Under the moonlight, Fan Mu and the other two had already stepped into a formation on the right wing, discussing some final matters.

The whirlwind swept away the haze and dispersed the haze. Clouds flew over the land, hugging the stranded moonlight and sprinkling a sorrowful song on the vast expanse of land. Light and shadows seemed to quietly fade on the river surface, turning into a long, thin line of poetry.

The three of them looked at the two groups of humans and beasts left behind by the Eagle Lion. They seemed to have set the numbers as they lined up neatly in two rows.

"Fan Qin, did you remember the strategy you just mentioned?" Fan Mu was extremely worried about this. The test of Fan Qin's intelligence was not as simple as that of his intelligence. What it tested was Fan Qin's willpower.

There were so many people crossing the river. According to the Eagle Lion Beast, each group of three beasts could be counted as a test, even though the strategy for crossing the river was the same, it was still possible to make one mistake after going back and forth for hundreds of times. However, as long as you dared to make a mistake, you would have the chance to lose your life at the bottom of the river.

"Remember, do not let your guard down when you are tired. Brother Tianhu and I will wait for you in front. Brother Qing." Her tone was sorrowful, as if she would cry at any moment.

"Damn, brother, don't be so emotional, why are you being so emotional?" Fan Qin was speechless, looking as if he would never be able to see him again, "You don't believe me, I've already told you this before, I'm a professional! A professional! "

"Professional rowing?" Xu Tianliang laughed heartily, dispersing quite a bit of the sad atmosphere around them.

"I'm too lazy to bicker with you," Fan Qin laughed loudly, waving his hand at Xu Tianming, shaking his head to indicate that he didn't want to talk to him, "Shut up, I'd better save some strength for the boat."

As the ferryman, Fan Qin was the first to board the boat. Fan Mu and Xu Tianliang stood at the first group in order. The fences opened, and the three beasts entered the shore.

"Remember?" Xu Tianhu gave Fan Qin a coquettish look, almost vomiting. He rolled his eyes and replied, "Do you think I'm the same as you, a pig?"

The water current surged, and the first to board the boat was Fan Mu and a Yellow Rank Rock Scorpion King. Fan Mu sighed inwardly. As expected, none of the spirit beasts here were lower than the Yellow Rank.

The huge back hook was its beauty, and the hard body armor symbolized its strong defense. The two giant pincers swung in front of its body, swearing that it would not be offended by anyone, that it would not offend you. The strange thing was that although it was a scorpion, it was non-toxic, and it relied on brute force to hunt.

"Fan Qin, let's begin." Fan Mu calmed his nerves. As the captain, he gave the order, and the small boat flew out.

After careful consideration, the three of them finally agreed on a plan. First, they would send the man and the spirit beast across the river, and then they would leave the spirit beast on the other side of the river to pull the man back, and similarly, they would do the same thing in the second round. There would be two spirit beasts on the other side of the river, and in the third round, they would send two people to the other side.

In the blink of an eye, Fan Qin had already sent them off three times, dragging the last man and beast to the other side of the river. Fan Mu and Xu Tianliang were already standing on the shore, waiting for Fan Qing to finish his last round of rounds and open the next stage.

Under the torrent of water, it was difficult for a small boat to control its direction. Furthermore, the closer they got to the center, the faster the water flowed. Even though Fan Qin had quite a bit of strength, he still had to put in a lot of effort to row the boat.

Just as Fan Qin was about to arrive, a burst of fiery meteors suddenly shot towards the boat, "Fan Qin be careful, mud bullets will explode!" Seeing that the situation was not good, Xu Tianhu hurriedly circulated his Yuan Power and hurriedly chanted an incantation. He shot out the mud bomb. Boom! The mud fire collided with each other and exploded apart.

A giant bird with golden feathers and a body made of silver appeared in the sky before the three of them. It stood proud and independent, giving off the aura of a king. Fan Mu's expression was one of shock and bewilderment. Winged Birds were extremely rare, and today they were truly rich. It was rare to see a spirit beast that could grow knowledge after seeing it a few times today.

The Winged Bird was distributed on the sixth cloud layer of the West Divinity Mountain. It was a fire-type spirit-beast, and its strong perception allowed it to find prey thousands of miles away. Its domineering strength made it the overlord of the sky, and many cultivators hoped to capture it as their spirit pet.

"Holy shit?" "You stone-wielding monster, tell me what's going on, did you promise to row properly?" The impact of the explosion caused a wave two meters high, causing the boat to veer off course. Fan Qin couldn't help but curse.

"Benefactor, don't panic. The system has malfunctioned. This King doesn't know where this thing came from. Ahh," a cold voice drifted from afar. The Lion Beast once again attributed this situation to a system error.

"Do you think I'm a monk?" The red spirit energy core began to move, and Fan Qing jumped up, using a Fire Cloud Palm to meet the incoming meteor. The power of the meteor was very strong, and it seemed like it was an Orange Ranked attack.

"Young lad, you have overworked yourself. I'll ask Master how to deal with it," the Lion Beast laughed. He was prepared to temporarily observe the strength of the ferryman. As expected, the spirit beast was released by him.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!" Fan Qin had lost control of his center of gravity and almost fell into the water, causing Fan Mu and Xu Tianguo to break out in a cold sweat.

As the battlefield was in the water, although it wasn't too far from the shore, Xu Tianguo wasn't of much help either. Seeing Fan Qing's bitter fighting stance, the two of them both revealed apologetic looks, but didn't know what to do.

While the two of them were at a loss, a flaming meteor hit Fan Qin's chest, sending him flying into the sky. "Cough!" Fan Qing endured the pain and adjusted her position, but she was already far away from the ship. If this continued, he would fall into the bottomless, dark waters of the river.

The falcon saw that the situation had gone awry and prepared to rescue the cub. It was only there for fun, to cut off this cub's spirit, but if it went against its master's will then it would be in trouble. A painful beating was inevitable, and the thought of its master's fist sent a chill down its spine.

"No, Fan Qin!" The cry scared the falcon who was still in meditation. Fan Mu gathered his strength and put all his strength into his foot, "Brother, don't come over, cough," Fan Qin said firmly, his breath getting weaker and weaker.

Ripple Tiny Steps, one of the ancient techniques that Fan Mu had learned, could greatly increase his mobility. However, could it really be used on water? Fan Mu was also worried, and after circling around for a while, he stepped on it and turned to the water, "Yayaya."

Like a miracle, Fan Mu actually glided on the surface of the water. He used his full force against the river, and with a leap, he caught Fan Qing who was falling, and landed on the surface of the river.

"That was close. It's all right now, Fan Qin," Fan Mu gasped.

Fan Qin was stupefied, and weakly said, "Brother, we're still on the water."

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