Looking around, the room that was made of pure metal had chills rising from all directions. There were only two people in this one-dimensional world, and they were facing a life-and-death game. In the end, who was the main player in this game?

Fan Mu and his companion advanced towards their final destination. "This Mu Yunxiang is really chasing after them relentlessly." Xu Tianliang shook his head helplessly and jumped to his left, dodging a dozen flying swords.

"We're almost there, work harder." With that, Fan Mu increased his speed, and the closer he got to the center of the formation, the fiercer Mu Yunxiang's attacks became, as if he was protecting something.

"What did this guy eat that made him grow up ?" So many needles. "With great difficulty, Fan Mu was able to avoid the rain of needles. When the rain of needles struck him, he could not help but complain.

"We're here!" Xu Tianming's face lit up with joy. He suddenly said, "We've finally reached the center of the array formation. However, we were still able to escape from little Muyun's pursuit. This fellow is truly troublesome."

"Do you want to try Ling Yun's move again?" Xu Tiangbong's mind was opened as he thoughtfully spoke.

"You're only useful at critical moments, why didn't you tell me about such an important matter earlier?" Fan Mu slapped his head, suddenly realizing that if Xu Tianming hadn't told him, he would have forgotten about his ability.

"Aren't you the captain? How can this little one work beyond my level?" At this time, Xu Tianliang didn't forget to catch his chin, "Earth Profound Spirit Shield! "Mud Avatar."

The earth element floated out and once again condensed into a Profound Spirit Shield to block Mu Yunxiang's attack. From within the Profound Spirit Shield, two figures made of clay quietly floated out, preparing for the transfer.

The Mystic Spirit Shield fell to the ground as Fan Mu and Xu Tianliang quietly hid within it. The two clay figures took their positions and walked down a straight path to start their battle with Mu Yunxiang.

"Time is limited. If we circle around this plane, the clay figure will return here soon," Fan Mu analyzed the situation.

The two of them broke free from the Mystic Spirit Shield and walked towards the center of the formation.

The spell formation was surrounded by four metal pillars. In the center, blood-red runes constantly flowed, looking extremely bewitching. The only thing that had stopped changing was the blue runes pointing in four directions.

"The pattern looks so familiar." Xu Tianliang seemed to have seen it before, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise. This diagram depicts an ancient mythical beast guarding the four directions." The blue inscriptions were very ingenious, only highlighting the Four Divine Beasts' markers and attributes. For example, the Azure Dragon in the Eastern Palace was corresponding to the dragon horn and branches.

"So it's these things. Then, are we saved after we defeat these things?" Xu Tianliang's eyes reflected an unusual luster.

Fan Mu rolled his eyes. This was indeed a boastful boasting. With these words, Fan Mu fixed his gaze on Xu Tianbao and asked, "Do you think these boastful conclusions are useful now?"

"He really doesn't have a sense of humour. He deserves to be spat on for the rest of his life. I just wanted to liven up the atmosphere." Xu Tianguang was speechless. This Fan Mu really didn't have a sense of humor.

"Then what can you do? I feel like my head is about to explode." Xu Tianhao squatted down to carefully observe the runes. He was completely confused and could not find any clues at all.

"Uh, I'm not Yun Tian. I need some time." Fan Mu was helpless. This time's question was really too difficult, and he couldn't feel any pattern.

After admitting that his IQ was not high enough, Xu Tianwei handed over the mental work to Fan Mu. Xu Tianwei stood up and looked around to protect Fan Mu.

After pondering for a moment, Fan Mu couldn't come up with any conclusions. He carefully examined the changes in the rune, but the only thing he noticed was that the rune was always moving in the direction of the blue rune.

Fan Mu stood up, and the two of them looked at each other, looking at Fan Mu's mournful expression. Xu Tianliang knew he had failed. There was nothing he could do, even with his vast knowledge, the decryption required luck.

Time slowly passed, and the two of them didn't have much time left. "It's not time to give up yet. When the clay figure returns, we can create a few more clones to meet the enemy head on!" Xu Tianbao's words had once again lifted their morale. What they needed to do now was to wait for the right moment.

"He's back!" Looking at the mud man from afar with its body riddled with holes, the two of them trembled in fear. The morale that they had just built up had also been reduced by fifty to sixty percent.

Fan Mu and Xu Tianliang retreated two steps and stood behind the central spell formation, summoning the earth element once more. "My power is limited, I can only create six clay figures at once. I already have two, I can summon four more clones."

With his right hand touching the sky, he started chanting a string of incantations. The earth element was shining brightly and the four clay warriors appeared from their bodies, "Hu Hu, this time I have added iron, their bodies will become harder and stronger."

Eight against one, the number of people being completely suppressed. However, the two were still filled with bewilderment.

At this time, the clay figure finally passed the central rune area and met up with the six "people".

Woosh! A wall of light descended from the sky, blocking Mu Yunxiang's path. Without enough time to change directions, the wall of light suddenly slammed into the ground. The shockwave created by the collision created a hole in the metallic surface.

"This is?" This sudden turn of events made Xu Tianliang extremely happy, "Has someone come to save us?"

Fan Mu looked at the distribution of the runes, recalling the movements of the clay figurine, he could not help but relax. "The sky is wide, but this is the only thing I can think of."

Xu Tianliang did not interrupt him. So far, Fan Mu's thoughts had been confirmed, and he had chosen to believe him to be the best course of action.

"When the clay figurine started, it started at the blue glyph area under our feet. Just a moment ago, it passed through the blue glyph area opposite us, and the wall of light appeared again. This wall of light is extremely similar to the one that sealed it previously," Fan Mu said in succession.

"So, my guess is that if we can perform the same operation from all four directions, we can once again imprison it!" Fan Mu said the last three words firmly.

"Okay, I'll cover for you. You guys go ahead," Lu Yao said.

Since he had been saved many times by Fan Mu, he was well aware of this debt of gratitude. Moreover, he still remembered Fan Qin's words about protecting his brother, so he naturally chose the most dangerous mission.

Xu Tianliang set the direction for the three clay figures and faced the small wooden statue with a calm expression.

"Brother Blessed Sky, be careful!" With these words, a layer of faint mist covered Fan Mu's eyes. He had no time to take care of it, so he immediately set off.

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