The maze was dark and damp. Fan Mu and his companion followed their plan and arrived at the end of the first passage. Fan Mu realized that he had forgotten something important.

"Brother Mu is so tactful, how could he forget about important matters?" Xu Tianguo's words came from the bottom of his heart without the slightest hint of flattery. He had long been submerged by Fan Mu's vast knowledge and wisdom.

"This, uh, is really good, don't praise me, I am talking about proper business, take a look at this fork in the road." Fan Mu Shun pointed to this path that was split into three, "Just knowing the rules of the road is of no use, as we are trapped in a maze!"

Since he found the solution, he had always been immersed in the joy of discovering the mechanism and breaking it. He had completely forgotten that the so-called maze area that Yun Tian had mentioned at the beginning, how could this be good. Now, he was not only facing a maze of mechanisms but also a maze of traps.

Deep in despair, Fan Mu's cold face showed no expression at all. He held Xu Tianliang's trembling hand tightly, "Don't panic, we still have time."

Their hearts returned to calmness. After carefully inspecting their surroundings, they discovered that there was no difference from the start. They were especially concerned about the distribution of the black and white pieces, as if they were the same as before.

"We should first use the meteorite to test our strength." Facing the Emperor, Fan Mu chose to be careful. The meteorite was in place, so the two of them agreed that they could continue moving forward.

"Wait a moment, don't rush to set off." Fan Mula returned to Xu Tianguang who was preparing to set off, "This is a maze. We should leave behind some markings so that we can return at that time."

"But there are traps everywhere, so where are we going to leave our marks?" Xu Tianliang nodded his head affirmatively, but new questions appeared again.

"That's easy," Fan Mu giggled and waved his index finger in front of Xu Tianguang, then pointed at his feet, "Have you forgotten what we found? If we don't make good use of the safe zone, it would be a waste, wouldn't it? "

He gently waved his hand, and with a flash of his source energy core, the earth element condensed into a ball of mud. Xu Tianliao carefully placed it in the middle of the row below him, and immediately, he chose a direction and continued forward.

The two of them chose the middle path. Before long, they reached the end of the path.

At the end of the land, it was completely surrounded by walls.

"It seems like luck isn't on our side," Xu Tianlang said cheerfully. Even though they had found the wrong path, he had helped them by ruling out the wrong option. After all, no one could so easily succeed.

"I've never thought of succeeding once. It would be too bad for Master Yun Tian." Fan Mu replied. Although there was a one-third chance of succeeding, it all depended on luck.

Without any complaints, the two turned back the way they came from, and then chose the left path. The maze road here was long and winding, and the number of miles was estimated to be three times that of the middle road, but it was either long or it was right.

After being slightly repaired at the end, Fan Mu noticed that the wall above him was different from before. After Xu Tianguang told him that it was only a special mechanism, he did not pay it any heed. When he returned, the whole maze was left with the footprints of the two people.

"I don't know how Fan Qin is doing, just by jumping, I feel like his stamina is slowly disappearing, not to mention he's still rowing," Xu Tianliang's words surprised Fan Mu, and he laughed, "Since when were they so good to be able to think of each other at any time, Xu Tianliang snorted coldly," I just wanted to see him in such a sorry state. When I thought of his breathless state, I became even more spirited! "

Aaah, last night I felt a little cold." Fan Qing was still in his life, and had already completed a dozen groups, but after seeing the long queue behind them, he felt his life become dark in an instant. The white tomorrow was so far away, he shouted, "So boring!" Fan Qin's voice echoed in the vast space, lingering for three days before it finally stopped, causing Fan Qin to panic.

"Stop shouting, no one can save you even if you shout your throat out." A teasing voice came from the horizon. So it was because the Eagle Lion had been guarding him this whole time.

"Throat, throat, and throat," Fan Qing complained nonchalantly with a belly full of anger and exhaustion. He harbored a grudge against the falcon.

"Cough cough, is this little brat tired of living? Do you want me to let go one or two birds of heaven's will to play with you?" The falcon flapped its wings and flew in front of Fan Qin.

"Uh, the Lord has a lot of resources, just pretend I didn't say anything." Seeing that things were going well, Fan Qin still understood, thinking to himself that the heavens and his brothers would quickly finish the mission and bring him out of the sea of suffering.

The scene switched back to the maze area. After hearing Xu Tinghua's words, Fan Mu wanted to say "Stop pretending," but he swallowed his words. Now, he should concentrate on finding the exit instead.

The two of them quickly moved towards the intersection to the right. This side was even more dangerous, with piles of bones in the middle of the road, indicating that there had been a fierce battle here. With the slow flow of the cold wind, the two of them seemed to be able to hear the soul sigh, and their hairs stood on end.

Something unexpected happened. The last thing that greeted them in the right passageway was the end. The two of them stood petrified, facing a wall.

"Could it be that the old man's goal from the very beginning was to trap us here?" Seeing that there was no way out, Xu Tianjiao couldn't help feeling a bit angry.

"That won't happen. Although old mister Yun Tian is a secretive man, he still has his reasons. He said that this is a maze, so we can definitely find the exit." Although Fan Mu was also puzzled by the current situation, he still explained for Yun Tian.

"But ?" Xu Tianguo grumbled as he touched the wall.

Fan Mu was sensitive enough to look in the direction of the voice. Something like a jet was forming, "Be careful," Fan Mu cried out, but by the time Xu Tianliang reacted, it was already too late.

With his first experience, Fan Mu was more adept at using it. He used all the strength in his body to focus on one point, and then suddenly slapped down with his right hand. Xu Tianliang was controlled like a puppet, avoiding the fire, but his hair still caught fire.

Ahh, my hair! It's so hot!

Fan Mu wiped off his sweat and sat down on the ground. If this goes on, I'll give you guys a heart attack.

Xu Tianliang looked at his charred hair in disappointment, and snorted, "It's all your fault. I've lost all of the elegance in my life. You have to take responsibility for me."

Fan Mu was shocked into a daze, not knowing what to say. "I'm just teasing you, thank you Brother Mu for saving my life!" Xu Tianliang had returned to normal. The ultimate mystery of the acrobatics was this unpredictable.

"You still have the nerve to say that? You told me to be careful at the beginning, but don't touch randomly. My little heart is about to burst out from trying to do so again." Fan Mu panted as he warned Xu Tianliang.

The two of them adjusted themselves for a moment and returned to their previous contemplation. They were trapped in a secret chamber with a dead end all around them. What should they do?

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