The Little Demoness nodded with satisfaction, and happily explained, "Carefully observe the shape of the pyramid, and see if you can see any mysteries behind it."

Elder Yan touched his forehead and focused his gaze on the lowest level. It was just as the Little Demoness had said, a light that shouldn't have been there appeared.

"There's a multicolored light!?" Elder Yan's brows knitted together.

"Bingo, the old man finally answered the question," the little witch smiled in relief.

The pure beam of light represents the power of the subject, but the pyramid in front of me is clearly a fusion of several types of power. According to past experience, the Source Stone will at most retain a tiny bit of the power of the subject, and the fact that it can appear as a Floating Light means that the retention rate is more than 10%, how could it be like this!? Old man Yan clenched his teeth. His eyes were filled with indescribable shock. He stared at the little demoness, hoping that she would give him a reasonable answer.

"I was just about to praise you for having increased your IQ, but you've fallen back not long after." The Little Demoness helplessly shook her head, feigning pity as she looked at Elder Yan.

"If you don't hurt me, I'll die," Elder Yan growled. The current situation did not allow him to play around. If there was any problem with the stone tablet, he would have to report to the clan leader as soon as possible. This was his duty.

"You need to lower your IQ when talking to me, I'm so tired," the little witch said as she painfully waved her hand. As a woman, she didn't care if she was going to take advantage of the situation.

"My good ancestor, can you tell me!? "Look at how I'm already like this, do you have the heart to let me continue to be haggard?" Elder Yan had no other choice but to follow the little witch.

"I really can't bear to do that." The Little Demoness looked at Fan Qing, her gaze as sharp as a blade's, as if she was about to cut him into pieces inch by inch.

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