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C9 Chapter 9

Logan's POV

I was so angry! After 1 whole week my mate finally woke up only to lose conscious again! The people in my pack knew that she obviously had a past and that we were supposed to take it slow with her. Still, my mom, the twins, Jake and Alexis rushed towards us making her panicking and yet again lose conscious.

"I told you guys to be careful and not overwhelm her." I said as I threw my hands in the air frustrated.

"We're sorry sweetie, we were just worried." My mom said.

All 5 of them were seated in the living room with me pacing back and force. They were all shifting uncomfortably in their seats from my ranting.

"I know mom, but now.....now she'll just be more scared and not cower back from us, from me, her mate." I all but yelled. I heard her sight.

"It's okay Logan, just take it easy with her next time she wakes up and it'll be fine." Alexis said.

"Yeah cos, it'll be fine." I heard the twins say in union.

Now it was my turn to sight. "I'm just gonna go stay with her."

I was about to make my way to my room when a soul shattering scream filled the place. My wolf and I were immediately on high alert and all I thought about was my mate.

I ran upstairs and into my room with my mom and the rest in tow.

My mate was lying in bed, squirming in pain. Her body was being twisted in a weird way and it seemed like her back burned and couldn't touch the bed.

Panicked filled my body and I rushed to her side. "Jake, call Dr.Mitchelle, tell him to leave whatever he's doing and to come here now!" Jake nodded and proceeded to call our pack doctor.

Another scream filled the room and tears started flowing from my mate's eyes. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to take all her pain away but I didn't know how. I felt helpless and her screams and grunts were literally breaking my heart.

I held her hand and started murmuring soothing words in her ear.

"Do you think maybe she's shifting?" I heard my mother ask, but I never bothered answering.

My mate scream again. Where the hell is Dr.Mitchelle?

As if on cue, I saw him run towards us and immediately went to my mate's side.

"Her temperature is high." He said as he placed his hand on her forehead. I couldn't stop myself from reaching out and touching it myself. Shit, she was boiling hot!

"Please doctor; do something." I begged as another scream left my mate's mouth. He nodded and began fumbling inside his bag.

"I'm going to give her a sedative. I don't know what is going on, but I don't think she's shifting. I can't hear any bone breaking." Dr.Mitchelle said as he prepared a syringe, filling it with whatever medicine he's going to use.

He held one of my mates hands and I was hardly able to stop the growl that was about to escape my throat. I hated the fact that someone is touching my mate, but I'll have to hold back this time.

Once he inserted the needle and injected the medicine into my mate's body, he started to relax and feel more at ease.

Dr.Mitchelle gathered his stuff and left her side.

"Logan what is that?" I heard Alexis ask from behind me.

"What is what?" I asked back, not removing my eyes from my mate.

"The thing that's moving under the covers." She asked, her voice more panicked now.

My eyes immediately shot to where she was pointing. There was something moving next to my mate, it was long and wide. It looked like a snake. Shit!

I quickly removed the covers, but what I saw was something I never expected, neither did anyone else.

It looked like a tail, but it was blue, very light blue, almost white. It reached from under my mate's body to the ground next to the bed. Wtf?

I heard Alexis gasp and all our eyes were on her now.

"I-I...I think I saw something like this before." She started. "Come with me."

I wasn't very reluctant about leaving my mate's side, but eventually I left knowing that I had to know what that is.

We were now all gathered in the living room with my dad. He came after hearing my mate's screams. Jake's mate and other pack members that lived with us came too but we dismissed most of them.

Now it was only me, my parents, Alexis ofcourse, with her magic book, Chloe, Jake and the twins.

Alexis kept on flipping the pages and I started getting impatient.

"Ah...here it is." She started as she looked at a page that had a picture of a person standing there with tails similar to the one that my mate had, only difference is that he had 9.

"This here is called a Gumiho." She said pointing at the picture.

"Come again?" I asked confused. What the hell is a Gumiho?

"A Gumiho....or better say, a nine tailed fox. It says here that a Gumiho is a mythical creature that appeared since the beginning of life. However, unlike most creatures, one Gumiho is born every 100 years. They are very powerful and top all creatures in the food chain."

"So you mean to say that my mate is a rare creature?" I interrupted. Alexis just nodded.

"A Gumiho starts maturing at the age of 20. His or her first tail appears by the first week, then the other 8 follow soon after. In about 2 weeks, a Gumiho will be fully matured." She continued.

"She will be in pain for 2 whole weeks?" My mother asked worriedly, and truth be told, I was too. I didn't want my mate to go through so much pain for 2 whole, long weeks. Alexis nodded again to the question, this time sadly.

I sighted. "It'll be fine if we gave her some sedatives and pain killers to help her with it right?" It was my father who asked now. Guess he figured that my mate isn't just 'a human' anymore.

"I think so, nothing her says about it not being fine."

"What else does it say?" I asked.

"Hmm.......It says that each Gumiho has a pearl." Alexis read.

"A pearl?" The twins asked in union and Alexis nodded yet again. "Cool." They both said.

"This pearl is the Gumiho's source of power, without it he or she will be just like any normal human. This pearl can be also given to someone."

"What do you mean given to someone." Chloe asked from her place beside Jake. They had their fingers interwined. I can't wait till I can hold my mate's hand like that.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Alexis voice.

"It says here that if a person is in desire need of the pearl, either for power or for healing, the Gumiho can pass the pearl to that person through the mouth. And after the purpose of that person is fulfilled, the Gumiho can take the pearl back."

"What if someone decided to take the pearl and not give it back?" My mom asked.

"Then the Gumiho dies in a matter of one month." Alexis continued calmly. I heard my mother and Chloe gasp, while I couldn't stop the loud growl that escaped my throat.

"Oh....there's somethings here that you should know too." Alexis said trying to get my mind off of the dying topic.

"It's says here that a Gumiho's tear initiates rain fall. If the weather was sunny and rain started pouring, know that a Gumiho is crying."

It would rain if she cried? And then it clicked in. When we were out, rain started poring as soon as my mate shed her tears, but after she fainted, the rain stopped. I thought it was weird but now it all makes sense.

"Was that why it suddenly rained today? Because Logan's mate was crying?" I heard Jake ask the same thing I was thinking about.

"Yeah, seems like it."

We all sat in silence trying to digest the whole thing. That's why she didn't smell like a werewolf, she was never one.

I thanked God so much that I found my mate before anyone would find out about who she really is. People would force her to give up her pearl so they could use it for their own advantage which will eventually lead to her death. I couldn't cope with that and the idea itself didn't settle down with me.

We were all brought out of our trance with Alexis saying, "Logan, there is something else you have to take care of." I looked at her and gave a slight nod, signaling for her to continue.

"Once a Gumiho gives her heart to someone, she can't be betrayed. If it happens and you kissed or had any sexual intercourse with any other women after your mate gives you her heart, she will feel too much pain as part of her soul gets ripped out. She will turn into a monster and might even kill the people closer to her. After all, she will be blinded by rage and won't be in her right mind."

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