Drip, drip. The waves melted into specks of stars that sprinkled onto the river surface for a thousand miles without any sound.

"Ah, ah ?" Fan Mu had only thought of saving Fan Qin from danger, but the joy of success had already flooded his mind. With a "pu pu" sound, a hole exploded in the water.

The situation was not good, so he had to stop here. He was truly unwilling to accept this, but he did not feel the formless pressure of the turbid water flow. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was not submerged in the water, but rather in the air.

The Eagle Lion Beast looked over, and saw that Fan Mu had decided not to act just to save Fan Qin, but to accompany him in death. It almost spat out a mouthful of blood, and in order to comply with its master's orders, it had to make a move when the time came. It quickly summoned the Heavenly Winged Bird back, and then activated a mind technique to save the two of them.

"What the hell are you doing?!" "I'll just kill myself for playing around," Fan Qin covered his wound, his face full of rage. The Lion Lion Beast smiled and lightly clapped.

Hey, hey, hey, don't." Fan Qin lost his consciousness and quickly fell into the river, "Ahh, I don't really know how to swim! "Brother!

"Lion Beast, please don't mind my brother's words, hurry up and get him out," Fan Mu's face was filled with helplessness as he rushed out to smooth things over. "Fan Qin, Fan Qin, can you not talk too much? You will definitely die in your own mouth in the future."

"Uh, what just happened? Why would someone fall into the water when they sent a message? That's great." The Lion Beast yawned and nonchalantly waved its hand, sending Fan Qin flying into the air once more.

"Aiyo, I know what's going on. Is the system right?" Xu Tianlang's Divine Mace had even amused the Eagle Lion. "Benefactor, I've found out that you're the most quick-witted out of the three."

The second test was passed just like that? Seems to be so. The falcon scratched its chin as it thought to itself, As long as I complete my mission.

As the three of them gathered at the shore, the space in front of them gradually became illusory. An object that looked like a cave appeared in front of them, and a word was engraved on the door. The third trial was about to begin.

"Come in." A stern and empty voice came from within the cave, as if it came from the ancient times and was swept away by a strong sense of vicissitudes.

"You, you, you, who said you could go in? "Stay here and row," the Lion Beast said, spreading its thick wings in front of Fan Qin, blocking his way to the cave.

"Em," Fan Qin was annoyed, but his eyes flashed with anger. "I will kill you, I will, but I will just have to think about it, what can I do if I can't beat you?" He groaned and made a face at the falcon before walking towards the river bank.

Looking at Fan Qin's retreating back, Fan Mu let out a light sigh. Why couldn't he take charge of the situation alone? What use were these theories?

"Fan Qin, be careful. You haven't helped me roast the fire yet." Although Xu Tianliang was indeed chanting Fan Qing's safety, his mouth couldn't move at all.

Fan Qin shook his hand and began his life as a ferryman.

Fan Mu and Xu Tianliang entered the cave. Just like before, the moment they entered, the cave door started to become empty, disappearing. What vanished was not only the thorny falcon, but also that space.

"Welcome to the Maze Region," the old voice sounded again, "I am the creator of this space, and also the controller of your life and death, Yun Tian."

Yun Tian and Fan Mu quickly searched their minds for this key word. They seemed to have seen it somewhere before ? No way. Fan Mu seemed to have thought of something, fear written all over his face.

Xu Tianguo patted Fan Mu and asked, "Fan Mu? "What's wrong with you?" Obviously, he didn't know how serious the situation was.

"Yun Tian ?" The Misty Cloud Empire is a wood-attribute, gold-rank expert. He specializes in making organs, especially large-scale organs. The Mu Yunxiong that he once created has now been used as a weapon for a long period of time, "Fan Mu's voice was hurried, his tone filled with fear.

"Is it normal to be an expert?" "I've seen enough today, what are you afraid of?" Looking at the bewildered Fan Mu, Xu Tianliang was even more confused. He had never seen Fan Mu so afraid.

"The important point is that ten years ago, he had already died. He died during the annexation war between the two empires." Fan Mu panted, feeling as if he couldn't even breathe.

Boy, you know this old man very well, "the serious expression on his face gradually faded, and the atmosphere of joy filled up the air. Ten years had passed, and yet there was still someone who could remember the King of traps, which was rare," That's right, I am a damn person, if the heavens do not destroy me, then I will set the day.

A scroll floated from the sky, shining brilliantly and slowly falling into Fan Mu's hands. As Fan Mu held it with both hands, he could only feel that the faint red halo was extremely hot.

"This is the result of my lifelong research. The Heaven's Will has changed, a total of ten volumes. The first two volumes were passed to my disciples, and this is the third volume. I hope that one day, destiny will reappear in the martial world." Yun Tian's voice did not contain the slightest reluctance. Instead, it contained his anticipation for this little fellow.

"Thank you for your guidance, senior!" Fan Mu cupped his fists and greeted the source of the voice. After a moment of surprise, he was brimming with joy. Fan Mu carefully accepted the treasure.

"There is no hint, the door is at the end," the voice of the Vast Expanse disappeared, and with a rumbling sound, the entrance to the maze opened up.

A chilly wind blew in all directions in the huge stone chamber, as if it was enveloped in darkness all year round, swallowing up all the incoming creatures. The whistling sound of the wind was drifting about in the maze, causing the two of them to tremble.

All the light in the maze originated from the small oil lamp on the wall. This originally holy and holy light was like a ghost fire in the deathly atmosphere, which was surprisingly terrifying.

"Fan Mu, shall we go in now?" In such a situation, Xu Tianguo didn't dare make any reckless decisions, leaving it to Fan Moulai, who was experienced and knowledgeable, to decide.

"Yun Tian is a master of mechanisms, ten years ago he had the title of Emperor of Heaven, and this was a space created by him, it is unavoidable that he would encounter all kinds of traps," Fan Mu touched the wall at the entrance of the maze, but there were no traces of it protruding at all, so he looked down at the suspicious points on the floor and found that the bricks on the ground were of different colors, thus Fan Mu continued, "But time is limited, we will first study this white piece of black rock on the floor." Fan Mu made a careful analysis of the situation, and the black and white patterns on the ground were indeed puzzling.

"What does this white block mean?" Xu Tianliang wasn't stupid, but he couldn't see anything suspicious about this fractal black and white block.

Fan Mu crouched down and examined the first white piece at the entrance of the maze. He gently touched it, and sure enough, as he expected, the white piece was embedded in the ground.

"The sky is wide, take a look at the changes, including the changes on the walls." Since nothing had happened, Fan Mu speculated that the touch of the mechanism wasn't just pressing down, but releasing it.

After everything that had happened, even though Fan Mu's strength was far from his, his words were convincing. Following Fan Mu's instructions, he had carefully investigated the changes in his surroundings. As a result, Fan Mu's prediction was verified once again.


The walls of the maze were densely lined with rings of protrusions, and Fan Mu's judgement had been verified one by one.

"Fan Mu, you're right. It seems like the traps have been triggered. The walls are full of holes. What should we do?" Xu Tianliang said calmly. It was better to know that there was a mechanism than to keep it in one's bones.

"The sky is wide, can you summon a small stone that is heavy enough to hold this place down? I suspect that if I let go, something will fly out." Fan Mu didn't dare to be careless after listening to Xu Tianliang's words. He came up with such an ingenious plan.

Yun Tian was the emperor of the organ, the rumors said that Yun Tian only needed to control a group of puppets to destroy an army, his strength was very strong, his mechanism was not only secretive, it was also endless, so when you break a mechanism, do not relax your guard, because the purpose of this mechanism was to make you fall for the next one, he was a secretive person, and was once targeted by the Xi Di Sect, after his death, his legend was slowly diluted, as expected, time could change anything, dilute the glory of the past.

If it wasn't for the fact that Yun Tian didn't seem to care about them and didn't want to take their lives, the two of them would have been assassinated long ago. They wouldn't even know how they died, so they had to be extremely careful in Yun Tian's territory.

"Of course you can, I'm not a green head like Fan Qin," Xu Tianliang replied straightforwardly. However, even at this time, he did not forget to hurt Fan Qing, "Earth Meteor Shower!"

"Meteorite?" Fan Mu was slightly startled, and couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. He thought, "Isn't it just a small rock, do you need to create a meteorite? Could it be that you want to destroy this space?" All sorts of bad impressions surfaced in Fan Mu's mind.

"Uh, don't panic, Meteor Shattering is my family's inherited ultimate skill, it will increase the size of the meteorite as the rank increases. However, the one I can summon right now is only this big," Xu Tianliang said as he shook his spirit, clenching his fist to compare it with Fan Mu, "It's that big."

"Ugh!" Fan Mu was speechless as he continued to observe his surroundings.

Speak." Xu Tianbao's elemental energy core began to circulate. Earth elemental energy began to gather in the air, mixed with iron ore. It formed a round ball the size of a fist, but it was extremely heavy.

"This meteorite has been added with fine iron ore, so its weight is tens of times that of normal stones. Don't worry," Xu Tianliang explained, indicating for Fan Mu to release his grip.

The weight of the meteorite took over Fan Mu's position, and the two retreated to the back. Once again, Fan Mu stood up to observe the black and white masses on the ground. He realized that although the black and white masses were messy, they did not lose their pattern.

Fan Mu seemed to be deep in thought. In order to verify its correctness, Fan Mu said, "About that, Xu Tiangou, move the meteorite to the second row's black block and take a look."

Xu Tianliang waved his hand and the meteorite was shot out by tens of thousands of arrows. The arrows whistled through the sky and then neatly flew through the holes on the opposite side, disappearing without a trace.

"What an ingenious plan!" Fan Mu couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. To be able to defeat an opponent without wasting an arrow and a needle, he truly deserved his reputation.

Under Xu Tianliang's delicate control, the meteor accurately fell onto the spot in Fan Mu's heart. As expected, the earth did not cave in when it landed.

"Brother Mu, you really know how to predict a person's future like a god. I'm impressed. You even saw through this," Xu Tianliang was wild with joy. He thought that Fan Mu was indeed reliable, and Lingyun was not mistaken.

Pfft, the walls on both sides of the wall actually began to flow as if they were liquid, finally condensing into a tube of something. In that instant, the flames shot out, and the temperature of the flames caused the scene in the maze to begin to fade away. After a long while, the flames gradually faded away, and the wall once again returned to its original appearance, except for a few more traces of greyish black smoke.

"Uh, it's so unpraiseworthy," Xu Tianliang's mouth was as if a dam had been broken as he kept on complaining. He thought that it was him who had just stood up, but now he had been roasted into a suckling pig.

He had originally thought that the black mass in the second row would either not sink or sink in the beginning. But this was also good, as Fan Mu had obtained a new information: Don't stay on the same rock for too long, otherwise you will have to bear the consequences.

"Don't panic, it's probably because the creator didn't want us to stay too long. Now, let's try the fourth and eighth flights." Fan Mu's expression was indifferent, like a prophet who had seen through everything. He continued to issue the next command to Xu Tianliang, but the result was the same as before.

"So that's how it is," Fan Mu said confidently, having realized the truth. He had already discovered the secret between the black and white blocks, "When you count to two, the white block will have the absolute advantage, and this black block will be very rare. We have just confirmed that stepping on the black block will not trigger the mechanism."

"Even so, what about the others?" Although he felt that Fan Mu's words made a lot of sense, he still voiced out his doubts.

"Let's try out the sixth line. The first ten lines will be filled with black and white lights," Fan Mu boldly said. He had long noticed this line because it was the one with the most regularity.

After the meteor landed, there were no traps. Soon after, Xu Tianliang became more daring and controlled the meteor as he rolled along. The mechanism did not trigger at all. The two of them looked at each other and smiled; they had finally found the legendary safe zone.

Seeing that they had discovered such an important rule, the two were extremely happy. They could not help but say in unison, "Let's try the next six lines."

As if resonating simultaneously, the two couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Just as Fan Mu had said, the six lines were the legendary safe zones. The rules of every six lines were the same as before. The corners of Fan Mu's lips curled up slightly, and he took a deep breath as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden.

Calming down the excitement in their hearts, the two prepared to leave. Before their departure, Xu Tianhu did not forget to remind them, "Although this black block looks quite large, Brother Mu should still be careful. Don't step on it wrongly." How naive.

Fan Mu rolled his eyes, speechless. "I should say that to myself."

Damn, can't you cooperate a little bit? It was so difficult for you to be gentle. You're treating me like this, damn it." "Compared to Leng Xiao's ostentatious acting, Xu Tianguo was the real performer. He lifted his right hand slightly and flipped a small orchid finger. He had a confused look in his eyes, with his red lips parted, pretending to be a little girl.

Fan Mu covered his mouth, afraid that the filth would come out from his mouth after the shock. Without a second word, he jumped onto the second row of the black block, jumped to the fourth row, and landed firmly on the sixth row. Under the effect of Ripple Tiny Steps, Fan Mu's movements were nimble, and in the blink of an eye, he completed a whole set of actions.

Xu Tianliang did not show any signs of weakness and followed closely behind. Although he did not have the support of Ripple Tiny Steps, his speed was still rather fast. The two of them jumped to the end of the first maze path.

"Crap, we forgot something!" Fan Mu's tone was heavy and impatient.

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