As he entered the hall, the dim light illuminated the lonely hall. Hidden within the dead silence was a soul-stirring smile.

"Fan Mu, you're finally here." The gentle voice seemed to seep into his bones, peaceful and heartless, but it stirred a cold wind in Fan Mu's heart.

"This is my promise." A figure slowly walked down from the cloud step. Under the lingering purple smoke, the figure slowly walked towards Fan Mu.

The light pink cloud robe wrapped around her beautiful figure, the azure veil gently caressed her face, adding a mysterious charm to it. She gently waved her delicate and slender hands, and two treasures stealthily floated out from her sleeves.

"I-I'm still alive? That ? "Fan Mu was surprised, but he soon lost his train of thought. He couldn't help but recall the words he had said before entering the room. Ever since he had decided to enter through this irrevocable door, he had never thought to leave it alive.

After a moment of thought, his mind went into a frenzy. He did not forget Leng Xiao's words. If he lived and died, then he would represent Xu Tianliang ? " Tell me how the world is like, and tell me quickly. " Fan Mu shouted.

Leng Xiao acted as if she was a completely different person, not caring about Fan Mu's anger at all. She only said softly, "Don't worry about him, he's doing very well." With a wave of her finger, a mirror-like object appeared in the purple cloud.

Fan Mu heaved a sigh of relief. When he thought about how his sworn brother was still alive, he couldn't help but shiver. It seemed that he had been toyed with by someone else.

At this moment, what Leng Xiao said and what he promised had landed in Fan Mu's hands. It was a bowl of tea and a piece of jade, this was the ultimate goal of the mission. The ancient treasure shined slightly, bringing with it a sense of business and comfort.

"Drink, that's a prize." Although the words were gentle, they revealed a hint of indifference. Compared to the teasing from before, she was like a cold goddess. It was just that she couldn't see her face.

Fan Mu stared at the contents of the cup for a while before saying with a trembling voice, "Frigid Worry Grass."

"You know your stuff," the bandit praised Fan Mu's knowledge and knowledge.

This Frigid Worry Grass just so happened to be with that pile of seeds, and it was modified by the ancient wood elemental ore. Originally, I wanted to make some tea with the Twilight Dew, but who would've thought that you guys would come looking for trouble. The cold face complained, but it sounded like he was doing it on purpose, "Forget it, this is your prize. A promise worth a thousand gold. I promise you."

"Thank you, Senior." The amount of information he received was too much, and Fan Mu had yet to regain his senses. He could only stare silently at the cup of tea in a daze.

"Hurry up and drink, I'll show you something in a bit." The bandit sounded impatient, as if he was in a hurry to catch the sound of something. Fan Mu did not dare neglect his words; this was a huge gift, and passing through these obstacles was not easy to come by.

In that instant, a stream of heat flowed into the various acupuncture points of his body. The flow of air spiraled through his veins as the burning sensation surged through his eight meridians. Fan Mu cried out in pain, "Ah!"

However, all the meridian channels seemed to be protected by layers of barriers, making it difficult to break through them. Fan Mu's zhenqi circulated faster, turning into sharp needles of air, and began to fight with the eight meridians barrier.

Seeing that, the cold face with the corner of his mouth slightly raised, he waved the jade rod in his right hand, and the purple mist started to float.

The purple fog sprinkled around Fan Mu, and along with the flow of his zhenqi, it slowly rotated Fan Mu. Fan Mu could feel the change in the outside world, and the pain suddenly lessened.

"Ah!" Fan Mu cried out, his sweat turning into steam and mixing with the mist.

The eight meridians were connected, and the pain vanished into nothingness, leaving behind a carefree feeling. Fan Mu fell into deep thought as he watched the white steam above his head slowly rise along with the purple smoke.

"What the hell is going on?" The confused Fan Mu could not help but mutter to himself.

"Have a good rest. Let me show you something." The voice of the bandit was gentle but sharp. A sense of doubt began to spread within Fan Mu's heart. He had been emphasizing what it was until now.

Fan Mu got up to ease his muscles and bones, realizing that the feeling of having eight open meridians was extremely strange. He didn't need his eyes to feel the surrounding elemental fluctuations, "Is this the feeling of elemental energy shackles opening, it feels so comfortable?" He covered his joy and breathed in a mouthful of fresh air, immersing himself in this wonderful feeling.

With that, Fan Mu bowed to the bandit, but the bandit snorted, "Come and take a look." With a flick of his finger, the mirror-like object from before appeared once more.

This time, the change became where Ling Yun was.

Rumbling, the space where the Ash Wolf was was trembling, "What's going on?!" Liu Xin shouted, "Why is it attacking harder and harder!"

At this moment, the direwolf had grown to the height of a small mountain. Above its head was the Green Wood Palace's pillar.

"I can feel that its energy is getting bigger and bigger." Lingyun thought to himself as he shivered. Could it be that this guy could absorb the energy within the attack?

Now was not the time for them to deal with them. The two of them gritted their teeth and fell into a predicament. Even the blue-ranked Flame Ant crawled to the side, breathing heavily.

"Not good, run!" Liu Xin opened her eyes wide, staring straight at the gigantic Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf's front legs that were moving towards her.

By the time Liu Xin shouted, everything was over. The two people and one beast were tightly sealed within the Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf's palm, until they collapsed.

"What is this!" Seeing this, Fan Mu's eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

"No rush, keep watching." The bandit seemed to be very calm. He changed the channel and said, "Next up is him."

"Scram! Tell me what happened!" Fan Mu didn't say anything else. He struck out with both fists, accurately hitting the chest of the bandit. However, the bandit was pierced through as if he was air.

The bandit's face didn't change, but his heart skipped a beat. He flicked his index finger, and his body transformed into a purple mist, firmly locking Fan Mu within. He then said, "Finished reading!"

Fan Qin's position was reflected in the mirror. At this moment, the river was turbulent, and Fan Qin was in the middle of it, barely maintaining his balance.

"What are you doing!" Fan Qin was furious, he had almost been thrown into the water by the huge wave. As someone who wasn't good at swimming, he knew that if he were to fall into the water in the middle of the river, he would definitely die.

The Eagle Lion Beast flapped its stone wings in the air as it charged towards Fan Qin in a tornado. It coldly replied Fan Qin, "Kill a chicken and make an example of a monkey!"

"You!" Fan Qin controlled the body of the ship as he released Fire Meteor. Under the full suppression of his level, the Fire Meteor was unable to harm even a hair of the Eagle Lion.

"I ?" Fan Qin roared in a low voice, suddenly losing his balance due to the huge wave.

"Goodbye," the Eagle Lion threw out the last Wind Blade. The ship broke into two, and Fan Qing fell into the water, disappearing into the whirlpool.

Tears streamed down his face, but they were not the heat he imagined. Instead, they were icy cold, and in a split-second, his eyes became hazy, filled with hatred, pure hatred sprouting from the depths of his heart. At this moment, Fan Mu lost his mind and shouted, "I'm going to kill you! I will tear you into a thousand pieces! "

Fan Mu cried as he tried to break free from the purple mist with all his might, but he was powerless.

Crack, the jade suddenly released a red flash, and the core of elemental energy on Fan Mu's chest began to circulate.

"No rush. It won't be too late to kill them after you've finished watching," the bandit said coldly. He then moved his finger again, and the screen switched to where Xu Tianliang was.

"Welcome to the Nine Lives Lifetime. Cough," The aged voice came from Yun Tian, who instantly became alert, "Yun Tian?"

"Go to the center of the light pillar. There's something that I want to give you," Yun Tian said while minding his own business.

To be trapped in someone else's territory was the most suitable course of action. As he walked to the center of the pillar of light, what Xu Tianliang received was actually a dagger embedded with a gem.

"What the hell? We were talking about an ancient jade stone." Xu Tianliang was very upset. He didn't think that the light pillar would only contain a dagger. There really was a huge gap between him and the real thing.

A flash of light appeared in front of Xu Tianliang's eyes, and four familiar people appeared in front of him, including himself.

Just as Xu Tianliang was bewildered and uncertain, Yun Tian's voice came from the horizon, "Alright, there are four people here. You can make your choice now." In the blink of an eye, the four familiar figures in the space of stars began to materialize, as if they possessed real souls.

"Choose a person to die and stab the dagger into his chest. The others can survive. You have 1 centimeter worth of time to think about it. After that, everyone will die."

With that, the elderly voice faded away and a candle that had been lit appeared. It stood in the center of the pillar of light.

"I ?" Right now, he seemed to be the death god that controlled the lives of the four people.

"Fine, I admit that I am a virgin and even let me make the decision by myself. Isn't it just letting me be tangled up with something? What's the point of making that decision then?" Laughing loudly, tears were already flowing out of the corners of his eyes, "I'll let you three live well ?" Then, he silently closed his eyes and revealed a natural smile on his face, "Although the agreement hasn't been completed, I believe you will understand. Qin Yin, I, will accompany you."

The sharp blade stabbed into his chest and he fell to his knees. Xu Tianliang's aura slowly dissipated. It turned out that death was this silent.

"NO!" No! "No!" Fan Mu wailed weakly as he watched Xu Tianliang lying in a pool of blood, his last breath barely left his body. He had just received the care and concern of his brothers and friends, and now that they were separated, the hatred in his heart reached its peak.

Anger, grief, hatred, and all sorts of negative emotions filled Fan Mu's heart.

"I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you." At this moment, Fan Mu had almost lost his mind. His hatred was so deep that it had pierced into his heart.

Leng Xiao praised, "It has finally begun to awaken. Let me take a good look at your power."

[email protected]@

"Good boy, Void Flame, as expected of the Dark Elemental!" Leng Xiao raised her eyebrows. Although it wasn't the first time she had seen the two attributes, these magical abilities were still something that experts like her pursued.

Coldmask spat out a cloud of smoke. Crack! Crack! The purple smoke and the black fireball clashed and turned into nothingness, "Tsk! Tsk! I can even use the power of nothingness now. That Fan Kui really knows how to keep treasures."

Fan Mu's eyes were bloodshot, and his skin was starting to turn red. He unceasingly summoned his elemental energy, and dark black elements rolled out like flowing water, transforming into a model of a crossbow. Fan Mu grabbed his crossbow, and twelve arrows flew out.

"Wind Breaking Crossbow, haha, this is the first time I've seen it, it has gained a lot of knowledge," Leng Xiao lightly smiled. The jade stick in her hand moved and a huge water mirror appeared, "I'll let you have a taste of your own strength, water mirror demon."

Just as he finished speaking, twelve black flame arrows flew out from the mirror. They were exactly the same as Fan Mu's skill products. The black flame arrows collided with each other, creating a huge shockwave.

"It's still not enough, use whatever skills you have and try to kill me with all you've got, this is not enough," Coldface teased, as if purposefully provoking Fan Mu.

Fan Mu was like a beast that had lost its soul, leaving behind only a body. Accompanied by a beast-like roar, the core of Fan Mu's elemental energy started to burn.

"Fen Yu, I'm going. This isn't good, I have to quickly get to know him, or else something big will happen." Seeing that Fan Mu's jade stone was gradually turning into nothingness, Mo Chen was shocked. He pushed away the purple fog in front of him, preparing to use his real strength to stop his suicide attack.

"Ya, ya, ya," the black flame surged out from Fan Mu's body. The reason it was called the Void Flame was because this black flame could separate any living being's soul. When the black flame reached the highest level, it would not even let a tiny element go.

With the burning of the jade, the power of the black flames became stronger and stronger. The dark elements gathered at one point, ready to strike.

The black flames turned into a hammer and struck directly at Leng Xiao, who was a Gold-rank expert. Although the black flames were not easy to deal with, she was not an ordinary person. A moving moan sounded out and an incantation began to chant. Placing the jade stick at his waist, he made a cross with his hands. Four golden illusions appeared in the air and collided with the Black Ember Hammer, trapping it in the air.

"Go to hell," Fan Mu said with a smile. His mind was completely corroded by his anger. With a wave of his right hand, all the gathered dark elements flew out, attacking the unprepared face of the Black Ember Hammer.

In midair, the dark elements took on a different form, transforming into a black robe. Fan Mu started chanting an incantation, and the sound of crying ghosts started to float out, giving people goosebumps.

"The heck," Leng Xiao couldn't help but curse, "The Undead Heavenly Longevity Cloth. The only exception is the Demon Sprite. Fan Kui, you bastard." The Heaven's Longevity Cloak rapidly attacked, not giving Leng Ning any time to prepare. She was bundled up by the black clothing and turned into nothingness.

"Hahahahaha, hahahahaha, I'll kill you, I'll kill you!" Fan Mu was already close to madness, and his unstoppable laughter reverberated in the air.

"Ah!" Fan Mu fell onto the ground after being hit on the head.

"Lucky for me, I'm in the Fantasy space," Coldface gasped, slowly floating out from the ground. On his shoulder, there were still the wounds of the Undead Life Cloak, and its power was terrifying.

"Fan Kui, I've already finished half of what I promised you." He faced the sky and spoke indifferently.

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