In ancient times, there was a thunderous noise in the sky. A dazzling star broke through the sky and fell to the ground. Wherever it went, the Six Protections flew backwards while the beast roars shook the sky and shook the earth.

The sky was burning with raging fire, and the nine caves were fully visible. Classical clouds, this star was something that the heavens gave to the heavens, with the Extreme Pure Jade as the essence, the soul of the Yuan energy as the soul, the five elements surged, and on the 98th day of the year, it fell at the Nine Colored Divine Mountain.


The wind whistled in the forest, and a decisive aura of evil silently spread through the trembling leaves, unaware that the two youths from the Fan family were fighting with their lives in this battle.

Ah!" Blood stuck to the dust on the corner of his mouth, and an indescribable hatred spread from the corner of his mouth. His left leg had suffered a serious injury from the intense collision, and his thigh seemed to have been burned, becoming extremely red and swollen. At this moment, his eyes were fiercely staring at a person in front of him, Fan Yun.

"That's it? The son of a warrior of the Nine Regions, it can't be a joke, right? Hahaha, look, look, look at your father, then look at you again. Your father actually has a coward son like you. A grey robed, red-haired young boy was sitting on the floor with his hands on his waist, his head tilted slightly, looking at Fan Mu who was collapsed on the floor with a mocking expression. The young man was still silent, with his hands on the ground to cover his burnt thighs, but the curve of his lips revealed the anger in his heart.

"How did your father get the title of the number one warrior in the Land of the Nine Prefectures? I think it must have been bought. Hahaha! "I knew it must be like this. Who would have thought that this seemingly indestructible lie would be broken by a coward like you. What a pity, haha!" Fan Yun taunted him without restraint, his face full of disdain as he raised his right hand and pointed at Fan Mu's head. From time to time, he would let out a sigh.

He gripped his right hand tightly, waved his fist, and said with extreme hatred, "You, shut up. You can say that I can, insult my father, and make you regret coming here without dinner to seek death!"

Although Fan Mu had never met his father since he was young, his aunt had always told him that her elder brother was his father. He was a hero, a hero that could support both heaven and earth. Therefore, his father's great figure had already pierced deeply into Fan Mu's heart. No matter who it was, Fan Mu would not allow them to speak ill of his father.

Before he could finish his sentence, Fan Mu had already prepared himself. The pain in his thigh had long been forgotten. He used his right hand to prop himself up and stood up. Without another word, he raised his fist and rushed towards Fan Yun, "Swallow your words, do you hear me!"

Fan Yun laughed coldly, looking at this desperate man with contempt, as if he was looking at a tiny ant that could make him disappear from this world forever with a flick of his finger.

"How can a trash that can't even control elemental energy have the right to act arrogantly in front of me?" Fan Yun sneered, and gently rubbed his thumb on the jade in front of his chest. After chanting a spell, a faint red light appeared, and the core of elemental energy ruthlessly shone, as if it wanted to envelop Fan Mu and incinerate him.

"You're just a small fry in the red category, a fifteen year old red rank, what qualifications do you have to act arrogantly in front of me?" Fan Mu gritted his teeth, knowing the consequences of what he had said. On the road of jade, where strength reigned supreme, the heart of elemental energy was the symbol of your strength. Fan Yun was a Red Rank, while he was a Level 0.

Since the signing of the jade contract, the core of the spirit energy had never been lit up, and the dusky area was completely devoid of light. This was a huge joke, as within the Fan family, Fan Mu had long become the laughingstock of everyone. Perhaps it was because of his father, but no one dared to touch him.

Even though he was a rank 0, Fan Mu did not relax his training at all. However, in the end, it was all to no avail, because even without the suppression from the elemental energy, Fan Mu had managed to use his own body's memory and brain to skillfully combine the battle tactics and martial arts. He had passed the five trials, slain six generals, and defeated many of his opponents, entering the best academy in the town.

However, as time passed, the gap between his elemental energy and the others' battle prowess gradually grew larger. As a result, he had never been able to place on the academy's rankings, but he still believed that there would be a day when he would be like his father and become a great hero.

The core of the spirit energy slightly stirred up in some unknown situation, but it disappeared in a flash. Fan Yun retreated a few steps as he noticed that Fan Mu did not move because of this, perhaps he just did not see it, and maintained his charging posture. At this moment, all he wanted to do was to tell this guy to shut up.

Fan Yun looked at the golden light quietly flashing across his chest and said mockingly, "There are quite a few tricks, haha. But you really don't remember. Do you think I'm scared?" With his left hand resting on his right hand, he drew an arc with his index finger and chanted an incantation, loudly exploding, "Flame Explosion Ball!" Instantly, several streaks of fire shot out from his hands, turning into small, dense fireballs that flew towards Fan Mu.

Fan Yun's brother, Fan Tian, was a famous troublemaker in Tong Du Town. He always had a group of brothers behind him. The only reason he could do this was because his power was not to be trifled with. Normally, he would look for trouble with his peers in the town and rely on the explosive power of his fire elemental energy to reach the point of "fighting alone and begging for defeat". His hedonistic attitude was naturally passed on to his younger brother, and coupled with the fact that he was also a fire elemental cultivator, his fiery temper was exactly the same.

The difference in elemental energy could never be made up by a three-legged cat, Fan Yun was completely convinced of this. However, at this moment, Fan Mu's actions caused him to slightly waver, and with a calm expression, Fan Mu quickly thought about the dodging moves he had seen before, moving left and right, flinging right, somersaulting to the side, and actually dodging the attacks of the fireballs one after another. Seeing this, Fan Yun was stunned, he did not expect that such a concentrated attack could be seen through so easily by Fan Mu's agile figure.

Without a change in expression, Fan Mu walked in front of Fan Yun, leaned forward, and suddenly waved his powerful right arm, shouting, "Hey!" His golden fist accurately hit Fan Yun's jaw.

Fan Yun pretended to cough, but then laughed sinisterly and said, "I've been waiting for you for a long time, tell me to shut up. Go to hell in your next life! "Flame Vortex!" A strange fiery red glow blossomed around him.

When Fan Mu heard his words, he was stunned. In a split-second, his surroundings had turned into a sea of fire, and an enormous burning sensation spread throughout his body.

AHH!" "Fan Mu threw his head back and cried out before falling to the ground, losing all feeling.

"Heng, for the sake of our race, I will let you go for now. Tch, Mother will always know that your father is scolding me and your brother for being useless, and your father will always blame you for being infuriated. You truly deserve death." Saying this, Fan Yun wanted to walk out of the forest, but he did not think of the cold killing intent that appeared behind him.

"You dare to touch my people?"

"What are you ?" Before Fan Yun could finish his sentence, he felt his vision go black as a soul-piercing pain entered his body without any warning. He didn't even have the strength to cry out before he turned into a wisp of black smoke amidst the cold forest.

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