The maze area was like a pagoda that extended to the third floor. Different from the second floor, there was no longer any vitality here. The dense yin aura engulfed the entire space. In this space made of pure metal, all that was left was a bone-chilling cold.

The ground beneath the two of them had returned to normal without the slightest crack. Looking around them, aside from the bronze walls, there was only a cart-like object that was trapped by the four pillars of light. It was unknown whether it was a treasure or a mechanism.

"This place is actually made of metal!" Xu Tianbao's tone revealed a hint of admiration. Although Yun Tian was the Emperor of traps, his space design was actually this skillful. It was truly amazing.

Fan Mu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, thinking to himself that this was not the time to praise him. Looking at the mechanical thing in the center, he felt a sense of danger.

"We can't act rashly, metal is the mechanism's best carrier, this place is made of pure metal, the link between the mechanism and the mechanism can be imagined," Fan Mu analyzed calmly, but before he could finish, Xu Tianliang activated the mechanism, and a wall of light disappeared.

"Uh, I didn't do it on purpose. Just now, my foot moved a bit," just as he finished speaking, he retracted his foot. Ka Cha, the barrier of light around the trap mechanism disappeared once again.

"Don't panic, it seems like what we were worried about has happened," Fan Mu sounded slightly perturbed, he could feel that the central mechanism was not ordinary, "Inducing a mechanism, the Emperor of the organ does indeed deserve his reputation!"

"Don't praise him, I know he's amazing." Hearing Fan Mu's words, Xu Tianliang's heart trembled. What was to come was going to happen, "Are you ready, Brother Mu? It's coming out." The mechanism at the center was like an arrow that had left the bow, seemingly about to break free from the barrier of light.

The two of them each took a step forward, and the last two walls of light fell off. At this moment, the buzzing sound of the mechanism constantly sounded, "This is?" Now that he had lost the cover of the wall of light, he could see the mechanism clearly. Seeing the mechanism's true face, Fan Mu's eyes revealed a hint of fear.

"What is it?" Due to the buzzing sound echoing in the metallic space for a long time, Xu Tianguang could not separate from Fan Mu so he asked no further.

"We're in big trouble!" Fan Mu took a breath. Time passed, and he continued to explain.

"Mu Yunxiang is the finished product of a top mechanism of Yun Tian's. I told you that this mechanism has already been used in the army. If the two of us can break it, then it would be recorded in the annals of history." Fan Mu was clearly disheartened by Yun Tian's inducement, but he did not forget to retort.

Noticing Fan Mu's meaning, Xu Tianguo fiddled with the jade in front of his chest, pressing his fist down. He said in a thought-provoking manner, "Leave the sadness to yourself, our fists speak!"

Although Xu Tianliang's words sounded boastful, it was effective. Fan Mu regained his spirits, "That's right, what's there to be sad about? Lingyun and Fan Qin are still waiting for us, we need to finish them quickly."

"It's time to show off!" Xu Tianliang's Elemental Core began to glow. Mu Yunxiang also gathered his energy and rushed towards the two of them. Xu Tianliang held the Earth Elemental Essence in his hands and prepared to meet them head on.

Kengchi. The Battle Mecha on the head of Mu Yunxiang sunk into the ground. A hexagonal shaped tool that looked like a beehive protruded out, and Fan Mu shouted, "The sky is vast and the earth is vast! The legendary Pear Blossom Rain Needles! "

It was already too late to say all this to Xu Tianguo, who was gathering energy. Seeing this, Fan Mu quickly gathered his strength and scattered all his strength around his ankles. He activated the Rippling Light Steps. The Flowers of Rain Needle was already approaching Xu Tianguang's head.

He glided backwards and waved his left arm, pulling Xu Tianpo into his embrace. The two brushed past each other with their Pear Blossom Rain Needles and fell to the ground, "Tianming, are you alright?"

Xu Tianguo, who was in Fan Mu's arms, looked so beautiful that he couldn't bear to look. "Hey, have you hugged enough?" Xu Tianliang opened his big watery eyes and began to act cute.

"Fuck, get lost, don't disgust me." Fan Mu covered his mouth with one hand and shoved Xu Tianliang to the side with the other.

"Un, no need! You saved him, so you have to be responsible for him!" Xu Tianliang's appearance was like a rabbit maiden, twisting his well-built body. The scene was simply too beautiful.

"I should have let you die under the Pear Blossom Needles," Fan Mu rolled his eyes and continued to beware of Mu Yunxiang's actions.

"Speaking of which, have you noticed that this Mu Yunxiang is too small?" Xu Tiangou turned into a good military advisor. He could not understand how someone as tall as a man could be called an elephant.

"You're right, I'm also very confused," Fan Mu scratched his head. According to his knowledge, Mu Yunxiang's height was around 3 meters, so how could this small thing, which was not even 3 meters, be comparable to the army?

"However, from the distribution of the Battle Mechas, they are made of pure metal." From the attack pattern, Fan Mu could tell that the Battle Mechas were much more advanced than the typical Wood Cloud Elephant.

"Brother Mu, but ?" Xu Tianliang turned around and spoke. Mu Yunxiong ignored him.

"Kill it with a thousand knives, I don't care what it is, I know it's useful, but do you think you can subdue it with just a shout!?" On the battlefield, it was taboo for warriors to look left and right, and in the next second, you could lose your life under another's sword.

The little wooden elephant's Pear Blossom Rain Needles arrived as expected. Xu Tianliang waved his earth elemental shield to form a shield to dodge the attack. "Alright, I understand. I'll focus on fighting!"

Xu Tianliang also realized that if this carried on, he would be killed sooner or later. It would be better to just keep fighting.

He put away the syringe like a beehive and lifted the elephant nose. "Ka, the core door that blocked his nose opened and a flame aura slowly seeped out. Fan Mu and his companion vigilantly observed Mu Yunxiang's every move, not daring to relax in the slightest."

"It's coming," Fan Mu reminded. As expected, flames surged out and spread throughout the metal domain.

"Earth Light Technique, Mysterious Spirit Shield!" The earth elemental energy flowed out and formed a giant shield in front of the two. Under the burning of the pure flames, the shield gradually turned into a porcelain.

"Damn, the ground is so hot." Xu Tianliang complained. Although he had blocked the fire's frontal attack, in such a space, the heat conduction speed was extremely fast. In an instant, it was like a steamer.

"I can't do it anymore, I can't do it anymore. If this goes on, I'll definitely roast myself!" The two were like grasshoppers in an oil pan, unable to move an inch.

Xu Tianliang muttered as he took out a Jade Spirit Capsule from his waist. In an instant, the surrounding heat disappeared, "The Ice Fairy has disturbed your closed door cultivation. Come out, Ice Fairy!"

A pure and pure girl fluttered her crystal clear wings and hovered in midair.

Crack! * The sound of ice crystals freezing could be heard as the ice spirit leaned slightly on Xu Tianliang's shoulder. Her silver hair draped over her shoulders as her sapphire eyes sparkled.

"This is?" Fan Mu looked at the life in surprise; the Ice Elf's smile was so beautiful.

"This?" Xu Tianguo flicked his finger and said, "Two years ago, my father took me to train in the Icelandic forest. At that time, she was burned to death by the Flaming Jade Eagles with a weak aura. My father and I saved her and she has been following me ever since." Xu Tiangou actually laughed out loud at this critical moment with a proud look on his face.

"However, she has recently entered the advanced stage, so I didn't want her to come out ?" Turning back to look at this serious situation, Xu Tianliang sucked in a cold breath, "She has to come out, my good friend."

Fan Mu blinked his eyes, looking at the Ice Elves circling in the air, he suddenly ridiculed, "You slayed-to-be-strange uncle Li, you are such a cute little loli and you don't even have any humanity left. Fan Mu blinked his eyes, looking at the Ice Elves circling in the air, then suddenly ridiculed," You're such a slayer-like strange uncle, such a cute little loli and you don't even have any sense of humanity left.

"Ugh!" Xu Tiankong pursed his lips in anger as if to express his dissatisfaction. However, he thought that it would be better to treat this little fellow better.

"What level is this kid at now?" Fan Mu asked.


Returning to the battlefield, Xu Tianliang gave the Ice Fairy an order as he returned to his calm self.

The ice spirit immediately danced and white snowflakes filled the sky. It seemed as if it had come to its senses. The snowflakes melted into a shower of rain under the heat wave and fiercely fought against the flames that Mu Yunxiang spat out.

"I can finally relax," Fan Mu grinned. At this moment, he suddenly remembered the importance of Lingyun, "But you still have to be more alert. The wooden cloud in the sky is filled with traps, so it won't be that easy to deal with them."

At this moment, the small Mu Yunxiang had almost arrived in front of the two of them. The heat wave returned to its calm state and attacked again. Not only that, Mu Yunxiang had changed his path of travel and started to circle on the ground.

"What is it doing? Is its foot smeared?" Xu Tianguo couldn't immediately ask Fan Mu after all, he was an encyclopedia.

"I don't know, I just don't think it's a good thing," Fan Mu answered truthfully. He could feel another crisis approaching.

With the rotation of its body, flames shot out from the elephant's nose once again. Rumble! The vortex of flame turned into a flaming tornado. Sparks and metal walls fiercely collided, as if they were going to melt.

The two of them were flabbergasted. "This is also possible?" They all said at the same time, revealing the disbelief in their hearts, "Not good! "If this goes on, we'll fall into the whirlpool. Ice Fairy, you can do it! Don't give up!"

The ice spirit was trying its best to stop the vortex of flame power, but nothing was going to work. What should it do? If it continued to do nothing, it would be swept into the vortex and incinerated.

"Fan Mu, you're not afraid of dirt, are you?" Xu Tianliang gritted his teeth, continuously repeating that he had to succeed, had to succeed.

"You're still talking in your sleep at this time?" Fan Mu was extremely confused. He didn't know what Xu Tianguo was up to, but it wasn't a question of whether or not he was dirty. It was a question of how he could escape.

"You can't go around it. Watch me, come back, Ice Fairy." Putting away the Jade Spirit Capsule, he grabbed his own jade stone, tightly grasped it in his hand, and softly chanted. Everything was completed in an instant, "Earth Light Technique ? Earth Flowing Marsh!"

Seeing the swamp gradually forming under his feet, Fan Mu instantly understood what Xu Tianliang meant. Taking a deep breath, he dived into the swamp. Xu Tianliang was not idle either. The two of them quietly waited in the swamp for the fire tornado to pass.

Feeling the heat from their backs gradually turn into coolness, the two propped up their bodies and prepared to leave the swamp. After the burning of the flames, the swamp soil became hard and thick, and it took a lot of effort for the two of them to break free from the swamp.

"I feel like I need to take some medicine," Xu Tianliang said as he rubbed his eyes. The two of them stood motionlessly on the swamp, not moving at all. "Look at him flying on the wall."

Fan Mu chuckled twice, looking at this monstrous wooden cloud elephant, seeming to be deep in thought. He looked around, and then looked at his own shadow on the ground, suddenly having a wild and unrestrained thought. This space couldn't be one dimensional right.

"What? You said this is a one-dimensional space? What time is it? Can you not have this kind of international fun? You're ugly, but I'm not blind ?" Hearing Fan Mu's words, Xu Tianliang's first reaction was that this fellow had finally gone mad after going through so much.

"What are you talking about? Listen to me." Fan Mu was speechless. No one was as ugly as you. "I was wondering from the beginning why the walls were so shiny, but couldn't reveal their true colors."

"This... He suddenly felt that this made sense. "After hearing Fan Mu's explanation, he felt that it was rather interesting. If what Fan Mu said was true, then he really would admire this old man named Yun Tian."

"No matter what, the truth is better than eloquence. It's time to test it out." Fan Mu grabbed Xu Tianliang's arm and dodged the wooden cloud elephant's flying needle. He didn't forget that there was such a high-tech guy here.

Stepping onto the Rippling Light Steps, he arrived at the corner of the wall in minutes. This was the moment to witness a miracle. He took a deep breath, "Next is the moment to witness a miracle!"

"Damn, is this too magical?" Xu Tianguo didn't even dare to believe his eyes. Right now, he was acutely aware of how terrifying and unfathomable a person with tyrannical strength was.

"Here we go again," Fan Mu once again gave the warning in advance. The small wooden elephant seemed to have run out of flame, and a jet of water shot out from its trunk at an extremely high speed.

Compared to this water spear, the flames from before were much more dangerous. He did not know if it was because they were too nervous before, but at this moment, the two of them were walking with light footsteps as they discussed how to deal with it, while avoiding the water spear attack.

"The sky is wide, do you have any good ideas?" After pondering for a long time, Fan Mu still hadn't made any progress. Rather than just watching in a daze, it was better to gather all the ideas he had.

"I don't have a way, but I suggest we go to a place," Xu Tianbao shook his head, "I want to see how that wall of light was formed. After hiding in this place for such a long time, it doesn't seem like there are any other mechanisms."

After hearing Xu Tianliang's opinion, Fan Mu pondered for a moment and found that there were indeed some subtleties to it. Only the central area had a mechanism, wasn't that too confident? Then why were they so sure that we would trigger it? There must be a reason.

"We'll set off now, the target is the central mechanism." After dodging the rain of needles, the two deviated from their original direction and headed towards the center.

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