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C4 Chapter 4

I suddenly jolted out of my sleep at the sound of my bedroom door being slammed open and an angry alpha standing on my door way.

I was still in a daze, trying to make sense of my surrounding as I was still half asleep when I large hand made contact with my face making my head turn harshly the other way. That sure woke me up and I'm sure my cheek would turn blue any time now, I was even able to taste blood from my split lip.

"You bitch! Why are you still in bed?!" I couldn't help but roll my eyes internally at the word 'bed'. You call that a bed? I was sleeping on the floor with a torn out jacket as my pillow and a single torn blanket.

"What? You waiting for us to bring your majesty your breakfast in bed? Don't you know that today is a very important day?!" Alpha Drake spat angirly at my face. I looked out my small window and the sun was already up. I usual woke up at the very early hours of the morning when only a single ray of sunlight was visible. I didn't realise I slept for so late. But you can't blame after all, I was in so much pain from yesterday's beating. I had broken ribs, my hand was broken and my right leg went numb with every move I make.

I felt a rough hand grab my shirt and pulled me up then pushing me to the door. "Hurry the fuck up! I want everything ready and perfect for when the Red crescent pack arrives. I want the whole house to be cleaned thoroughly and enough food prepared. And don't forget to wash your filthy hands before you start cooking, we don't wanna get poisoned."

Silently, I made my way downstairs trying to bear with the pain and finish my job but as time passed, my body became more and more tired and the pain became more excruciating.

I had zero energy by the time I finished, I became dizzy and the pain just kept worsening from my movements. I knew my body was going to give out sooner or later. Sooner or later, all this will be over.

It was time for the party and my whole pack were outside in the large backyard where the part will be held, waiting for the other pack. Ofcourse, I wasn't allowed to step outside or show anyone my face.

I had finished the rest of the dishes when I vision went blurry and my legs couldn't hold me any longer causing me to fall on the ground. No, I wanted to wait till the clock struck 12:00 indicating the beginning of the new year and my birthday. Yes, I was born on the first of January. I thought it was cool to became a year old at the same time where a new year began so I held onto it tightly and never forgot it even though I forgot my name as times passed by.

I slightly shook my head and decided to go wash my face. It was 11:30, I have to endure just another 30 minutes. I would turn 20 then I would finally leave.

I splashed my face with cold water and looked at myself in the small mirror I hid under one of the broken tiles of my so-called bathroom. I looked hideous. My black hair was dead, reaching to my lower back, right above my behind. I never got a chance to cut or trim it. My sky blue eyes were dull and lifeless. They looked drained of color and my skin was paler than a vampire making all my bruises and scars more than clearly visible. I hated how I look but there was noone to blame than the people who were the cause of this. I don't really remember anything of my childhood except ofcourse, that dreadful day when my parents decided to sell me as a slave, but I'm sure I wasn't born looking this sickly.

My vision blurred again and the room was turning like a hurricane and without notice it was dark.

Logan's POV

Vanilla and lavenders. The scent I would never forget. The scent that I spent the past 10 years searching for. The scent that kept me going this whole time.

'Mate. Go get mate.' I heard my wolf howl and was so close to coming out and ofcourse he didn't have to tell me twice. I immediately darted towards the back yard and started sniffing for her scent. I could feel my parents, Jack, Taylor, and the twins run after me while the girls stayed put in the cars.

"Logan what's wrong?" I heard my father ask as he scanned the surrounding for any danger.

"Mate." I growled loudly. I was getting anxious each second. She was here, and I don't plan on losing her again after I have finally found her.

"Mate? Oh my boy, finally, congratulations." I heard my mom's happy voice but I couldn't care about congratulations now, it was still early.

My eyes were scanning everyone in the back yard but no results, she wasn't there. My wolf and I grew more impatient. I sniffed for her scent again and starting walking. I was heading towards the pack house when alpha Drake stood in my way.

"Alpha Logan!" He said rather cheerfully but I could sense the hint of fear and he looked nervous.

"I'm really happy you made it. Let's go to our seats shall we?" He said giving me a half smile. Something was up.

"Mate." I growled again with my wolf and I'm sure my eyes were black now.

"What?" Drake asked. "Your mate is here? That's wonderful. All the girls are here outside, let's go find her together."

"No, my mate isn't outside. Her scent is coming from there." I told him pointing towards his pack house.

He gave out a nervous laugh and scratched the back of his head. "Uhmm......I think you're mistaken. All the girls are out here. Why don't we go look more closely." He said and signaling with his hand for me to lead the way.

"NO, MY MATE IS INSIDE THAT HOUSE AND I WILL GET HER NO MATTER WHAT. NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY!!" I snapped and that made everyone look in our direction. I felt him tense and started to shake.

"THIS IS MY PACK HOUSE AND I WONT ALLOW ANYONE IN EVEN IF IT WAS YOU!" He spat back angirly obviously annoyed that he's being ordered since he's alpha and everything.

Drake's POV

Shit. Shit. This is not happening. If alpha Logan went inside the house he will definitely find 'that' and I will be in heaps of trouble. Since she was a human and I took her as a slave to work for us, people won't be very appreciating of this story. Well, it's not fault her parents sold her to me. I have to think of a way.

I took a deep breath and started again.

"Look, I don't want any war between us so don't I go inside and get out whatever girl is inside and you find your mate?"

That made him calm down a bit but his eyes were still black.

"Hurry up." Was all he said.

I quickly entered the house and locked the door behind me. I searched in the kitchen and living room but there was noone. I then made my way to hallway which had severe rooms of some our pack. I opened the first four rooms and there was noone. I heard some movement in the fifth and knocked. It was my sister Amanda's room. Within seconds the door opened revealing my sister Amanda in a beautiful baby blue dress and matching heels. She had her hair up but left a few strands down to frame her face. I couldn't help the smile that made it way to my face. If Amanda was alpha Logan's mate then that would be awesome. Our pack will be very strong and noone will dare challenge us.

Amanda gave me confused look. "Okay, spill, what do you want?!"

My smile grew and I hugged tightly.

"Drake...can't.......breath" I chuckled.

"Okay, sorry, sorry."

"So, what's this all abou" she asked.

I toke her hand in mine. "Come on, your mate is waiting for you down stairs."

She gasped and stopped walking. "My mate?!" She asked shock evident on her face. I nodded happily.

"Who? And how do you know he's my mate?!"

I smiled again." Well, alpha Logan said that he caught onto his mate's scent and that it was coming from the house and as far as I know, you are the only one here darling." I threw here a wink at that last part.

She gasped again. "Alpha Logan? As in the Logan Sam Thompson? Alpha of the Red crescent pack?" I nodded again.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she bolted down the stairs. I chuckled again at her actions as I followed her outside the pack house.

Logan's POV

Alpha Drake went inside the house and locked the door, mush to my discomfort but I had to keep it in. I was finally going to meet my mate. I can't believe it. After what felt like years, I heard the door unlock and a girl with a baby blue gown run with alpha Drake following behind her and jumped into my arms hugging me tightly. My mate? But where are the electric shocks everyone spoke about? Why don't I feel connected to her.

She kissed my cheek and I couldn't help but feel disgusted. She was so not my mate. Plus she smelt different.

I quickly dropped her to her feet.

"You are not my mate." I said sternly and I could hear gasps erupting from the crowd.

"Who are you?" I spat angirly.

She looked shocked but quickly shook it away and stood up.

"I'm Amanda, alpha Drake's sister and your mate." She smiled showing her teeth. I didn't like her smile.

"No, you are not my mate." I repeated.

"So what if I'm not? I'm sure I'm way better than whoever is out there." She wiggled her eyebrows and emphasised on the word whoever.

How dare she.

"WHERE IS MY MATE?!" I yelled. I couldn't take it anymore and my wolf was going to take over. I felt the wind pass by and my mate's scent hit my nostrils harder making my eyes turn black again.

I pushed this Amanda girl to the side and headed to the pack house. Alpha Drake tried to stop me again but of no use. I was gonna find her. I have to find her.

I walked through the door with my parents, Jake, Taylor, and the twins hot on my heels. They didn't utter a word. They knew better that to talk to me right now. I sensed alpha Drake and Amanda follow us.

I followed the beautiful scent and it slowly pulled me up the stairs. We kept going passing the second and third floors but when I was going to complete I was blocked by a door. There was a door locking the rest of the staircase. This increased my confusion. I tucked on the door handle and it slowly opened. This made my mate's scent grow.

But before I could proceed I was stopped yet again by alpha Drake.

"Get out of my way."

"Why are you going up? There is noone up there?" He asked. I could feel his heartbeat grow and he was sweating like a pig. Even Amanda had a worried look on her face. What is going on?!

"What do you ken noone is up there. My mate is up there." I stated angirly.

"No she's not. She can't be." He said in a disbelief.

I growled loudly at him, pushed him to the side and continued my way up the stairs. There was yet another room and looked like we reached an attic of some sort. My mate's scent grew stronger and I knew she was right behind that door.

I quickly opened the door and was stopped dead in my tracks. It took me moments to let the scene sink into my mind and I heard my mom gasp.

There she was, my mate, lying on the floor, wearing nothing but rags. One of her cheeks was blue and her lip was bleeding and I saw that one of her hands was bent at a weird angle and I knew it was broken.

Without second thought I ran towards her and pulled her between my arms. She was bony and her skin was cold, her heart beat was very slow and she was barely breathing.

I couldn't help the tears that escaped my eyes at the image of my mate. Please stay with, please. I can't lose you again. I just can't.

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