A Werewolf's Fairytale/C12 Chapter 11- Part 2
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A Werewolf's Fairytale/C12 Chapter 11- Part 2
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C12 Chapter 11- Part 2

Logan's POV


"Evangeline." I repeated, liking it's sound from my tongue. "It's beautiful."

"Really?" She asked in discomfort.

My face broke into a huge grin as I nodded. "Yes, it's absolutely beautiful, just like you." That earned me another display of red and pink on her face.

"From now on, if anyone asked you, you're name will be Evangeline Logan Thompson." I said sheepishly.

She looked at me confused so I explained. "Well, Evangeline as you're first name, Logan as you're surname and Thompson as you're family name, since now you are a part of our family." I said still grinning like an idiot.


We were still seated on the bed but instead of Evangeline being on my lap, she was now cuddled against my side. It made me feel so happy that my mate trusted me, even if not fully but at least I'm not completely out of the picture. I can't wait till I mark her and make her mine.

I heard her stomach grumble. I turned my head and saw that her face was bright red. I chuckled causing it to turn even redder.

'It's been a while since she last ate, of course she'd be hungry.' My wolf, Rex stated as a matter of factly.

I rolled my eyes and replied, 'I know already, no need to be the know it all.' This made him scoff but didn't say a word after.

"What would you like to eat? I'll ask my mom to get it." I told Evangeline as I turned to look at her once more.

"I-I-is that o-okay?" She asked, her question creating a frown on my face.

"Of course it's okay. Here, you can do and eat whatever you want. No one would dare harm you or inquire you about your actions. You're their Luna and they are deemed to respect and protect you." I said, breathing heavily from my rambling.

She looked taken back, her eyes wide and her lips slightly parted.

I composed myself and asked again, "So, what would you like to eat?"

She seemed deep in thought for a couple of minutes before answering.

"Mmm....I've always wanted to try some ice cream." She said softly. That made me laugh again.

"Eva, baby, you can't have ice cream for breakfast." I said, but then her words downed into me.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that you've never had ice cream before?" I asked, shock and disbelief write all over my face. She shook her head making my shock grow.

"No-no way." I stuttered. She shook her head again.

"They said that I didn't deserve tasting it. They said I didn't deserve tasting a lot of things but ice cream was the most." She replied sadly.

I can't believe this. How can they be so heartless. It's ice cream for God's sake.

"Eva, from now on I will make it my mission to let try all ice cream flavours." I told her with determination in my eyes.

"But right now we need to get real food into your system." I continued. She nodded and I smiled widely at her.

'Mom, Evangeline is hungry. Can you ask someone to bring some food up.' I told my mom through our mind link.

'Oh my god! Is that her name? Evangeline? It's beautiful, I love it.' She squealed inside my head. Why didn't I just use the phone. Oh god.

'Mom, the food.'

'Oh yes, I'll bring it myself, but......uhmm.......can I meet her? I don't wanna go up there and only see your face. I have it memorised in my head already. I wanna see Eva.' My mom pleaded. I really don't know if Evangeline was up to meeting anyone right now.

'Give me a second mom.'

'Okay.' And with that I put the wall up in my brain.

I turned my head towards my mate. "Eva, my mom said that she'll bring some food up, but.......the thing is......she-she wants to meet you." I told her.

Fear flashed in her eyes and she seemed uncertain whether to answer or not. I noticed her panicking so I quickly tried to redeem what I just said.

"No, it's fine, it's fine. If you don't want to meet her then that's okay, we can stay until you're ready. It's your call whether you wanna meet anyone or not." I told her. Her eyes seemed to relax a bit but her body was still tense.

"C-can we wa-wait?" She asked. I nodded and gave her and assuring smile.

I put my mind wall down. 'I'm sorry mom, she's a bit weak. I don't want her to meet anyone right now.' I told my mom.

'Please Logan. Just for a couple of minutes.' My mom pleaded.

'No mom. I don't want her meeting anyone. When I find that the right time has come I will introduce her to all of you.' I spoke sternly this time. My mom sighted.

'Okay, I'll be up with the food in a couple of minutes.' She said before putting her mind wall up.

I looked down at Evangeline and saw that she was already looking at me. She averted her eyes and blushed when she realised that I just caught her staring, and I had a huge grin on my face.

No longer after, I heard someone knocking on our door. Evangeline tensed and clutched my shirt from the side sending shocks to erupt through my body.

My arm that was draped over her shoulders tightened it's grip on her and my hand squeezed her shoulder. I wanted to show her that with me she's always protected, and true enough, I felt her body relax.

"I'll just go get the food okay?" I told her. She looked hesitant for a moment before she nodded and let go of my shirt. It suddenly felt cold.

I got out of bed and made my way to the door opening it. My mom was standing in front of it, holding the food tray. There were about four pieces of toast, butter, tomatoes cut in circles, smoked turkey, lettuce, mayonnaise, a thousand island sauce, orange juice and some fruits. Perfect to make a sandwich. I smiled at her to which she returned with one of her own.

"Thank you mom." I told her as I took the tray from her hand.

"Anytime. But I'm still mad at you for not letting me meet your mate." She stated.

I smiled again. "I'm time mom, in time." I said as I turned towards my room. I heard my mom shutting the door behind me, seeing as my hands were full and closing it with my foot in my mom's face will be disrespectful.

The reason I didn't tell my mom that it was Evangeline's choice to not meet anyone at the moment was because I didn't want anyone to feel that she's very weak, or that she's afraid of them. I'm sure Evangeline wouldn't want to be pitied and I don't want anyone to look down on her.

By the time my thoughts were out, I was already at the bed. I climbed on top of it, careful not to drop anything. I placed the tray on the bed beside Evangeline waiting for her to start eating, and when she didn't move, just stayed there looking at it, my frown made an appearance.

"Why aren't you eating?" I asked her. "Don't you like the food? Shall I ask my mom to get you something else?"

She looked up at me, her nose scrunched. "No, it's....ah....I don't think I can eat all that." She said shyly.

I chuckled which caused a pink tint to appear on her cheeks and neck. "It's fine. Eat as much as you can and leave the rest." I said smiling.

She reached her hand slowly and grabbed a toast. She brought it to her mouth and took a bit.

I looked at her confused. "Why are you eating plain toast?" I asked.

She looked up at me, then at her toast and back at me again.

"Here, allow me." I said as I took another piece of toast, spread some mayonnaise on it. I added some lettuce, two slices of tomato, and two slices of the smoked turkey. On another piece of toast I spread some of the a thousand island sauce then put it on top of the turkey. 'Perfect sandwich'. I thought smugly.

All the while I was doing the sandwich I didn't miss Eva's gaze on me. It made me feel happy.

I placed the sandwich on a plate and gave it to her while taking the other piece of toast that she bit from. She looked at the sandwich hesitantly.

"Taste. It's awesome I grantee you that." I said with a wink which made her blush again. I love making her blush.

She looked at me wearily then at the sandwich before she slowly brought it to her mouth and took a bite.

Evangeline's POV

To say it was the best thing I've ever tasted would be and understatement. It was beyond amazing. The sandwich sent me into override and my taste buds exploded.

I was wary at first about everything but for some reason Logan makes me safe, really safe. I remember once when I was still a slave, I was so hungry looking as I didn't eat for three days straight. I sneaked into the kitchen at midnight to grab something small to eat. However, being that lucky would just be kill dreaming. The alpha caught me munching on an apple.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with sleepy eyes.

"I-I'm so sorry. I-I was j-just re-really hun-hungry. I was only going t-to eat th-this apple." I stuttered with shaking hands. He was now wide awake and had a murderous glint in his eyes. My blood ran cold.

"Oh! Why didn't you say that you were hungry? We could've got you food. You didn't have to sneak in at night." He said in a sweet tone, if you know what I mean.

"LINDA!!" He yelled. His voice was shock the earth beneath. Linda, an omega, came rushing while the other pack members didn't show up.

"Linda, I want you to prepare a proper meal for our little slave here. We can't have her starving now can we?" He said. Linda gave me a disgusted look.

"You can go sit in the living room until the food is prepared." He told me motioning his hands towards the door.

I nodded and made my way to the living room and sat on the couch.

Minutes later, Linda came in holding a tray with a bowl of soup, alpha Drake following suit. He had had a smirk on his face. I know they're up to no good.

Linda placed the tray on the table in front of me. I looked at it not sure if I should eat or not.

"EAT!" I heard the alpha yell and I had no choice but to obey. I picked the spoon up and started eating.

Not long after, my suspicions were confirmed. I felt my stomach flip upside down and I became nauseous. The room started spinning around me and black dots started blurring my vision, and the pain in my stomach was unbearable. They poisoned me. Those bastards poisoned me. The spoon fell on the floor with me following. I was on the ground clutching me stomach and withering in pain.

"What's wrong slave? Why aren't you eating?" I heard alpha Drake but I couldn't concentrate on anything he said. The pain was excruciating.

I ran towards my 'room' and into the 'bathroom'. I sat in front of the toilet and started vomiting all my stomach's contents. I shoved my hand in my throat and force myself to vomit all the poison before it causes further damage to my body.

I was sick for two weeks straight after that. But of course, I wasn't sparred from doing my chores. I had to get my body to finish my work or I'll get a beating, my body won't be able to make it. So, I've suffered these two weeks more than I ever did, trying to finish my chores while enduring the pain but I made it, and I'm proud I did.

I ate the sandwich and then looked up to see Logan looking at me with a grin plastered across his face, his eyes twinkling. I think my heart skipped a beat. I smiled at him in reply.

"Thank you." I told him shyly. I wasn't used to thanking anyone. Let alone talk or smile to anyone, but with him I did. I felt safe and happy. A feeling I never knew I would ever experience.

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