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I couldn't be the least happy woman in the world, I now had the job of my dreams; I was a preschool teacher with a super salary, in short, I was living the life of my dreams.

Finally, after my mother watered me (more like kicked me out) of the house, so she could spend the rest of her life with my father alone, as she herself said, "it's time for it to be just us now, you're too old to still be here, you should be married!”

Now, thank the Gods I was on my way to meet a new flat to see if I could start making my move, but because of work I had to pick the last real estate lady's schedule.

“Oh, gods, I hope I'm on time!” I mutter to myself, as I walk at a hurried pace, as fast as my heels will allow.

I'm about to arrive, but time was upon me, so I decide to take a shortcut, but obviously I see that it was the worst decision I could have made the moment I feel some people following me.

“Why did it have to occur to me to sneak in here?”

The worst part of it all was that I had my life savings to pay for that flat and I couldn't afford to let them rob me, so I decide to start running.

Not knowing where to get into or simply where to hide, I visualize in the distance a forest where I decide to take advantage and hide, while those men followed me.

But because of those heels, I fall and hit my head and fall unconscious.

When I wake up, I feel a huge pain in my head, I try to get up from the ground and find that I am chained by one leg.

“Where the fuck am I?

It can't be, those men kidnapped me?!

At that moment I look around and find that I'm not the only girl here.

“Who are you? “I ask in a whisper.

“My name is Aurora, but I don't know how I got here.

“Neither do I," I admit, "I was running away from some thieves.....

“I was sleeping in my bed. I was sleeping in my bed," says another girl, a blonde”haired girl in the back, although I couldn't make her out very well in the dim light.

“Can we escape?”

“I doubt it," Aurora said again.

“Why do you say that?” I questioned angrily, the last thing I needed was someone telling me that I wasn't going to get out of here, I was living the life of my dreams! I couldn't end up being a prostitute in another country.

“Because we are no longer on earth.”

“On earth? You mean the United States?”

“We were kidnapped by aliens, I was the first one they kidnapped, then Fabia, Miriam, Tatiana, Pamela, Jossie, Claudia and you.”

“How do you know they are aliens?” I asked, on the verge of having a panic attack.

“I don't know if you have seen these days men with black skin, with scales all over their bodies that glow in the light, horns and three fingers?”

I remained silent, not knowing what to say, I had been kidnapped and the worst of all was that I was no longer on earth.

“Do you know where we are going?”

“We don't know," says another girl, "Neptune, Venus, Mars, Mercury? To some unknown planet where we don't know of their existence, just as we didn't know those men who kidnapped us.

“It is impossible for them to come and rescue us…” I admit, even though I feel my eyes fill with tears as I do so.

“Although I would like to be optimistic, that's true.” Another girl murmurs.

Some tears fall down my cheeks, and even though I'm a pretty optimistic girl, there was no way to get back to earth but with a rocket... and knowing how to drive it.

In a certain way I disconnect from my surroundings, until a girl, just as Aurora had described her to me, speaks to me.

“Hello human, I have to ask you some questions,” she speaks to me in a strange English, which seems to speak with an accent that I had never heard in my life.

That girl, besides having all the characteristics, was much taller than me, well, of all of us, with a muscular body, a kind of garment covering her big breasts and a loincloth.

“Pay close attention, these questions depend on who buys you, if he is from a good family or not, if we give you in marriage to a good man or not.”

“Why are they doing this to us?” I say when I am overwhelmed by my feelings.

“I'm sorry, women are scarce on our planet, and there are so many men who would give anything to have a wife and a delicious pussy to have."

“Is that why we were kidnapped?”

She is momentarily silent.

“It's not in me, now answer: What were you doing on earth?"

“I was… a children's teacher.”

“Look! You've got a good life ahead of you.”

“Have you had any cock?”

Have you had any cock? What?

Am I a virgin? Why do you ask that question? I spit, crossing my arms.

“Yes or no?”

“I'm not a virgin.”


And from there he continues with the other girls, at that moment I realize that Aurora had a son and that she was a housewife, Pamela was a businesswoman... later I hadn't listened to their answers because I was about to go crazy.

In a moment, the ship moves with great force, and we seem to land, it is there where some men appear and forcefully take us out of the cabin in spite of our complaints and our pleas.

They put us on a kind of platform where, apparently, they are going to offer us to the highest bidder.

“Asjdhfdfkdfjdf “ I can't understand what they are saying, apparently they are speaking in another language.

At that moment one by one, until it's my turn.

“Dkajnduskns djfshdfdfhs jfhsyifshu aiodjsuidjso” My head stays fixed on the ground, while an alien holds me, so I don't move, at that moment I visualize how a man several times offers for me until apparently, I'm his.

I am nothing more than an object to them.

I didn't know if I would ever see the girls again, and worse, it would be time for my life.

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