The clear spring had already started to move, and the purple color in the forest was gradually fading. The thin, cicada wings of sunlight penetrated through the dense forest and shone on the soft wetland, sweeping away the gloomy melody.

"Brother Tian, the fog is starting to dissipate." Liu Xin sensed the faint aura of life. Under the enveloping of the purple fog, the living aura was completely sealed, as if it had entered a city of death. But now, it was different.

"We can't be careless. Purple mist can't feel the danger everywhere, the battle sound just now was just a warning," Although Fan Tian was proud and aloof, he still maintained a clear mind, which was rare, because he clearly knew what he needed to do, "Our only mission now is to find Ling Yun and the others, and kill them all without anyone noticing."

"Brother Tian, this ?" Liu Xin slowly frowned, wasn't it supposed to be stealing treasures, how did it become a killing game, weren't we trying to find treasures?

"Yes, this is our mission," Fan Tian nodded as they hurried on their way, then continued, "The only thing that remains is our personal grudge with Fan Mu, which you don't need to interfere in." His voice was trembling, and his killing intent rose up.

His mother was still muttering about Fan Kui's great achievements at home. Even so, Fan Tian didn't want to make a move, after all, he was from the same village, but this time, after he had been ridiculed in public, Fan Mu had gained the approval of Dean Ding. Such a clear contrast made it seem as if the mockery from before had said that he was not even as good as a good-for-nothing.

"Thud! Thud!" A giant figure fell from the sky and crashed into the ground. In the giant pit, flames surged, forming a vortex of fire that wrapped around the figure.

"What the hell?" Liu Xin cried out in fear. As a fire attribute spirit beast, he could feel the purity of this flame, which was so terrifying, at least a green rank spirit beast. "What the hell," Liu Xin cried out, as a fire attribute spirit beast, he could feel the purity of this flame, which was so terrifying, at least a green rank spirit beast. The terrifying power caused him to tremble, and he was even at a loss for words.

"Hmph, don't be afraid," Fan Tian replied shamelessly. He could feel the strength of this spirit beast, but at the same time he could also sense that this spirit beast's aura was weak. Fan Tian didn't understand the sudden situation and gave the order.

Liu Xin forced a smile and cleared her throat. Only then did she say hoarsely, "Do you really not care about it?" In Liu Xin's family, fire attributed spirit beasts were always treated as guests. They believed that their power came from the same source as these spirit beasts, so they cared especially for these spirit beasts.

"Do as you please, we still need to continue on our journey." Before his voice could fade away, Fan Tian waved to Dai Qiu Hu, signalling him to set off immediately.

Although Liu Xin listened to Fan Tian's words, she still chose to stay behind in the matter of the ancestors' principles and the condemnation of their conscience.

Fan Tian didn't interfere with his choice. He fully believed in his own strength. A 14 year old Orange Rank, an absolute genius. Even though he wasn't as good as those Gods, his strength could still be ranked in the top five.

However, overconfidence will eventually push itself into an endless abyss.

Liu Xin had told him before, but Fan Tian had never taken it seriously.

After parting with Liu Xin, the two then headed towards Ling Yun's direction. Liu Xin silently stayed behind to accompany this pitiful spirit beast.

The temperature of the fire spirit beast was everything, at this moment its body temperature was extremely low. Helpless, Liu Xin took out the chili pills from her Jade Spirit Capsule and slowly stuffed them into the spirit beast's mouth.

Time passed minute after minute, waiting anxiously was hard to bear. Ka, the spirit beast moved, and then it slowly stuck out its head, so it was a Flame Ant, its 10 feet long body slowly formed, Liu Xin was extremely happy and immediately stood up.

The blue rank Flame Ant had already developed advanced intelligence. Facing this Dwarf that had saved him, he knew that he had to repay the favor. The Flame Ant's attitude was that it wanted to be gentle.

"Who is so heartless to actually dare to treat Flame Spirit Beasts like this?" Liu Xin blurted out, her heart filled with anger that made it hard for him to let go. Like his own clansmen, the most unbearable thing was to mistreat Flame Spirit Beasts.

A blue light overflowed from the Heavenly Eye of the Flame Ant, surrounding Liu Xin. Liu Xin was startled, the Flame Ant was currently passing her memories back to her, and the experience of the Flame Ant started to scroll through his mind.

Magnetic. Magnetic.

"You b * stard, you actually dared to break the mark I made." A malicious female voice passed by Liu Xin's ears. Bang! The Blazing Ant fell to the ground after being hit by the wooden cross.

Magnetic. Magnetic.

Boom! Liu Xin had witnessed the battle between her and Lingyun's team from the Fire Ant's point of view. Her exquisite cooperation made Liu Xin admire her.


"Spirit beasts can't be like this, be good." This time it was Fan Mu who was carefully treating the Flame Ant, and then Lingyun's group's conversation, digging their way to the Greenwood Palace, and so on. This included witnessing that woman's miraculous power, which was terrifying to the extreme.

As the images passed, Liu Xin was amazed. After reading all of this, his impression of Lingyun, Fan Mu, and the others became a thousand times better. Perhaps it was only because of Fan Tian's words that Liu Xin hated them from the start.

At this moment, the usually timid him mustered up his courage, "Flame Ants, can you bring me to that place?"

The newborn calf was not afraid of tigers. He wanted to hear the reason why that woman treated spirit beasts this way.

The Flame Ant nodded, and then stretched out its huge pincers towards the right, as if to say, "Get out of the way." Liu Xin did as she was told and the Flame Ants began digging the cave according to what she saw.

Boom! A man and a beast leapt out from the ground of the Green Wood Palace. "Heh heh!" Liu Xin shouted, "Steward, quickly come out. I'm here to judge."

"Dodge!" Lingyun roared, and in an instant, Lingyun threw out a water ball towards a void in front of Superintendent Liu Xin. Boom, a Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf was hit flying, "Big brother, are you here to act cute? Lingyun did not care about Liu Xin's condition, and focused on searching for the Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf. However, after a while, his gaze focused on the Blazing Ant.

"This." Ling Yun was a little dazed. In fact, even in this kind of illusion, he did not know what was real. As he looked at each other, the fire ant opened its mouth and ignited.

"It's him that brought me here. Lingyun, it's Liu Xin. Nice to meet you." Arriving at this kind of ice plains, he was also very curious.

"Alright, let's cut to the chase. But keep our spirits up. Right now, there are estimated to be six Phantom Frozen Ash Wolves around us." Lingyun did not know what he knew, but with the Fire Ant as a powerful fighting force, he was relieved. In the eyes of the Fire Ant, playing with the Ash Wolf was like playing with a house. After all, the higher one's rank was, the higher one's perception would be.

"Where is she? We're also looking for her, but we need to temporarily solve the problem in front of us, "Lingyun waved his blue fist and struck at the Ash Wolf's abdomen," This is an illusion. You can enter, but you might not be able to leave.

After listening to Ling Yun's explanation, Liu Xin felt goosebumps all over her body. It was as if he had fallen into a desperate situation.

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