The wooden door opened, revealing a rapidly flowing river in front of them.

There were no living creatures here, no trees, only a few withered little grasses dotted the dark land. They were completely lifeless, desolate, and desolate along with the desolate water.

"Second time ?" Boom! The door closed and the three looked back. Strangely, after closing the door, it disappeared as if it didn't want to leave any way out for the three.

After seeing so many illogical things, the three of them were already used to it. They only thought of Lingyun and did not know how he would come to find them, but before they could think about it, the sweet voice sounded once again. It was still the same, and they could not see him, "It's not easy, little kids.

Three cups slowly fell from the sky. The fragrance that assaulted their noses was refreshing. The cups stopped right in front of the three people. "This, Heart Cleansing Soul Grass!" Fan Mu concealed the incredulity within his heart. A Mind Cleansing Soul Grass was already priceless, but he didn't expect that a full cup of it would cost him so much Heart Cleansing Soul Grass!

Spirit Cleansing Grass was produced on the ice plains of the Sky Mountain and had a powerful healing effect. It could be used to strengthen one's spirit after cultivation and could be used to recover one's spirit, killing two birds with one stone. However, it could only be used by extremely wealthy families.

"Smart, smart! It's time to test you guys. If you're not convinced, then prove it to me, and I don't mind if you want to be my toy. There's still two sticks and a half of incense left, we'll see. " Following the sound of muffled thunder, the cold voice once again disappeared into the horizon.

The earth trembled slightly as the scene before his eyes started to turn illusory again. The only thing that didn't change was the boundless river.

The space and time had changed, the sky was dark, thick smoke was drifting, and the grayish-brown ground was devoid of any signs of life. The sky had turned dark, and the sky was covered in dark clouds, while the birds had disappeared.

The desolation in front of them was truly terrifying. There was nothing left but a river. What exactly was the meaning of this? As they thought about it, they couldn't help but shiver.

All of a sudden, three voices sounded like an incantation in their ears, and a mournful whisper penetrated their hearts, sharp and painful.

A stone statue with the face of a lion flew over from the other side of the river like a divine being descending from the sky. Its gigantic body descended from the sky and landed in front of the three of them.

The solemn and deathly silence was shattered by the monster's cry. The three could tell that the hysterical howl was filled with helplessness.

"What is it doing? Practice beautiful sounds! " Seeing how the stone statue roared for a long time without stopping, Fan Mu once again showed his inner mockery.

"It's not a beautiful voice, it's almost silenced, gaga gaga." Xu Tiangou was indeed a person with a low laugh. With just a few words, he had made a big fuss out of it. He had never seen someone laugh himself to death with just a few words.

"Cough cough, the system has set the wrong settings," the stone statue coughed twice, returning to its normal state, "Don't mind the details, I am the examiner for this test, the Eagle Lion Beast, and the Gold-rank Earth Spirit Beast. Master has instructed me to wait here for everyone."

Gold rank earth spirit beasts were existences that were above Gold rank spirit beasts. Once it reached the Gold rank, the spirit wisdom of a spirit beast would not be inferior to that of a human. When it reached the gold rank heaven and earth spirit beast, its strength and wisdom would not lose to a Divine King level expert.

Fan Mu was extremely happy. In the past, he had only learned from books that a Gold Rank Spiritual Beast's wisdom surpassed a human's. Not only did it possess boundless strength, it could even converse with others.

"It was just a wave of roars. Is this what you call waiting?" Hearing the Falcon Beast's words, Fan Mu's courage increased, and he once again revealed the essence of scolding the aliens.

"Cough cough, I said not to pay attention to this detail, hurry up and start, it's so gloomy here, I still need to go out and bask in the sun after doing this," the falcon said as it yawned.

"Hey, how can you be so impatient? Can you still have some fun?" Seeing its disdainful expression, Fan Qing's flames began to rise.

The Eagle Lion Beast immediately sprayed a mouthful of water on Fan Qin's head, and what was interesting was that it actually let out a white mist. Fan Qin immediately withered, and the Eagle Lion Beast replied, "It hurts my body due to anger," before ignoring Fan Qing, who was once again flustered.

"Explain in advance that this test is for your brains, and what my master values the most is also for your brains," the Eagle Lion said as he yawned again, scratched his big head and continued, "The test's name is' Cloud's Passage ', how do you want to cross the river and think about it yourself? There are two teams here."

With a flash of white light, a small boat appeared in the middle of the river and was tied to the shore. The two groups of people also appeared out of thin air, and the three of them stared blankly.

Looking at the two groups of people, one of them was a spiritless human with straight eyes, while the other was a berserk, furious spirit creature that was constantly barking.

"What do you mean? You, you, you, speak clearly." The more Fan Qing heard, the more confused he became. Seeing the two groups of people appear out of thin air, he didn't know what to do.

The Eagle Lion Beast continued to ignore him, continuing to talk as he said, "The rule is that one of you three will be chosen to row the boat, and then the two groups, including the three of you, will be split into three groups. The Eagle Lion Beast continued to ignore him, continuing to talk as he continued to talk," The rule is, one of you three will be chosen to row the boat, and then the two groups will be divided into three groups, with the exception of the people who will row the boat, and the three groups will be split into three groups.

After explaining the rules of the river, the falcon shook its stone wings and flew to the other side of the river with a huge gust of wind.

The current situation was very delicate. Apart from the spirit beasts' roars, the entire space was shrouded in a deathly silence. This type of desolation was not as if there was no one else on the surface, but rather a thorough understanding that made their hair stand on end.

"Brother, what's the situation now? There are so many humans and beasts." Fan Qin did not understand the words of the Eagle Lion, so he hoped that the witty Fan Mu could come up with some countermeasure.

"I don't quite understand, we need to consider the order to cross the river, this is probably the 'coincidence' mentioned in the prompt," The amount of information was too much, and Fan Mu didn't have time to organize it, but he was sure that someone was left behind. "I don't really understand, we need to carefully consider the order to cross the river, this is probably the 'coincidence' mentioned in the prompt," The amount of information was quite large, and Fan Mu didn't have time to organize it, but he was sure that someone was left behind.

"Fan Mu, I have an idea." Xu Tiangliang saw that Fan Mu's forehead was full of wrinkles, and he felt that he couldn't do it alone every time.

Fan Mu came back to his senses. Having been thinking for so long, Fan Mu was starting to feel a little tired. It was no surprise that his thoughts were somewhat blocked. "Brother Tianhu, please speak!"

"Since we already know the rules, we can practice a bit and replace them with something else. We can verify our thoughts and see if it is feasible. This way, we will have more chances than just our image." Xu TIguo rubbed his chin, seriously sharing his thoughts.

"It's not easy, a pig's brain will one day light up," Fan Qin said with a dark expression. Fan Mu was already used to this pair of enemies, so he laughed, "Hm, you're absolutely right. Let's use this time to test it out!"

With that, the three of them found a place to test themselves. All of this, in the eyes of the falcon, turned into three people playing with mud in a small corner. After thinking for a while, the three little fellows had already found a way, and there were more than one. Now that there was only one question left, how could they divide it?

"Who's going to row?" After solving the problem of crossing the river, the only thing left was who would be the person to row the boat. After solving the problem of crossing the river, the remaining thing would be the person to row the boat.

Just when Xu Tianliao volunteered to be a laborer, Fan Qing took a step forward, "I know, we are always fighting each other, so don't argue with me this time, the danger here is very small, just focus on rowing is fine, I admit that your strength is much higher than mine, my brother needs protection." Fan Qing said bluntly, "You must succeed, I don't want to turn you into a toy, otherwise I will turn you into a roasted suckling pig!"

"What a joke, you?" Fan Qin and Xu Tianliang's fists met. Fan Mu placed his right palm on his fists and warned again, "Be careful!" The three of them walked towards the river with fiery eyes.

There were less than two incense sticks worth of time left before the end.

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