It was a rainy morning, so the color of the rain added a bit of charm to the ancient town. The morning sun slowly rose, bringing a brand-new day. The fresh air caressed his face, making the passersby feel even more comfortable.

However, there were also a few people who were not in the same group, such as Fan Mu. He was still frowning as he thought about how to find the Frigid Grass. At this moment, all sorts of shouts could be heard in the little town, but they did not enter Fan Mu's ears.

The noise pulled Fan Mu out of his thoughts. He raised his head and looked at the situation, "This is ?" He had no interest in the alleyway, but a familiar back made him suspicious, so he walked over, "Fan Qing, what are you doing?"

Fan Qin was dressed in a blue outfit today, with his hair combed to look like an adult's. His straight hair made him even more spirited, and he was probably going to school today to dress up to hook up with girls.

At this moment, he was staring at the house in the crowd, and Fan Mu's greeting was ignored right next to his ears.

It was only when Fan Mu walked past him and lightly patted his shoulder that he reacted. "Brother!"

"Hm? What are you reading? Why are you so focused? I usually see you reading books but you don't look like this." Fan Mu didn't forget to spit on the ground.

"Uh, just watching the show. I heard that this house was robbed. The identity of the thief is not small!" The stolen house was the home of a famous wealthy merchant. The reason why it was famous was not because of wealth, but because of the craftiness of its business methods. It was famous throughout the Tong City, or even the entire land of the Nine Prefectures.

Fan Qin, as an inspirational businessman, was not used to it. He often said, "The way of doing business is based on people." After losing her humanity, the most advantageous thing was still the kind of situation where rats crossed the street and people started shouting about. Because of this, most of the people in the surrounding area came to watch the show.

"Then how do you know the identity of the thief? Did he leave a note saying my father was something or other? " Fan Mu was speechless. He knew quite a few famous Jade Cultivators, but he had never heard of such a thing.

Brother, this is your ignorance, "Fan Qing laughed out loud, pointing to Chen Ziluo's plaque." Look, isn't there a peacock feather on the plaque, and the design on the tail should be like the wind, it should be the legendary wind, Xu Ruo Lin, the movement like thunder, the strange thief with a cold face like the shadows, not only does he have extraordinary thief skills, I heard that his cultivation in the spirit elements is also extremely high, and he once stole a treasure from the palace, but until now, nobody has seen him before, so he became a mystery.

Just as Fan Qin was excitedly explaining, a loud voice came from outside the crowd.

"Make way, make way, don't stand in the way. I'm talking about you, get lost!" A few people in official uniform walked over and tore a big hole in the crowd. Then, they said to a fat guy in the crowd, "You are Chen Zihao, right? Did you report him as your official?" the leader asked.

That's right, that's right, my lord, you have to be my judge, "Chen Zihao seemed to be very excited, as if he had met his savior, and hurriedly bowed twice to the leader, immediately beginning to recount the situation," My lord, this morning, after my servant woke up and shouted loudly, he actually found that my safe had been stolen, that's why my lord came over to investigate.

"So, tell me, what did you drop?" The leader had an arrogant expression, giving off the impression that he wasn't afraid of the heavens or the earth, but he could only scare off the citizens who had never seen the world!

"Alright, alright, I was scared to death at that time. When I turned around and looked, my mother was already dead. My small bottle of Flower Dew Water is gone!" Fatty Chen scratched his head, looking extremely innocent and anxious.

"Ha ha-ha ha," when they heard that the flower dew was gone, the surrounding people all laughed, "What brand of flower dew is this? Could it be the legendary Eight Gods Flower Dew? " Someone from the crowd jeered.

"You're not allowed to laugh, a group of people who have never seen the real world," the leader said as he walked over, the others all shook their heads, then he continued, "Chen Zihao, continue talking. Tell us more details, what are your flower dew water?"

"Yes, my dewdrops are priceless treasures!" The person next to her laughed again, "My family has an epiphyllum forest, growing it every other day. This way, when the season comes to an end, there will be an epiphyllum flower that blooms every other night, but this little one collects the flower dew that appears every night, and even made a good jar for it using wood type jade. This kind of flower dew has the effect of prolonging the life of the flower after 600 days of collecting it, this little one has already collected it for 598 days, this little one's life is really bitter. "Why? Why was it so close to being stolen?!"

"Why? What science can't solve, it's all a matter of character. " Fan Qin laughed in the crowd.

"Luck?" What do you think of my character? When I saw that the old granny went to help me up, I saw that there were beggars along the way who went to pay the silver taels. My character is not good enough! "Who are you!" Chen ZIhao was angry, he turned around and stared straight at Fan Qin who interrupted him.

"Alright, stop talking!" The leader interrupted Chen ZIhao, he wasn't here to listen to Chen ZIhao's nonsense, he sized up the people present and spoke in a stern voice, as if he was a famous detective, "You guys check carefully to see if he left anything behind ?"

"Oh, by the way, that person left a feather, I don't dare to take it down ?" Chen ZIhao suddenly remembered something and said.

"What?!" Feather? But peacock feathers? " When the leader heard this, he hurriedly started searching, hoping that it wasn't that person. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to find him!

"Yeah. It's right on the signboard. Did the lord not see it? " Chen ZIhao was stunned for a moment, then pulled the leader outside. He pointed at the door plaque, which astonishingly displayed a peacock feather.

"Cough, cough ?" The leader awkwardly coughed and said, "Of course I saw it! I thought there were other feathers! "

"Oh, oh." Chen Zihao told the leader, and hurriedly answered. On the other hand, the surrounding spectators burst into laughter.

"Hehe, hehe, Chen Zihao, I can see that you are destined to never come back," Fan Qing laughed in the crowd. Worry was forced out of his face, which made Fan Mu laugh as well, "Let's not talk about the power of this thief who stole your item. "Just look at this case, there's no hope at all."

"What did you say!" The leader of the group could tell that Fan Qin was laughing at him, and his face was full of anger. If Fan Qin wasn't in the middle of the crowd and it wasn't convenient for him to drag him out, he would have already rushed over!

"Alright, alright, alright. Just pretend I didn't say anything. Bro, let's go. If you don't go to the academy now, you'll be late." Fan Qin's fake begging caused everyone to laugh. He turned around and pulled Fan Mu along as he prepared to leave.

When they arrived at his house, Fan Mu remembered that he had to explain to his aunt why he was going to the pharmacy. He had no choice but to say that Cao Cao had arrived and that the Redbud had long since reached his door. He asked, "Are you alright? Did your injuries worsen when you went to the pharmacy? Let me have a look."

"Ah, it's nothing. Our teacher has been coughing for the past few days. He told me to bring some licorice for him. I'm fine!" An idea came to Fan Mu's mind.

"Then you ?" Redbud wanted to ask why she didn't bring anything back. "Mom, if we don't go to the academy now, I'll be late." Fan Qin became a little impatient. Redbud thought about it for a moment before shaking her hand, "It's all your fault for dawdling. Quickly eat and go to the academy."

The school in Tong City was built in the mountains, and said that it could better grasp the power of the five elements in a natural environment. There was only a very narrow mountain road leading to the academy, and the dense branches were so crowded that only two people could walk side by side.

As he walked out of the woods, Fan Mu arrived at the mountain road leading to the academy. He saw that there was a subtle change in the silence on the mountain road today, the quiet was replaced by the rhythmic stomping of the ground, and Haohao Tang's Knights walked forward in neat steps. Fan Mu slapped his head, and finally understood that the annual student recruitment plan had started.

The road was narrow, so Fan Mu had no choice but to follow behind the procession. Thanks to their timely exit, they happened to enter the academy at the right time.

Amidst the ruckus, Fan Mu hurriedly returned to his seat. The moment he sat down, he saw Dean Ding Chen and his men enter. The two people next to him seemed to have quite a background.

He coughed twice and said, "Quiet, the two standing on my right are the heads of the Nine Regions Royal Academy, this is the Great Lieutenant Xu Guang, and this is the Vice Principal of the Royal Academy, Liu Cheng. These days, they will be evaluating the overall situation of each student, deciding on the order of the test in the future, and finally, I announce that this year, the Nine Regions Royal Academy has decided to recruit three people from our academy.

After he finished speaking, the crowd went into an uproar. Some people grumbled that there were only three people who would be recruited by next year, while others discussed why the Vice Principal was so young and bustling with noise and excitement.

"Quiet, the teacher is here. You guys continue with the class. Don't affect the teacher because of the recruitment, or else you'll be served." The principal had no choice but to speak up when he saw that the commotion was unbearable.

This was an elemental energy class. Usually, teachers would talk about some boring theories, but today was different. When Hou Jun walked into the classroom with his bags of stuff, the students' eyes shone with a strange light.

Hou Jun stood on the podium and said to the students, "Today, we will let everyone personally experience the mysterious power of elemental energy. This is the wood elemental ore used by our ancestors," As he spoke, Hou Jun took out a sealed piece of jade. Even though he had lost his jade soul, he could feel a strong sense of vitality, "His user has already reached the level of the Divine King."

This wood-attribute Jade Origin Stone was one of the academy's treasures and was not something that could be casually lent out. Every year, it could only be used during this elemental energy class, and as for Hou Jun, he also had wood elemental energy, so every time he attended this class, he would feel himself wrapped in a circle of holy light. It was very comfortable.

Legend has it that this ancient wood type jade possessed the power of life. When the academy's ancient tree was on the verge of dying, it was saved by the water that was soaked in this jade.

"Look carefully, here are some rare seeds. Let's see what will happen after they come into contact with them." Hou Jun was fiddling with the props. In his mind, he had already imagined a map of the forest. He could not help but smile.

What would happen? The students all released their curious gazes. Dong dong dong. They were suddenly so still that they could even hear their heartbeats. Teacher Hou had just opened the jade box.

The jade emitted a golden light, exuding a tremendous amount of vitality. At this moment, the teacher had already opened the bag containing the rare seeds. Different life forms violently clashed, as if they were ready to speak out at any moment.

But with a "Zi" sound, the entire academy became pitch-black.

The academy was shrouded in darkness for a moment. The sudden change stunned the teachers and students. The terrified students and teachers did not dare to make a sound. In this silent and lightless atmosphere, the silence was frightening.

Even though he had been a teacher for many years, he still did not know what had happened, so he could only yell for everyone to open the windows. By this time, the students below had already become a mess, and some of them would even listen to his orders. Helpless, Hou Jun slowly groped his way to the corner and opened one of the windows.

A beam of golden light shot straight in through the dark crack, reaching the jade stone on the podium. Accompanied by the golden light, colorful butterflies appeared in the blink of an eye, slowly rising, dancing or circling around. It was as if they had been trained. They followed the beams of light and floated towards the podium, forming a layer, two layers, and three layers of colourful swirls. They fluctuated from top to bottom, from bottom to bottom, then back and forth.

At last, all the butterflies gathered in the middle of the jade, tightly wrapping it up with all the rare seeds. The colorful butterflies first danced around the jade, and then a melodious voice, as if it were the singing of a goddess, sounded out, and the butterfly began to stir, suddenly spiraling upwards, and the light in the air began to melt away, vanishing, and in the midst of this vortex of the butterfly, the locked jade and the seed bag also passed away, replaced by a peacock feather and a piece of white silk.

Seeing such a ridiculous' performance ', the students were so shocked that they were at a loss for words.

A snap of a finger came from the distance, and then the sky 'brightened'. Before he could calm his wounded heart, Hou Jun had already stepped up to the podium with a face full of anger. He pulled out a piece of white silk and carefully observed from top to bottom.

"This ?" Hou Jun was quickly petrified. He had not expected that there would be a poem written on it. He was left speechless.

"Xiaoxiao, the autumn rain is falling, the endless snow is falling, the sky is breaking." In the midst of chatting and laughter, the dream butterfly flew in the wind. " "What's this?" Hou Jun mumbled to himself. He was extremely puzzled. After being a teacher for so many years, he had read so many books. His experience could be considered plentiful. This thing seemed like a poem on the surface, but he couldn't fathom its meaning.

After the performance ended, the audience broke out into a commotion as they discussed amongst themselves. Some of the better students, seeing that their teacher had stopped, became impatient. One by one, they ran up to take a look.

Only then did he realize that his ancestor's jade primeval stone had disappeared, and he cried out incessantly, "Damn, that's a priceless treasure! What should we do now, it disappeared from my class, you wouldn't tell me to compensate it, right? Even if it was me, I wouldn't be worth so much money." He began to imagine the worst possible outcome, cold sweat pouring out, but he was startled awake by a scolding. 'Monkey, how did you become a teacher? You made the two adults wait outside for such a long time, do you still want to work?' "It was obvious that Ding Chen was truly angered.

At this moment, Dean Ding had changed into a new set of white clothes and was standing at the door of the classroom. The two lords were quite angry, and Dean Ding was no exception, there was no response at all from knocking on the door for a long time, only a loud noise. In the end, a student opened the door and went in to see Hou Jun standing there.

"What are you daydreaming about? Why aren't you showing me the silk in your hand?" Dean Ding roared.

Hou Jun had thought that the dean would tell him not to work anymore in the future. He heaved a sigh of relief when he didn't hear the keywords, and quickly accepted them with great respect.

Principal Ding took the piece of silk and looked at it carefully, then looked at the feather again. He smiled and regained his serious expression, then said, "It's alright now, you can leave now."

Dean Ding turned over the silk to Xu Taiwei and said in a slightly hurried tone, "I didn't expect that the bandits would have their eyes on us this time. Look, the poem even menacingly wrote, 'If there's no one who can find a treasure, I'll bury this useless academy under ten thousand bones'. What's the best of it?"

Liu Cheng raised his voice to pacify the trembling hands of Dean Ding, "Ai, don't be anxious. Don't you know what my big move is for? A trifling thief like her isn't worth mentioning. Brother Xu and I will take care of her in a few minutes. Stealing things is one thing, but she actually started to threaten her life. She really doesn't know her limits." As he spoke, his vast Yuan Power gushed out. Thankfully, Xu Guang had stopped him, otherwise none of the students in the audience would have been able to withstand it.

"Vice-captain, don't worry. It would be better if we just follow his instructions. That's good," Xu Guang whispered to Liu Cheng.

At this moment, Xu Guang had changed into a military uniform. His purple, close-fitting clothes accentuated his firm and beautiful muscles, and his handsome appearance made him appear even more beautiful than before. The solemnity and solemnity of the battlefield had also disappeared, along with a sense of intimacy that captivated the numerous female students below the stage.

Grand Commandant Xu took the silk cloth and read the poem again. After confirming that there were no mistakes, he gave the silk cloth to Liu Cheng.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They felt that this method was feasible, as it could add some color to this boring selection, so they declared, "We feel that this competition can be changed a bit, with some new ideas added. Captain Liu also feels that it can be done.

Xu Guang gave Liu Cheng a meaningful glance, and Liu Cheng immediately said, "That's right. On behalf of the Royal Academy, I've decided that there will be no limit to the number of admissions. The academy will group all three of you together, and the first person they find will be this candidate."

"Since Captain Liu has already spoken, let's do it this way. It can be considered a test to guard the academy. The winner is a true hero." Principal Ding could be considered to be responding, but his face was full of worry.

Xu Guang made a starting gesture, Ding Chen thought for a moment, stroking his white beard, then made a decision, "Students, sit. In a while, I will divide the three of you into groups. The first one to complete the mission will be the candidate to be selected by the two coaches."

Upon hearing this, many students, who originally did not hold much hope, became insane. They knew that it was impossible for them to enter this legendary school based on their own strength, but this time, not only did they have to rely on strength, but most of the students had to rely on luck, because finding treasures was not up to their capabilities. They still had to have a life, otherwise, they would not be able to live it up to their expectations.

Once the topic was opened, the students were immediately in an uproar. Some said that they had won some kind of prize while others were ridiculing others for wanting a treasure. In short, the students were getting more and more excited.

"Quiet, quiet, what are you guys doing today? It's so exciting! Alright, I will announce the list of people to be divided into groups. You all have to listen clearly, after everyone has been divided, sit together. One group, Fan Tian, Dai Qiuhu, Liu Xin ?" Nineteen teams: Fan Mu, Xu Xiang, Cui Tianhao... "Cough cough, this is the situation for your division. Next up, Master Xu will reveal the results of this exam," Saying this, he nodded towards Xu Taiwei, who signalled for him to step down while stepping onto the platform himself.

First, Xu Guang confirmed the situation, "This case was committed by a great thief, and there is a certain amount of danger, and I heard that the officials are already involved, whether or not this mission can be completed will depend on your luck, but you can rest assured that the cold-faced bandit will only steal and not kill. According to the rumors, he did not have any plans to murder anyone." He then raised the silk and recited, "This exam question looks like a poem," Xu Taiwei recited. In the midst of chatting and laughter, the dream butterfly flew in the wind. Alright, Dean Ding, you preside over it. "

Dean Ding had called Hou Jun over to let him hold the silk. In order to keep his job, Hou Jun had gone all out. However, he had no complaints at all.

After listening to the introduction, not long after, Fan Tian thought he was smart enough to stand up, "It's too simple. It's so obvious that every poem is written in red. Isn't that the Red Cloud Manor?" Fan Tian was very pleased. He thought that he had broken the limit of the poem and given it a new definition. He felt that it was a good thing, so he thought to himself while pondering over such a simple question that no one knew about it.

"No wonder he's big brother, he's so talented." The subordinates who followed him around didn't forget to flatter him.

However, at this time, another student stood up and completely rejected Fan Tian. This was Lingyun, the son of the town's wealthiest family, but he was a low-profile person and was very popular amongst the students. Other than a few who were jealous of him, he would rather say that he was a hypocrite.

Lingyun firmly retorted, "If it's true, is it still called the Hidden Treasure Poem?"

"Don't look at me like that, I'm just speaking the truth. Don't you think that the red character is very strange? Although I can't say what's strange about it, but after teacher touched it, the word 'Xiaoxiao' had already been deciphered." Lingyun was not afraid, and pointed out the flaws in it.

"Hmm, not bad, not bad. Then, what other opinions do the others have? The officials are about to arrive, so when they arrive, you can move freely."

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