As the wall of light dispersed, the little wood cloud once again pounced towards Xu Tianliang like a wild beast.

"Hey!" "Earth Cannon." Xu Tianliang dodged in a flash, avoiding the attack that seemed to have gone crazy. However, he didn't forget to leave some damage on the little wooden elephant. After experiencing hundreds of battles, he habitually attacked its legs.

As expected, the small Mu Yunxiang's forward momentum was obstructed. Taking advantage of this time, Xu Tianliang leapt up and landed on top of Mu Yunxiang's head. The Sludge Clone was also not willing to fall behind, and began to encircle him in a triangular formation.

Xu Tianliang took a deep breath, gathered all the strength in his body and prepared to launch an all-out offensive, "Yayaya ayaya, break it for me, Earth Elementalist Cannon!" With the chant of an incantation, the real body and the avatar made their moves at the same time. The elements condensed into a meteor as it charged straight at the little wooden elephant.

Boom!" The sound of the explosion was deafening. Xu Tiankong landed on the ground panting as he waited for the little Mu Yunxiang in the dust to give up.

Everything was too idealistic. What awaited him was not the defeat of the little wooden elephant, but a rain of needles.

"Damn, that was close," Xu Tianliang said as he sensitively lifted the Profound Spirit Shield. All the flying needles stabbed deeply into the shield. Some of them even pierced through the shield, just a few centimeters away from the tip of the brush.

The little wooden elephant did not have any intention of letting him go, and Xu Tianliang's strength was more or less enough.

In this completely metallic space, without the supply of earth particles, Xu Tianliang was particularly exhausted. His steps were no longer nimble, and he could only rely on the Mystic Spirit Shield's solid armor. He dodged time and time again to avoid the attack of the little wooden elephant.

"I'll try my best to lure it away. At the very least, I'll give Brother Mu some more time!" Xu Tianliang muttered to himself as he waved his hand. Together with his avatar, they turned around and ran towards a place far away from the center of the city.

Without delay, Fan Mu was using the Rippling Light Steps to complete the mission. On careful thought, the design of this formation was quite ingenious, but luckily, it was him and Xu Tianliang who arrived. If it were anyone else, they wouldn't have been able to complete the mission from all four directions.

Kengchi. The little wood elephant stopped in its tracks. It didn't choose to give up, but to change machines.

"Pfft, luckily my leg strength wasn't too bad, or else I would have been caught." Xu Tianliang was very glad that the little Mu Yunxiang did not continue to follow him. He no longer had the strength to support himself.

"F * ck, no way. Could it be that my life should be left here?" Xu Tianbao's eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the little wood elephant, who was changing her equipment.

Swish! A wind blade pierced Xu Tianguang's face and fiercely blasted open a hole in the ground. Xu Tianguang gently wiped away the blood on his cheek as sweat flowed down unceasingly from his back. Feeling his imminent danger, Xu Tianliang became even calmer.

A turbine like object emerged from the back of the small wooden elephant, from which a strong wind pressure emerged. Its speed was so fast that it exceeded the ability to distinguish with the naked eye, with a bang, the three clay figures were instantly chopped into two halves.

Xu Tianguo placed his right hand in front of his chest and silently prayed. The sound of wind blades curling up could be heard as he lifted the Profound Spirit Shield in his left hand and closed his eyes by himself.

Boom, in a breath, there was no physical pain, as if his life was instantly gone. All that was left was a tiny bit of regret. Where are you? Xu Tianliang's lips curled up into a faint smile.

"Hey, why are you standing at the side and trying to act like you are? You're smiling so evilly." Fan Mu stood in front of the little wooden elephant, whose movements were blocked by the four walls of light. Seeing Xu Tianguang about to be cut apart by the wind blades, he couldn't even think of anything to say.

"Uh, I thought I was dead." Xu Tianliao shuddered. The feeling of losing his life had just appeared clearly in his mind.

"Is there a dead person who can speak? Here!" Fan Mu didn't know what was going on in Xu Tianliang's room. He couldn't help but roll his eyes, take out the small bamboo tube from his waist with his left hand, and throw it out.

"Looks like I'll be able to see you again." With the same smile, he grabbed the water that Fan Mu threw in and drank it to his heart's content. He said, "I didn't follow the wrong person today after all.

Due to the loss of stamina, Xu Tianliang could no longer maintain his avatar. The avatar disappeared, leaving only the two of them behind.

Standing in front of the locked little wooden statue, the two of them left the last clay plate as a souvenir and walked towards the exit.

"Do you think my calligraphy is good?" Xu Tianguo asked.

"You're really something!" Recalling the words "Fan Mu's visit here" that Xu Tianguang had carved on the clay plate in front of the small wooden elephant just a moment ago, Fan Mu felt his entire being go sour.

"This is the exit." Looking at the four words written on the door, the two sighed with emotion. Yun Tian's maze was truly a work of art.

Yun Tian's laughter filled the entire space as if he heard the two's thoughts.

He pushed open the heavy door to the metallic world, and bronze colored lights shined into their eyes. In front of them were two doors. One of the doors had the words "Unrecoverable" on it, while the other said "Nine Lives to Death".

The two people had just calmed down and tensed up once again. The words written on the door were not anything special, so what was the deep meaning behind it?

With a whoosh, a circle of purple fog was pushed aside, and a figure clad in purple smoke appeared within it.

"I'm very happy to see you again," the gentle voice belonged to a bandit, "There are two doors in front of you, each with a choice between life and death, making a good choice."

Before the two of them could inquire about what had happened, the strange thief disappeared without a trace.

"Hehe, today my life is destined to be hanging by a thread." Xu Tianliang grinned, but laughed out loud, "Brother Mu, no matter if I live or die, I still recognize you as my brother."

Seeing such an emotional Xu Tianguo, Fan Mu was rather surprised. In his eyes, Xu Tianguo was a straightforward, honest, humorous, and witty chivalrous person. To have such a brother was an indescribable feeling.

"We don't have any regrets for Brother Tianlang's words," Fan Mu cupped his fist and bowed deeply.

"Why are you being so courteous?" Xu Tianliang said as he helped Fan Mu to his feet. Then, he took out a Jade Spirit Capsule from his waist and took out two jugs of wine.

"Uh, you city people really know how to play. Put everything into this capsule." Fan Mu looked at Xu Tianliang's actions speechlessly. This superb way of using things was really intoxicating. Even if he had the money, he shouldn't waste it like this.

"Come, let's do it as a form of respect." Xu Tianliang straightforwardly finished the wine in one gulp.

Even though he was not good at drinking, Fan Mu still treated wine as a song, "From now on, we will share good and bad fortune with each other!" Both of them spoke at the same time as they slammed their wine jugs on the ground.

"Brother Mu is casual, I don't have any regrets." Having said that, Xu Tianliang couldn't help but think of a person.

"Brother Tian Kuo is too polite, I choose this one." Xu Tian Kuo faced the sky and laughed as he entered the door. At the same time, Xu Tian Kuo opened the door that had the words "Nine Lives to Death" engraved on it.

Tut, tut. The two doors opened at the same time and then shut behind each other. What would be waiting for them?

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