The students in the audience were still chattering nonstop. In front of the great opportunity, they were obviously eager to give it a try. They were all waiting to snatch first place in this protective mission that involved both fighting for strength and luck.

Something seemed to flash past, and a voice sounded through the crowd, "Teacher, teacher, can you let me see that piece of silk?"

The sudden voice startled the students in the heated discussion. They were stunned for a moment, but then they let out a sigh. "Oh?" Who was it that was shouting? So it was Fan Mu. It would be a waste of time to show him what he could use it for. Hahaha.

The thoughts of these powerful experts had long been firmly rooted in the hearts of these monkey boys. They could only let out a solemn cough to ease the atmosphere, "Quiet, if there's any more trouble, cancel the quota for this assessment."

Hearing the Headmaster's words, everyone instantly quieted down. They looked at each other and stared at each other, not knowing what they had done wrong.

The results were obvious, so the dean continued, "Hou Jun, quickly show it to him. It's fine."

After all, he was Fan Kui's son. He recalled that he was Fan Mu's father's teacher, and Fan Kui was his favorite student at that time, and the dean had even personally nurtured him. Before Fan Kui was fourteen years old, the core of his elemental energy had already reached yellow, and this was a peerless genius.

Ding Chen also felt very regretful at that time. It was a rare good disciple, but Fan Kui still came back to check on him from time to time. However, after a letter from five years ago, he had no news of him.

Therefore, even though Ding Chen didn't say it out loud, he still took care of Fan Mu. Fan Mu had taken note of all the preferential treatment given to him by the dean and remembered it in his heart.

He was just like other teachers, only caring about the students who caught his eye. The principal's words confused him; how could such an important thing be shown to a student, and more importantly, this was a student that he did not like at all. On normal days, Hou Jun would not even look at Fan Mu, perhaps this was a common ailment of teachers, who wouldn't like good students?

Sigh, he thought that he had done something wrong, and it would be best for him to listen to what he had to say. He could not provoke any more trouble, or else he would really be laid off.

Liu Cheng was quite speechless as he shouted, "What does this teacher of yours eat? How can he only be in a daze? Are you trying to evolve a new species of silly beast? It would be such a waste if you didn't go to the door to be a sculpture. Wake me up from your dream, idiot.

Just at that moment, Liu Cheng waved his hand towards the air, and the surrounding air seemed to have solidified. With a cry, a red handprint appeared on Hou Jun's right cheek, as if he had been slapped in the mouth.

Liu Sheng had been furious from having him wait at the door for such a long time, yet this fellow still dared to stare blankly at him. It was a mistake to not teach him a lesson.

Hou Jun woke up, grimacing in fear of being slapped again, "Aiyo, yes yes, I see, what you said makes a lot of sense, I, I have no words to refute you, yes, I am, Idiot Beast, no, I am not, I, I will take it for him." Hou Jun was already incoherent. He covered his burning mouth with one hand and showed the evidence to Fan Mu with the other.

When he arrived in front of Fan Mu, his attitude took a 180-degree turn. His eyes were filled with impatience, and he had a red mouth. He looked like a clown. He immediately complained, "Look, you're really nosy."

"Yes, I understand." Fan Mu had long since gotten used to his teacher's cold attitude. This treatment was not something that could be done in a day or two, so there was no need to bother about it.

However, the moment he saw the satin, his expression changed, "Damn, this is ?" Fan Mu looked at the words written on the silk with astonishment, and a curse came out of his mouth.

What was even more puzzling was that just like that, he acted in front of everyone, causing them all to be flabbergasted. He raised his small wooden cup in front of everyone, opened its lid, and poured water onto the silk cloth.

"You, you, are you crazy?" Hou Jun's mouth was wide open as he exclaimed in shock before quickly grabbing the silk cloth back, "I knew that you had no good intentions, and your results were terrible. Madman, scram! What are you going to do about such an important piece of evidence being destroyed? You little brat, are you responsible for this?"

Hou Jun turned his head and walked towards Xu Taiwei with the evidence in hand, leaving behind only the mocking laughter of the students and Fan Mu, who was alone in his seat.

"Lord, look, that person is a lunatic. No need, aiya, no need to make such a big fuss over nothing. Luckily, it isn't a piece of paper, this silk ? Ah!" Before he could finish, he suddenly had the urge to smash into a wall.

Hou Jun rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe what he had just seen. The red letter was slowly disappearing, and the final warning letter was being replaced by a blue poem. "Sir, this, this, take a look ?"

In the blink of an eye, the crowd in the audience boiled over once again. Seeing this, Dean Ding waved his hand, signalling for all the students to quiet down.

Dean Ding revealed a happy expression. He didn't think that anyone would know the secret behind this. Surprisingly, the one who had discovered it was Fan Mu. At the beginning, he was worried that it would end before everyone could even begin.

Cough, cough, I'm sure everyone is curious about what exactly happened," the dean stood up and began to explain, "These are actually two different colors, Manchu red and Manchu blue, their ink mixture is selective, Manchu red is a unique herb found in the Western Regions, it tastes good, and it's rare for anyone to use it, their ink together has become a special kind of ink, the ingenuity of this special ink is that when the top layer is painted another Manchu red, the color of the ink will be automatically hidden, so it is now occasionally used as an invisible document, but it's very hard to see this student, how do you see it?

When the students heard Dean Ding's explanation, they found it inconceivable. What was even more inconceivable was that the thousand-year-old crane tail could see through the heresy. It must be just some random guess.

Fan Mu touched his head, blushing slightly. He felt a little embarrassed to be praised so highly. He then looked at Dean Ding, who nodded his head and asked him to explain the reason.

"Because the red mountain has a strange taste," replied Fan Mu. "It's like adding preserves to bitter almonds, and it's very simple to make the color of the blended ink. Lemon water is fine, warm lemonade can be combined with blended blending red mountain, but the blending ink won't be affected by the blending between red mountain and sea gold blue. Then the red mountain will no longer be blended with the red mountain, and the blended blended blended ink below will naturally show."

Fan Qin looked at his bashful expression, helplessly waving his hand, making a weird sound, "Oh ?" Fan Qin intentionally dragged out his tone, "You let them be together, so harmonious." The serious atmosphere was enveloped by a burst of laughter.

With great difficulty, Dean Ding managed to calm down and said, "I never thought that there would actually be someone who would know about this. Hehe, I had thought that you guys would all be annihilated before the battle even began. Thank this student for giving you the opportunity." Then he waved his hand down, intending to get him to sit down.

The dean was overjoyed when he saw that the poem had started to think that it was a terrorist attack, as if he had seen through the poem and understood the secret of it. He was thinking that even if you came back to see me, you would know that you are not allowed to get involved, but he said it seriously, afraid that some people who are good at reading words would see through it, "Cough, cough, looks like this is really the poem, every group sent a representative, quickly write it down. You guys don't need to discuss about it here, now is the time to test the ability of your group, I wish you guys to cooperate with each other. Alright, hurry up and prepare. We'll start the test right away. "

At this moment, a poem that was completely different from the poem from before had already appeared on the silk. "Sunflower of the East Gate falls, Bai Yingsheng of the South, Seven Rivers of the West Mountains, and Resting Dawn of the North Courtyard." Although he did not try to suppress his charm, it could be considered as an excellent show. It seemed that this cold-faced bandit had quite a bit of cultural background.

The representatives of the various groups quickly copied down the poems, then began the division of labor within the group. After everything was ready, it was a clear sign that the great treasure hunt was about to start, and the air was filled with an invisible smell of gunpowder.

The two lords nodded their heads in succession, feeling that this change would become a milestone as the noise outside the yard would cover the entire area. From the looks of it, the officials of the government had arrived, so Dean Ding told everyone in the end, "I announce that this test will be called 'Guardian Academy' and we will begin. Let's go!"

Once the starting horn was sounded, everyone rushed out of the classroom like a bolt of lightning. Although the students didn't have a clue what was going on, all of them headed for the rear mountain of the academy ? Cloudbright Mountain.

There seemed to be no reason behind it, but they were hiding something deep. The reason why they said this was because under the surface of the two poems, there were many hidden places on the back mountain, such as the vast pavilion, the lake, and so on. From this, one could conclude that there was not only a subtle connection between the two poems, but also a possibility that they all pointed to the same place.

Due to the nourishment of the ancient spirit energy, the mountain here had the four seasons. There were ten miles of different days in the depths of the mountain, and even though they were common spirit grasses, their growth conditions were still quite harsh. In addition, there were also various spirit beasts living in the mountain, perhaps because their living conditions were too excellent, but most of the spirit beasts were not only stronger than others, but also more docile and docile.

However, there was an additional oddity to today's Cloudy Radiance Mountain. The entire mountain was enveloped in a dense purple mist, and the roars of spirit beasts could be heard from time to time. It seemed to be especially furious.

"Damn, what's going on? I can't see anything at all!? Are you trying to risk your life?!" a student shouted. "Look at the fog! It's already turning purple! Can you even enter it?"

When he said this, everyone became even more alert. Listening to the whistling sound of the wind, they couldn't help but shiver. Did he want to go into the mountains or not?

"Scram!" A burly student shouted as he pushed away the crowd in front of him, revealing an extremely impatient expression. "What are you blocking our path for? If you don't dare to enter, then scram far away. Don't block my path to becoming rich." Following that, he grabbed the male student who was shouting and swung him twice in the air before slamming him into a tree.

He could lift several hundred kilograms of boulders with one hand, and now, he was fiddling with his robust arms. His tanned skin made his muscles seem even more muscular, and while Fan Shi was usually domineering, he was also not used to other people's domineering ways. To put it bluntly, he was a contradictory entity.

Fan Shi showed a look of disdain, and mockingly said, "A little fog can scare you like this, you bunch of cowards, watch how I catch that monster thief, calling myself a monster thief, you really overestimate your capabilities, hahaha."

After saying that, he actually walked into the woods by himself, gradually disappearing into the fog, leaving behind his other two teammates outside the forest, who didn't even have time to say, "Hey, have you noted down Shishi yet?" Fan Shi had already disappeared, the two looked at each other dumbly, looked at each other, and shook their heads. What else do you have to say to such a godly teammate? It would be better to think of a way yourself.

Tat tat tat, the sound of footsteps could be heard. At this time, the troops behind them had also arrived, and were training their water and wood elemental energy on the road. Although Fan Shi was training earth elemental energy, his speed was surprisingly not that much.

Before entering the forest, the various groups had a short meeting before moving on to the depths of the forest. Some of the groups had even reached an agreement with each other regarding temporary partnerships. It could be said that outside the forest, discussions were in full swing.

Those who had already entered the forest mainly headed towards three different directions. There were also a few who were looking around randomly.

Among them, the Four Symbols Pavilion was the most popular, because the beginning of the latter poem started with the four phenomena of East, South, West, and North. The simplest idea was often the most reliable, followed by going to the Pond of the Moon, because there were four stone pillars, which also represented the four directions of East, South, West, and North.

However, there were a few small teams that had different thoughts. Their thoughts seemed to be very unique, and that was Lingyun's small team. After carefully studying the poems they left behind, Lingyun found some suspicious points, but he did not know where to start, and after tormenting for a long time, they still haven't set off, and at this moment, only the few of them remained outside the forest.

"Hey," a mocking laughter broke their thoughts. "Hurry up and leave, don't drag us down. It's enough for the two of us."

The laughter came from a girl, Lingyun's classmate Xu Xiang. As she spoke, she covered her secretly laughing mouth.

Normally, she would have beautiful black hair that fell onto her shoulders and a pink dress that wrapped around her budding body that emitted the beauty of youth like a spring flower. Her words were gentle and refined, and were extremely courteous.

Originally, everyone treated this person who didn't even have an attribute as a piece of trash, so his words were treated as useless nonsense, "You just stay here obediently. When we find the ancient treasure, we will share a portion of the spoils with you." The two of them then walked into the forest, leaving Fan Mu behind.

On the surface, Fan Mu didn't seem to have any reaction. You might think that he was used to it, but in reality, it was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Seeing this situation, Lingyun sighed, and thought about going up to ask about the situation.

Fan Mu told him the cause and effect, and also told him his findings. Lingyun, upon hearing Fan Mu's explanation, clapped his hands and praised. He had always felt that there was something wrong with the poem, and it couldn't be as simple as those people thought.

Fan Mu calmly explained, "This poem is very chaotic, there is no way to connect the front and the back. This means that the person who wrote the poem deliberately hid some words, reading the first line, the first line, the second line, the second line, the fourth line, I found something strange, and that is the east! Fang! Seven! "Good night!"

"The Seven Evenings of the East. It's so familiar, I should have seen it somewhere before," Lingyun muttered to himself, nodding to Fan Mu. Hearing Fan Mu's explanation, Lingyun had already figured it out, and at the same time waved Fan Qing and Xu Tianguo to calm down, then continued to listen to Fan Mu's thoughts, "Mmm, that's right. You know what you can do after the Seven Evenings, is there any place nearby that is related to this Seven Evenings?"

Looking at the three's doubtful expressions and attentive actions, Fan Mu felt extremely satisfied. It had been a long time since someone had done this, so Fan Mu put down the unhappiness in his heart.

"The Seven Edicts of the East, derived from the Four Edicts, and representing the seven stars of the East, symbolizes the Azure Dragon of the East Palace, the Azure Dragon, and the Azure Dragon. The Seven Edicts of the East, comes from the Four Edicts, symbolizing the seven stars of the East, symbolizing the Azure Dragon, Azure Dragon, and Azure Dragon of the East Palace.

He did not know whether he was right or not, but if he was wrong, this small team might have come here for nothing. Lingyun seemed to see the meaning, and laughed: "It doesn't matter, such a good idea, we must be right, so be bold and tell us."

"I, I'm afraid that everyone's work is in vain." Fan Mu shook his head, trying his best to oppose the idea.

"Aiya, brother, since when did you start to be so suspenseful towards others? "Just say it, no one will blame you." Fan Qin grabbed Fan Mu's shoulders, stopping him from shaking his head. They looked at each other for a while, and Fan Mu understood what he meant.

Green is green, it belongs to the Azure Dragon Wood. Thus, I am thinking of the Cyanwood Palace in the east. Legend has it that there is a Divine Dragon in the Cyanwood Palace, and perhaps it is that Eastern Palace Azure Dragon. He didn't know that this decision had changed his life.

"There's no time to lose, we're leaving now," Lingyun reported, "Fan Mu is now the fourth member of our team, let's go."

Ling Yun's group of four turned around and quickly disappeared into the mist.

Behind the spot where they had disappeared, a sinister smile slowly emerged from the mist.

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