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C7 Chapter 7

Logan's POV

1 week. 1 whole damn week since I found my mate, and she still didn't wake up. Not even once.

Dr.Mitchelle told me that it would take time for the medicine and my blood to kick in her body and bring her back, but I can't wait any longer.

I've been staying next her this whole time and only left for the bathroom or to take a shower. I even declined eating downstairs with the rest of my pack and just asked for my food to be brought here. I can't bear the thought of leaving her for even a second.

How I wish she would wake up and look at me with her beautiful eyes. I want to hold her and feel her body against mine, protect her from anyone or anything that would try and hurt her, and make her happy every second we're together.

I sighted, and started patting her hair and gently, twirling it around my fingers.

I was pulled out of my thoughts with a light tap on my door. I stood up and went to open my door to find my mon standing there with a small smile on her face.

"How is she?" She asked, obviously concerned.

I turned and looked at my mate, sleeping in my bed the turned to my mom as I smiled back at her. "She's improving, but she still wouldn't wake up." I tried not to sound broken in front of my mom but with no use. My eyes told her everything.

She gave me a sympathetic smile and patted my shoulder lightly.

"Don't worry, you're mate is strong, she'll wake up when she's ready."

I looked her in the eye, took a deep breath and nodded.

"Are you still not going to have dinner with us?"

I shook my head. "No mom. What if she woke up any second and I'm not there. I can't just leave her."

"But sweety, you have to leave your room at least once in a while. You're soon going to be the alpha, you have things to take care of. Plus, your father wants to talk to you. He says it's important."

"About the alpha business, I can do some work here and my dad......can't it wait?" I asked desperately, but to my disappointment she shook her head.

"You know how he is. You can't just 'postpone' talking to him."

She was right. My dad might seem like the cool, relaxing type, but when it comes to business and pack related issues, there is no fooling around.

"Okay. But mom, can you stay with her. And if she woke up you immediately mind link me or something."

She nodded. "Okay."

I kissed her head and left the room after taking another glance at my angel.

I made my way to my father's office, which will soon be mine, and knocked.

"Come in." I heard his answer from behind the door. I opened the door and entered.

"Good afternoon father." I said as I made my way to the couch in front of him.

He raised his head and looked at me, a smile spreading across his face, which I could help but reply to him with one.

He stood up and made his way to the couch placing himself next to me.


I think something is up.

"So, Logan, how's you're mate?" He asked.

"She's improving." I said, not helping the smile that made its way to my face at the thought of her. Even my wolf, Rex was howling in joy, but we were both cut short from our happy moment when my father started again.

"Uhmm....I've been wanting to talk to you about her ever since she came."

"What about her?" I asked a bit worried. What was wrong with my mate that my father wanted to talk about her with me.

"Nothing really, it's just that........she's.........she's different."

"Different. What do you mean she's different dad?" And that when I realised what he was talking about. My mate is human. She's not a werewolf. I scoffed and continued, "Oh, you mean cuz she's not a werewolf?"

He nodded. "I'm worried about our pack. How will she lead them beside you. She's weak Logan, and you need someone stronger."

Oh no he didn't!! Now, I'm mad!

"No dad! I don't care if she's human or not. Hell, if she was the devil himself I wouldn't mind! She's my mate and I love her dad. I will accept no other. And how can you say that she's weak? She freakin saved my life when you couldn't." I snapped at him, and before he could reply I stood up and made my way to the door to leave.

"I think I'll be challenging you for the alpha position soon. That's the only way I'll be able to protect my mate from whoever want to hurt her, including you." I said dangerously just as I opened the door and left.

I went downstairs to the kitchen to garb something to drink and cool myself down. How dare he think I would mate with someone else? I was beyond angry.

"Yo, Loggy." I snapped my head towards the all two familiar voices. Blake and Blain, my cousins.

"I told you not to call me that." I grumbled as I finished my cola.

They looked at each other and shrugged. I sighted.

"How's our luna?" Blake or was it Blain answered as he grabbed two cans from the fridge, handing one over to the other twin who was sitting on the stool opposite me. I really can't differentiate between them. They are very identical, even their father can't know them from each other. Only their mother did and I never knew how. And since they are always together their scents are mixed and noone can know them apart. Hopefully their mates would.

"Improving." I shrugged.

"When can we see her?" The one on the right said.

"I don't know. She's still not waking up and I think she'll need time to get used to us and trust us." I replied sadly at the thought of her being afraid of me, or anyone of that matter.

"She's the one that saved you, right?" I heard the other one ask. I nodded, all traces of sadness gone and were placed with pride.

"Cool." I heard them both say in union, something they always did. I think it has to do with them being twins and all.

Just then we heard heavy footsteps coming from upstairs and my mom running towards me panicking and scared.

"She's--she's gone Logan. Your mate, she's gone."

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