A Werewolf's Fairytale/C13 Chapter 12
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A Werewolf's Fairytale/C13 Chapter 12
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C13 Chapter 12

Evangeline's POV

I woke up to the rays of sunlight greeting my face. I placed my hands to slightly cover my eyes, and removed them slowly to be able to adjust them to the light.

I looked around me and saw that I was alone in the room. This was the first time that I was actually able to take the chance and observe the room I'm in.

It had three doors. One, I assumed was the bathroom, another I knew was the door to the outside since I saw people enter through it, and the third, was most probably a walk in closet. I wasn't really sure about it thought, but, alpha Jake had one in his room so I guess this room has one too.

All of them were painted off white and were divided into five uneven squares. Each square the same color of the door but outlined with black.

There was a window to my right with a seating area which had a decent amount of soft looking pillows, and a blanket folded and placed at one side. It seemed like a very comfy place, to sit and look out the window.

Right beside it on its left side was a small table, with a chair on each side. There was a small, creme tablecloth covering the table and a vase of flowers on top. The flowers, which I soon realised were a mixture of beautiful daisies and red roses caught my attention for a good ten minutes. It was amazing how they accepted the sun rays which made them glow magically.

I averted my eyes from the flowers to the king bed I was on. It wasn't wooden, it actually looked like it was made from a black mirror. I could see my reflection on the headboard. There were some white carvings on top of the headboard. They were swirls and circles, both big and small. Each small circle had a crystal kind of thing on it.

The pillows, bed sheet, and comforter all had the same design. Grey with black and white lines running through the middle for the pillows, and on the sides and middle for both the spreadsheet and comforter.

I placed my good hand on the confronted feeling its soft, cool texture making me sight in content and a small smile to appear on my face.

I never thought I would get to sleep in something so comfortable and cozy. I was already used to sleeping on hard floors and barely there mattress. This was heaven to me.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door to the outside suddenly opened. My eyes widened and my heartbeats quickened there pace. I don't wanna get hurt again.

Someone's behind appeared from the doorway and I could hear the rolling of small wheels. I tilted my head in confusion. The butt was joined with the lower part of the back, then legs and soon enough a person I know with the name of 'Logan' could be clearly seen bent down and pulling a small fridge.

There were about four plastic bags hanging on both his arms. My eyes followed him as he pulled the fridge till he reached my side of the bed and finally placing it next to me, with a good distance between us though. He then took the plastic bags and placed them on the floor in front of the fridge before he stood to his full length.

His eyes met mine and he grinned widely. I gave him a small smile of my own.

"Do you want to know what this is?" He asked, patting the top of the fridge, his smile never fading.

I tilted my head at him and quietly murmured. "umm....a-a fridge?" I asked, more than stated.

His grin widened even more, if that was possible.

"Correct!" He yelled and fist bumped the air.

I mustered up some courage before asking. "Uhmm....wh-why is it h-here?"

"Well...you said that you wanted to eat ice cream and that you never tried it before. So, I got you this mini-fridge" He pointed to the fridge. "And these ice cream boxes" He pointed to the plastic bags. "For you. I got you almost all flavors I could find so you can get to taste whichever you want. But hey, try not to eat too much, I'd hate it if you fell sick." He pointed towards me with a serious face before it broke into another grin.

I really don't know what I'm feeling right now. Noone has ever treated me like that. Not even my own parents. A mini-fridge containing all the ice cream flavors I could think of, only for me, I was beyond happy.

"No, no, no don't cry. Why are you crying? Don't you like it. I can get them all back if you want. Please don't cry." I heard Logan say while using his thumps to remove the tears from my face. I didn't even realise he was coming closer or that he was now actually sitting beside me.

Instead of the fear I feel every time someone comes near me, I actually felt a bit safe. Not only safe, I was happy and felt like I owned the world.

I slighlt shook my head and started drying my eyes with my sleeve.

"Th-that's not it. I-I'm happy. Noone ever treated me the way you do. I-I thought I would never.." I couldn't complete the sentence as my sobs grew, blocking the words from coming out.

Before I knew it, I was wrapped around Logan's warm embrace. He started rubbing my back and softly brushing his fingers along the length of my hair.

"It's okay. It's okay babygirl. You don't have to suffer or be scared anymore. I'll always protect you and make you happy. Other than it being because I'm your mate but also because I owe that to you. I owe you my life Eva." He said in my ear.

I slightly pulled away but my hand were still clutching his shirt from the front. I gave him a on fused look at what he said last about his life.

"You don't remember Eva?" He asked a bit disappointed.

"Remember what?" I asked confusion still evident in my voice

"Ten years ago. You saved my life Ev. You rescued me from the rouges that kidnapped me. Don't you remember?" He asked again.

Now I was even more confused. I met him before? And saved his life nonetheless? How come I can't remember any of it. Well, it's no surprise seeing as I even forgot my name.

"I'm sorry. I can't remember." I murmured softly, averting my gaze from him.

He held my chin with his thump and index fingers and slowly raised my face so our eyes would meet. He gave me a smile that made my insides melt.

"It's okay. You don't have to remember right now. Eventually, you'll get these memories back and I'm not in a hurry for them." He said softly. His words somewhat making me feel guilty. I want to remember now more than ever.

"Okay, so, uhmm....would you like to have a bath?" He asked more cheerfully now as his hands felt my face.

I smiled and nodded my head. I really did need a bath. Probably smelled like dead rats. I grimaced at the thought.

Logan stood up and started making his way to the door. However, he suddenly stopped with his back to me. He th turned around. "We really should place these ice cream boxes in the fridge before the melt." He said, his eyebrows creased. He then turned around again and opened the door that led to the bathroom before disappearing inside. I heard the sound of water running then Logan came out of the bathroom and started making his way towards the door leading to outside.

"I'll go see if one of the girls had spare....uhmm...things for you to wear and....uhmm.....yeah." He said, his cheeks, neck and ears turning a little red. He quickly turned around and left the room

Things? Why was he so embarrassed about it? He just wanted to get me clothes so why---oh! I realised. He meant....oh god, this is so embarrassing. How was he going to ask a girl for some spare underwear that I could wear? I giggled a little. His face must be tomato red.

Logan's POV

I closed the door behind me, my face probably brick red by now. Just the image of Evangeline in a bra and and underwear aroused both me and my wolf. She would look so sexy in some lacy- No! I can't think like that right now. She's still weak and in the middle of becoming a full Gumiho. I can't overload her body like that.

A groan escaped my mouth as I descended the stairs. I'll probably go ask mom to help me.


I turned around to face Alexis who was making her way towards me.

"Hey Alex." I greeted when she came closer.

"Hey." She replied with a smile.

"Logan, uhmm....did your mate bath yet?" She asked.

I burrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Why would she want to know that.

"Uhmm....yeah, she will now. I ran the water to fill the tub for her. I'm getting her some...uhmm...things to wear." I replied.

"Things? You mean clothes? Why can she just wear some of your clothes?" She asked.

"Uhmm...not clothes per se. They...uhmm..." I didnt know how to just blurt out the word. Alexis is a girl after all.

Her face turned from that of confusion to realisation. Her lips lifted up forming a smile before she broke into fits of laughter.

"Hahaha...oh my god, couldn't you just have said underwear. Hahahaha Logan you are so hilarious. God its cute!" She said as she continued laughing. I gave her a flat look.

"Okay, okay, I will stop." She said as she took deep breaths to calm herself. "I'll go ask Chloe for you. She goes shopping alot so she must have some new, unused ones."

"Okay, thanks." I said and tried to leave.

"Wait!" I heard her yell behind me. I stopped and turned to face her again.

"Let your mate-" She said before I cut her short.


Her eyes widened. "Oh my god, that's her name? It's beautiful." She chirped.

I grin. "Yup it is."

"Anyways, before I forget again. Put this in her bath water." She said as she handed me a container with a white filled liquid.

"What is this?" I asked confused, looking all around the container.

"It's just a shower gel, you won't make her use yours are you?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

My shower gel? She would smell like me. The thought made me grin widely. I like it. I handed Alexis her gel back and shook my head.

"Yup, she will definitely use mine." I said still grinning.

Alexis rolled her eyes and the container was once again in my hands. "Just put it in the water Logan, don't be stubborn."

I frowned at her. "I'm not stubborn. There's nothing wrong with me wanting my mate to use my shower gel." I said defensively.

Alexis sighted. "Okay, let her use yours but still, put this in her water."

Now, I smell something fishy. I narrowed my eyes at her. "Why do you want me to put it in her water so badly? It's nothing dangerous right?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"What?! No! It's not harmful in any way to her." She said waving her hands infront of her. I chuckled at her reaction.

"I'm just joking Alex. I'll go upstairs now." I said and turned again to go up. I think I heard Alexis release a breath from behind me but I didn't think any of it.

When I entered my room I was stopped dead in my tracks. The bed was empty. I felt my heart drop to my toes. She didn't run away from me again right? She didn't. Her smell was still strong in the room.

"E-Eva. Eva are you there?" I asked softly, afraid of the answer.

To my surprise I saw her head poking from the side of the bed. I quickly made my way to her.

"What are you doing on the floor?" I asked as I came closer to the edge of the bed. As soon as I was in front of her I gaped at her in surprise and confusion.

She was sitting in front of the fridge which was wide open. Some ice cream boxes were placed neatly in the fridge and some were still in their bags while one of them was in her hand.

"I-I just thought that I should put them in so they won't melt." She said innocently, a blush covering half her face. I smiled and bent down next her. I took the box from her hand and placed it in the fridge. I then grabbed both her hands and stood up taking her with me. Our gazes never separating.

"It's okay. You go take a shower now and I'll do the rest." I said as I brought her hands to my mouth and kissed her knuckles. To my content, she blushed even more making her look even cuter.

I started making my way to the bathroom, slowly dragging her behind me. I closed the toilet cover and made her sit on it while I pour the shower gel Alexis gave me into the water. I used my hand to mix them so bubbles would fill the tub.

I stood up and looked at Eva. "I'll leave you to it now. Call me if you need anything okay?" I said. She blushed again, lowering her head before nodding. I turned around and left the bathroom closing the door behind me.

I flopped on my bed, Eva's scent filling it. I took a deep breath, taking in as much of it as I could. I sighted in content. Finally! I finally found her, and I'm no longer alone. I'll be the best mate to her and protect her no matter what. The thought of her past still boiled my blood and I don't want to do anything more than to go wipe out that pack of hers then go hunt down her parents and get them on their knees in front of her.

I was snapped out of my thoughts with an ear piercing scream coming from the bathroom and before I knew it I was already opening the bathroom door.

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