The thick fog dissipated, the beautiful trees grew, the birds chirped and the flowers blossomed. The forest once again returned to its tranquil state, the spring sunshine rippled the golden wings and reflected on Fan Mu's face through the window of the Green Wood Palace. He slept soundly.

The Cyanwood Palace was still simple and desolate. The mahogany tables and chairs were placed in the center of the hall. The three words' Verdant Wood Palace 'were slightly dim, leaving behind the sound of the passage of time.

"You're awake?" She whispered in a voice that was so beautiful that it could move anyone. "Fan Mu?"

Fan Mu covered his head with one hand, supporting himself with the other as he slowly straightened his back. "I can't remember what happened," he muttered to himself while trying to resist the pain in his head.

"Oh yeah, I remember back then, it seemed like Xu Tianliang ?" This, "Remembering the moment when Xu Tianliang committed suicide, Fan Mu was so shocked that his face turned pale. He immediately stood up and questioned," You! what have I done? Why am I here? "

"Relax, I have something to tell you." The cold face was very gentle, as if she had turned into a completely different person. No one knew what her true appearance was.

"You ?" The cold words did not allow Fan Mu to calm down. Fan Mu looked around and found Fan Qin, Xu TIguo, Lingyun, the Blazing Ants, and an unfamiliar person lying behind him.

Fan Mu ran to their side as if he had lost his soul. He tried his best to shake them, but no one heard him, "Wake up, wake up, woo!" Even though men didn't shed tears easily, Fan Mu's eyes were still clouded with tears as he faced his three brothers who had been killed.

"Alright, alright, don't be sad." Leng Xiao helplessly shook her head, pouted her tender lips, and said softly, "They didn't die, they just fainted because of my illusion."

"What do you mean?" Before Fan Mu's mood could change, he heard the sarcastic remark and couldn't help but laugh. All three of them died in front of me, and you're telling me that they were only hit with illusion techniques?

"Forget it, I know you still can't trust me." Leng Ying faced the sky and lightly swiped his hand, and a jade bracelet appeared in his hand. After playing with it for a while, he continued, "Just look at the wound on that child's chest and you will know."

After hearing what Xue Moyan said, Fan Mu immediately opened Xu Tianguang's clothes. It was just as she had said; there was not the slightest wound. "This ?" Fan Mu still couldn't believe his eyes. He had experienced too many illusions.

"Then how can you prove that I'm not in the illusion world?" Fan Mu was in a complicated mood. He wished that Leng Ning was telling the truth, but did not dare to easily believe her words.

Coldly laughing, Leng Xiao flicked his finger and five soybean-sized pills suddenly flew out, landing in Fan Mu's upper body pocket. "This is the antidote for them to consume in a while."

After receiving the antidote, Fan Mu was confused. Just as he was about to retrieve the medicine to save someone, he was stopped by Leng Ying, "Wait a moment, I have something that I can tell you."

Sensing the sincerity and goodwill within him, Fan Mu was prepared to trust the person in front of him.

"Don't you want to try out your Yuan Power?" Mo Chen said with a faint smile.

Not mentioning the cold face, Fan Mu had even forgotten about the fact that his shackles had been broken. Summoning his elemental energy core, the black element surged out and Fan Mu was stunned. He had never seen such an elemental energy before and could not remember the scene from his previous fight, "What is this?"

"Don't worry, the rare Dual Attribute, Light and Darkness," Having been through so many places, the Dual Attribute was still very rare, to date, almost no one had managed to train this Attribute to the Gold rank. Firstly, because the cultivation of the Dual Attribute itself was extremely difficult to raise, and without major changes, it was generally very difficult to increase one's strength, and secondly, because the two Attribute were targeted by the crowd, many high-level cultivators, in order to obtain the Dual Attribute, did not hesitate to kill those who had just stepped into the path of cultivation.

"Two standards?" Fan Mu looked puzzled. This attribute had never appeared in his dictionary before.

"Do you want to know why the shackles of elemental energy have only been released up to now?" Seeing his expression, Fan Mu couldn't help but want to start from the beginning. He was stunned for a moment before nodding his head.

"The two attributes are obtained from the Sun and Moon God Power. In the ancient times, there was cloud, sun, noon, moon, and night. Three years of divine power is produced, which means that you have to spend an average amount of time absorbing the power of the elements for three years every day."

The cold face shook the jade rod at his waist and drew a circular mirror. Inside the mirror, a puppet appeared and he was reflected in the mirror. He was meditating during the day and night to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Fan Mu was stunned. It was his first time coming into contact with such an attribute, and it even happened to him. He could not help but have fantasies.

Cold Face noticed that Fan Mu was a little moved, and continued, "The reason why you did not unlock the shackles of elemental energy before is because the light and dark elements in your body are difficult to circulate through themselves, especially in your blocked eight meridians."

Pausing for a moment, he waited for Fan Mu's understanding. Seeing him nod, he smiled slightly, "The second reason is that the dark elements and light elements often coalesce with each other within the body. If the other party doesn't gather in large numbers, it would be difficult to awaken."

"So that's how it is?" "Could it be that you?" When Fan Mu heard this, the doubt in his heart disappeared. So the cold face had been set up to wake him up, but why did it provoke the dark side?

Child, there is no need to be confused, I was only commissioned by one person to wake you up from the dark side. I am also not willing, the gathering of good will is harder than the gathering of bad will, but now that you have awakened, no matter if it is the light or the dark, you can still get close, and choose the right path of the two elements. She spoke a few words, but her expression was extremely sorrowful. This really was a request, or if it was done intentionally with a cold face. Only she herself knew.

"Senior," said Fan Mu, feeling relieved. Although it was to wake him up, he didn't want to experience it again.

"There's no need to say anything. I don't have much time, just listen to me." It was gentle and poetic, making it difficult for people to refuse.

"Now I want to explain some of the special aspects of the Two Elements. Since the sun and moon were born, your body is difficult to control, and you can only slowly control it after you awaken three times. And because of this, if you decide to do so, the road ahead will be very long."

"This is what your mother left you," Mo Sen said as he slowly raised his slender white hand, an emerald green jade bracelet quietly floating on his right hand.


Mother? " These two simple words were forever sealed within Fan Mu's heart. How many years had it been since they'd appeared in front of him? "What does this mean?"

"You just need to know this much, your mother is pretty good," Coldface's nose suddenly felt sour as he tilted his head back, retracting the sour smell.

Fan Mu stared at the jade bracelet in his hand, unable to restrain his tears. "Mother, why didn't you come to see me? Why, quickly tell me."

"As long as you know this much, that's enough," Leng Xiao said with a helpless expression, "There is no time, I will now tell you why your mother brought this to you."

Fan Mu was immersed in his grief, and as he heard Mo Shen's words, he gradually came to his senses. He also wanted to know why his mother would bring him this item.

"The two attribute jades can only be counted on one hand in the JadHeng Continent. Countless greedy people want to obtain it, and this place is not excluding the fact that there is a terrifying pagan altar in the Western Regions. Sytry, before you reveal your strength, you will end up killing yourself if you reveal your abilities." His tone became solemn and heavy. Both are a symbol of power and a fragile destiny.

He recalled his mother's letter. So this was what his mother had been worried about, and no wonder she had asked him to consider the path he had chosen. But now that I had embarked on this path, what should I do?

Ever since he witnessed the power of this cold face, he felt that there was a huge gap between their ranks. If those who came to find him were at the same level as this freak thief, then he probably wouldn't even be left with anything by then.

"Therefore, what you need now is to gradually accumulate strength and hide your true abilities until you have complete control." Leng Xiao warned.

"When the light element condenses into Heavenly Energy, you will become a light warrior. If you accumulate too much dark element, you will turn into a demon. I hope you can eliminate the hatred in your heart and walk on the path of light."

"The jade bracelet in your hand, I don't know how your mother obtained it, but I can tell you that this table is made of wood type Tian Yuan Stones. The power of this jade bracelet cannot be compared to ordinary jade elemental stones, so this is the so-called priceless treasure."

As long as you keep it in your hand, or activate the wood elemental energy within your body, causing the wood elemental energy to turn around and be called your attaching elemental energy. Although it is not compatible with your life elemental energy, the effect of this jade bracelet will not be any different from that of an ordinary wood elemental jade cultivator. The jade bracelet is just like the jade you have signed a contract with, and as for how you sign it, it will depend on you to find out. A few simple words were the purpose of Leng Ning's trip. Although the process had been extremely arduous, the result was still very satisfactory.

Purple smoke gushed out once more, curling around Leng Xiao's feet, bringing up a light breeze, rippling into a layer of royal blue light, revealing her beautiful and delicate body, a light dragon cry sounded out, causing her cold and graceful body to gradually become transparent and illusory, leaving behind the final song of her farewell, "Don't be bewitched by the world, and remain true to your words. We'll meet again. "

Drip, drip. A tear was left in the place where Mo Chen left, without a sound.

Fan Mu was as if he had been relieved of a burden; after experiencing so much, he was like a bright light pointing out the way forward. While mumbling good words from his mother, he caressed the emerald jade bracelet and smiled faintly.

A wonderful thing happened, the jade bracelet overflowed with jade light, the light turned into a dragon in the air, the jade bracelet also gradually liquefied, forming a jade green dragon tattoo on Fan Mu's wrist, he could only feel a proud life force entering his body, it was so fresh and refreshing.

"Many thanks, senior," Fan Mu smiled knowingly and said indifferently.


"Huh?" Fan Qin's head hurt so much, he covered his head with his hands and complained nonstop, "That damned falcon actually caused me to fall into the water and die. Even as a ghost, grandmother will not let you go, hmph."

Forcefully opening his eyes, Fan Qin's expression didn't change as he looked at the surrounding people looking at him weirdly. He said in a daze, "Oh my god, fate, fate. To go to heaven together, this is definitely a blessing from my previous life."

"His brain is too strong," Xu Tianguo spread out his hands and shook his head. "Watt, your second uncle." As soon as Fan Qing heard this, he raised his right hand and sent it flying towards Xu Tianguo, but was stopped in mid-air by Lingyun.

"I remember when I was drowning, I struggled for a long time, and then my consciousness went blurry." Fan Qing took back his right hand, his face dark. He would never forget that scene of imminent death.

"Me too, me too, Lingyun and I were stomped flat by the direwolf, then I don't remember." Liu Xin recalled the pain on her body, and when she thought about it now, she felt goosebumps all over her body.

"This is?" Fan Qin had never seen him before, and could not help but ask Lingyun.

"It was summoned by Brother Yun, gaga," Xu Tianliang laughed. After his rebirth, his heart had become much clearer.

"Stop messing around, he's Liu Xin. At that time, he came with the Flame Ants, if it wasn't for them, I would have been exterminated long ago."

"I was stomped to death, I'm dying from laughter," Fan Qin said as he held his stomach.

"Uh, that Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf seemed to be able to absorb the energy from the attack, and eventually became as tall as a mountain." At this point, Lingyun could not help but feel a chill down his spine.

"But why are we all here instead of dying?" Fan Qin asked in confusion.

"You are all suffering from cold hallucinations, and those scenes are all fake, so you are only sleeping in your dreams, not death." After taking the antidote, the four people and the beast had already left the dream world and returned to the real world.

"But it doesn't seem to be all a dream." Xu Tianliang pulled out the dagger at his waist and carefully examined it, "It seems to be given by Yun Tian."

"Yes, I saw it in the mirror," Fan Mu nodded. "The truth is the truth, but the falsehood is the truth. What kind of realm is this?" Fan Mu let out a meaningful sigh.

Xu Tianbao used his right hand to gently stroke the sharp blade. Feeling the bone-chilling coldness when the dagger stabbed into his chest, he faintly smiled, and suddenly, a golden light began to shine from the dagger.

The five of them were slightly startled. An old voice floated out and a black figure appeared in the golden light. Xu Tianliang recognized this person. It was without a doubt Yun Tian.

"When you stabbed your chest, I could clearly see your heart. Brave and loyal, you reminded me of an old friend of mine." The ancient voice paused for a moment, as if recalling a lifetime's conquest.

"This dagger is named Yi Ling, I obtained by accident while wandering the Nine Colors Divine Cave alone, it can only be displayed in the hands of benevolent and righteous people. This is the dagger that I used when I first created the mechanism, and now I am no longer recognized by it, I have lost the right to use it. So far, I have passed on the Yi Ling to you, I hope that it will not lose its luster again," the solemn voice sounded sad, the golden light weakened, and Yun Tian's figure also gradually disappeared, leaving behind only the faint red light of the Yi Ling.

"See you later." Before they left, Yun Tian had said his last sentence.

Xu Tianliang had mixed feelings as he recalled the events that had transpired. Smiling faintly, he replied to the glowing shadow, "We shall meet again in the future."


"Little Fan, why did you steal Leng Ning's name? Go help that brat remove his seal." Yun Tian and Han Ying Xue ran through the forest, heading towards the west.

"It can only be understood and not spoken of," the blue-veiled woman said silently.

"Alright, you've never replied to this old man's question. This old man has come here with you after taking the risk." Yun Tian stroked his silver beard as he thought about it.

"You've taken all the good seedlings, aren't you enjoying yourself?"

"Haha, the scariest thing is this woman who can read people's hearts."

After saying that, the two white lights disappeared into the dense forest without a trace.

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