Arthur asked as he looked around to find Ace.

Ivy went ahead to reset the position of the ring light and she also gave out instructions to the workers.

“Ace, it is time for the photoshoot.” Arthur called out to him and Ace hang up the call and joined them.

“Sorry..I have to attend to those calls.” Ace apologized.

“The lady I have always told you about is here.” Arthur said.

“Oh the lady that works for you..is it the one you are in love with?” Ace Clark whispered.

“Yes..the lady I love, she is the main photographer in charge of your wedding shoot.” Arthur explained.

He had always told Ace about Ivy and how much he was in love with her.

“Ivy?” Arthur called out to her to come over to them.

She went to him while Ace phone beeped again. He glanced down to check the caller, it was his secretary. Ivy tried to rest her camera lights.

“So Ivy meet my cousin, the great Ace Clark.” He introduced.

Ace looked up from his phone. “Nice to -“ Ace voice trailed off when his eyes met Ivy’s.

Ace’s smile dropped and his jaw went slack slightly too. It finally registered to him that the pretty woman standing in front of him was the grown up version of a girl he had once made love to about ten years ago.

It was too late to do anything but stare and all he did was stare. His mind cataloging the differences between this woman and the girl he clearly remembered. Her blond hair was cut a little short into a sassy style that suited her but definitely not the girl he once met or had something with one night.

Her face was thinner, cheek more prominent, her lips were the same a raspberry color and tempting as ever. Even though all had happen in just one night, he still remembered everything. She was wearing a yellow crop top that showed off her curve and he could not help but take in more of her features.

Ace started to say something, stopped, tried again and stopped again.

Ivy smiled and stretched out her hands towards Ace. “It is nice to meet you, Mr Ace.”

Ace assumed that he was hallucinating but no! he wasn't. The girl he met about ten years ago was Bethany and not Ivy. How come? Ace was sure she was the same person either Bethany or Ivy.

“Nice to meet you ..” he took Ivy’s hand in his but she withdrew quickly.

She managed to smile. “Yeah..so let us get to work now.” Ivy said.

“Okay.” Camila stood up from the couch she was sitting on.

“Come this way please.” Ivy led Camilla to where the picture will be taken.

Ace Clark kept staring at Ivy which got Arthur’s attention.

“Ace, don’t stare to much..remember I am planning to make her my woman.” Arthur reminded him with a stern look.

Ace sighed. “I know... but she looks familiar.” He said.

Arthur’s eyebrows snapped together. “Have you guys met before because I also noticed the shock when your eyes fell on her.” He folded his arms across his chest as they both watched Ivy trying to suggest poses to Camilla.

“Are .are.. you sure.. her name is Ivy?” Ace asked.

Arthur’s face screwed up in confusion. “Yes her name is Ivy Rivera. So please enough now cousin, go and take some pictures with your bride.” He pushed Ace gently to where Camilla stood talking to Ivy.

Ivy managed to comport herself throughout the shoot not wanting to accept what her heart was telling her. That this man about to get married was the same man she gave herself to ten years ago and also the man who fathered her son.

Ivy did her best at not trying to think of what had happened ten year ago. Not now.. not anytime soon. She kept telling herself throughout the shoot.

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