The scene went back to Fan Mu and the other two. Their door was closed, and Fan Mu was lost in thought. He knew what he saw, but he couldn't remember.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in Fan Mu's mind. He raised his head to look at the inscriptions on the walls, and his eyes lit up.

"The sky is wide, I understand. Going back to the left path is a bit fishy, that's probably the exit," Fan Mu blurted out in excitement. Before Xu Tianliang could understand what was going on, Fan Mu had already turned back.

The two people rapidly flew between the black and white pieces, "Fan Mu, didn't we check why the exit was on the left path? What exactly is going on?" Xu Tianliang was still confused. Although he trusted Fan Mu, he still wanted to ask.

"Didn't you say that we've tried all the routes? No, there's still one path that we haven't taken, that's right." Fan Mu then pointed at the wall above them. "Here!"

"Up?" Xu Tianliang had never considered this. His thoughts were always restricted to this plane of space, "But why take the left side?"

"We'll know when we get there," Fan Mu said, intentionally trying to keep them in suspense. "Don't touch it when the time comes, it should be filled with traps." In the end, Fan Mu still warned him.

Both of them landed on the ground at the same time, they had already reached the end of the left passage. Fan Mu pointed at the irregular protrusion on the wall, then raised his head to look at the strange rune on the top, after confirming, he turned around and explained to Xu Tianliang what he had done previously. "Look at the ten thousand runes here, it seems to be sealing something."

"Your perception is really sharp, you definitely won't lose to big brother Ling," Xu Tianliao clapped his hands as he praised them. He had never cared about this small detail before. If it wasn't for Fan Mu observing them carefully, the two of them would probably be imprisoned here forever.

"This protrusion looks really familiar, as if I've seen this pattern before." Following the direction of Fan Mu's finger, Xu Tianliang carefully observed the protrusion on the wall. Although he couldn't see it clearly by looking at it alone, it seemed to be a pattern.

Fan Mu didn't think so in the beginning. He only saw this as a normal protrusion, thinking that one of them was related to the ten thousand runes. However, after hearing Xu Tianliang's words, he remembered that they should be observed from a holistic perspective.

"This is very familiar, I should have only seen it before." Looking at the pattern formed by the lines, Fan Mu was slightly shocked, as if he had only seen it yesterday but could not remember. Fan Mu patted his head, "Why aren't you giving it a try now? I've obviously seen it before!"

"Oh, I got it. Why do you feel so familiar? Look at the people who are calculating on the way, everyone has a small flag. This pattern is exactly the same as the one on top." Xu Tianliang's eyes lit up as his right hand clenched into a fist and his mouth opened wide.

"Gossip!" Fan Mu reacted instantly, and a golden flower seemed to appear in his eyes. Fan Mu seemed very excited, and said to Xu Tianliang, "Xu Tianwei, come over here and let me see those protrusions."

The path was narrow, and Fan Mu was so excited that he didn't forget to stay in a safe zone. He switched positions with Xu Tianliang, and gently stroked the protrusion with his fingers.

The patterns were dense, and even though he could see the secret hidden within the pattern, he still did not know what the connection was with the ten thousand characters. He only discovered that even though it was indeed a Eight Trigrams pattern, it did not seem complete, and it lacked a few protrusions.

Crunch!" Fan Mu touched a place that should have had a protrusion, but had no protrusion. That place actually sank down. "Oh no! We've fallen into a trap!" Fan Mu realized that he had done something wrong.

The walls on both sides opened up, revealing a hole the size of a pot on each side. The sound of flapping wings came from the cave, and a large group of black-winged, red-bellied bats arrived as scheduled, startling Xu Tianhu and Fan Mu.

"Black Winged Red Bat, blood sucking poison!" Fan Mu had read about it in the books before, and as he came back to his senses, he realized that although this bat was small, its venom was extremely potent. A single drop could kill an elephant, and the consequences of being bitten by it could be imagined.

"Fan Mu, leave them to me, hurry up and decrypt them, we need to escape from here," Saying that, the red core once again began to revolve, Xu Tianliang drew a circle in the air, a mudstone fortress wrapped around Fan Mu and Tu Wen. He took a deep breath, "Hey, your opponent is me!"

Red light appeared and filled the entire area with earth elemental energy. Xu Tianliang raised two fingers, blew air with his mouth, and then pointed at the Black Winged Red Bat in the air, "Earth Shattering Mountain." The sound of the chants continued to circulate as the space in front of Xu Tianlang's fingers continuously formed into a ball of dirt, shooting towards the bats in the air. Each of the explosions took away a bat, which could be said to be extremely accurate.

Kacha! The bats on the ground unexpectedly pressed down the white pieces on the ground. Countless flying needles exploded from the holes and flew towards the place where the mechanism had been activated. Groups of bats were hit by the poisonous needles, and more and more of them died on the way.

Xu Tianliang clicked his tongue and said to himself, "You can even do that? I truly am worthy of being called a genius! "

In order to save the two of them, Fan Mu had gathered all of his psychic power in the barrier. After a period of probing, he had a rough idea of what to do.

There's gossip," said Fan Mu to himself. "In this order, it's oracular, oracular, oracular, oracular, anecdote. Now that every one of them is missing a bulge, how can I recover it?

Considering that he had released the bat when he pressed the button on the non-prominent spot previously, Fan Mu felt that it was only a matter of order. Now that Xu Tianming had shouted the word "Mountain Shot", Fan Mu had an idea.

"Mountain?" To be frank, Yun Tian was an interesting person, "Fan Mu could not help but giggle," Guanzhang Mountain belongs to this one! "

After finding the sequence, Fan Mu couldn't wait to verify it. He pressed the button on the missing place, "Ca," unlike what happened before, the wall didn't cave in and instead gave birth to a small synaptic patch. Fan Mu calmly watched as his thoughts were proven, and finally didn't screw things up again.

Crack, crack, crack, crack. The missing parts of the Eight Trigrams were restored one after another. A golden light flashed, and all the synapses sank down. A stone button was pressed. Fan Mu didn't know what was going on outside, so he didn't have time to consider the accuracy of the buttons.

Rumble ? The wall above the two slowly opened with ten thousand characters of runes.

Seeing this, "Release!" As soon as Xu Tianliao gave the order, the barrier protecting Fan Mu opened. As soon as the barrier was opened, Fan Mu was shocked to see the red bats littered all over the ground, praising Xu Tianliang's strength.

"Fan Mu, let's go!" Xu Tianliang's tone was hurried as he pulled Fan Mu and leapt towards the space at the top like a bolt of lightning, bidding farewell to the angry red bat.

The dark night opened the green curtain, and the moonlike figure in the thick ink stone let out a silver light. The sweet smell of plants spread out, turning into a colorless net. It was quiet and cozy, making people forget that they were still in a maze.

When Fan Mu and his companion arrived at the second level of the maze, their minds were in turmoil. They didn't expect that the maze would allow them to advance even further. However, the comfortable environment and the tranquil atmosphere stunned their companions.

The place at the entrance had returned to normal. It was not an illusion. Indeed, before the two of them was a lush forest.

"Fan Mu, I'm really confused." Xu Tianliang covered his head as he recalled his experiences today. The amount of information he had was too much to accept.

"The sky is wide, don't let down your guard until the end. This is still a maze, be careful with it." Fan Mu still maintained his calm mind, even though there were no changes in the surroundings, as if it was originally a small forest.

"Let's try it out first," Fan Mu decided.

"Alright," Xu Tianliang happily agreed, "Come, eat this first. Spiritual Replenishing Pills, replenish your strength!" Xu Tianguo took out a Jade Spirit Capsule and took out two pills. The tycoon was just like this, having a physical production workshop with him.

"Earth Elemental Meteor Break." Xu Tianliang skillfully placed the pieces of the meteor in the direction that Fan Mu had pointed at.

The maze was still the maze, and the mechanism was still the same. The moment the meteorite fell, the trees on the ground began to move.

"Alright, I'll waste a meteorite," Xu Tianliang waved his hand and realized that he had difficulty pulling the meteorite. Perhaps it was because of Fan Mu, but he couldn't help but complain, "What are you worrying about? You won't even give me a rock."

Ignoring Xu Tianliang's retorts, Fan Mu examined the whole forest without leaking a drop of water. He thought to himself, "The last trial was a gossip, what would this pass be like? The hard work is worth the effort, and with a little silver light, Fan Mu noticed something strange." Look, these trees look strange! "

Tianbao was immersed in the fun of pulling the vines out of the river, but he eventually lost out on the vines. What was even more terrifying was that his meteorite became smaller and smaller. To put it bluntly, it was melted.

"What? Brother Mu, what did you say?" Xu Tianliang did not hear it clearly, so he asked again.

"I mean, look at these trees. Their branches are all flashing different lights. Counting them, there are a total of five colors. Red, blue, yellow, green, gold." Fan Mu was helpless.

Just like what Fan Mu had said, these trees seemed to be decorated with colored lights, flashing with colorful lights. "Hmm, really, what's stopping me from getting the meteorites is red light, so you can't touch them from the start, right?" Xu Tianliang inferred.

Fan Mu was enlightened by Xu Tianliang's words. However, if they continued like this, there would be thousands of options. By the time they found a way, time would have run out. Besides, there was only a stick of incense left.

What did five colors represent? The doubts of the two new students enveloped them. The only ones that they could think of that were related to the five elements were the five elements. "The sky is wide, let's test out the first color first."

With that, Xu Tianliang used his spirit energy again to form four meteorites. After trying them out one by one, the two discovered that the meteorites would not be bound by vines until they reached the demon tree that was emitting a golden glow.

"This means that the golden color should be representative of the metal element," said Fan Mu. "Let's try out the process and try it out in the order of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth." Bold guesses and attempts are the key to success.

Following Fan Mu's instructions, Xu Tianliang placed the meteorite before the glowing golden tree. Then there was green, then blue, then red, and finally yellow. As expected, the trees in the forest never moved again.

"So that's how it is," Xu Tianliang said as he happily looked at the new discovery. "This place is arranged in the order of the attributes."

Fan Mu nodded. Although the mechanism was not hidden, this was the first time he heard that a plant could be used as the starting point of a mechanism. As expected of the Emperor, he was already at the point where everything could be used as a mechanism.

The two carefully followed the steps into the forest. The plants in the forest quickly surrounded them, extending their vines in preparation to capture this invasion at any time.

Due to the darkness of the night, the difference in color was weakened, and as a result, the speed at which the two of them travelled in the forest was especially slow.

"Stop, something's going on ahead!" Fan Mu became alert.

As they neared the exit, the magic tree no longer emitted its original five primary colors. Every tree was not only two colors, but constantly changing. The ever-changing colors dazzled the two of them and they didn't know what to do.

"Damn, are you stupid? My eyes are blurry, what are you doing!" Xu Tianliang complained as he stared at the tree for a long time. Even his eyes had gone blurry.

Fan Mu was puzzled as to why the tree trunk suddenly went crazy, flashing continuously like a neon light.

"Wait, Brother Mu, I think there's something interesting inside." Xu Tiankong closed his tired eyes and opened them with all his might, "No matter how much color each tree trunk changes, there will always be one less color. Look."

Xu Tianliang pointed at the trunk of the tree in front of him, allowing Fan Mu to take a look. As he expected, it lacked the golden color, "Brother Tianliang, you've really made a big discovery."

"But how do we get past this?" Xu Tianliang's thoughts were locked in place, but he still looked helpless.

"Hahaha, is it really okay for Brother Tian Kuo to be like this? You know it's good enough but you don't say it," Fan Mu shook his head. He thought Xu Tian Kuo was giving him a chance, "You must want to say that the missing color is the tree's attribute."

Xu Tianliang came to his senses. Patting his head, he laughed loudly, "Aiya, look at my brain. It's just that I'm not as smart as Brother Mu."

"Hey, stop praising me. It's getting late, let's hurry up." Fan Mu recalled that all these tests had time limits, and he was uncontrollably alert.

They got up and continued on their way. It didn't take long for the two of them to reach the end of the tunnel. Like the maze on the first floor, the two of them were greeted by a large secret room.

"Fan Mu, don't you feel that something is amiss?" Xu Tianliang seemed to sense that something was happening.

"I also feel that there's something I can't describe," Fan Mu suddenly thought of the fact that the Emperor's mechanism might have been used to lure you into falling into his trap. He felt uncomfortable all over.

At this point, the two of them still chose to climb upwards.

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