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C5 Chapter 5

Logan's POV


It was a sunny day and I decided to go for a run with my wolf since he wouldn't shut up about it.

I was only 10 years old so my wolf wasn't that big. He was pure black but had a small semi lunar patch on his right paw.

I kept on running in the woods that surrounded the pack house, moving between trees and jumping from rock to rock. It was a good excercise and I loved the sun rays that hit my body at different angles. I felt happy but only until something made me stop.

It was a scent, a weird one. I couldn't recognise it but the scent was that of a decaying body. It was disgusting.

I decided to go check but before I could take another step forward I felt something prick my left leg. I looked and saw a small needle like thing with a red rubber band and it's end. My leg started to go numb and I eventually became light headed. I panicked and tried running but my body couldn't hold me and I fell face flat on the ground.

I heard someone snort at my failed attempt to run away.

I started seeing black dots and I was dizzy. I tried calling for help through my mind link but it was like my mind was blocked. I couldn't concentrate and in no time I was dragged into darkness.


I woke up with a terrible headache and even though my eyelids were heavier than iron I still managed to open them. Checking my surroundings, I found that I was on a chair in the middle to a dark room and my hands were tied behind me with the back of the chair in between my hands and my own back. I was back in my human form and thankfully me kidnappers had the decency to dress me in some shorts.

I squirmed and tried to free myself but wasn't able to. I even tried to connect with Rex, my wolf but he wouldn't respond. I immediately knew that I was injected with wolfsbane.

I tried listening to any sound or catch on any scent and that's when it hit me. The most amazing scent I've ever smelled made my nostrils flare. No longer after, the door was opened allowing some light rays to escape into the room and the delicious scent to tag along in strong waves.

A girl about my age or maybe younger, came in and gasped when her eyes fell on me. She had beautiful black hair that reached her shoulders and a pair of mesmerising ocean blue eyes I've never seen like before. She was absolutely beautiful and her scent engulfed me fully. From listening to my parents and pack members about it I knew right then and there that she was my mate. And I indeed was already in love with her.

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