"Magnetic, magnetic." The four of them quickly went back and forth on the tree trunk. Lingyun frowned and said to everyone, "Don't look back."

He then said to Xu Tianliang, "You've also noticed, we are being followed, and the people following us are very strange and intermittent, probably because of some ability to hide the auras, but it is either disturbed by the Yin Wind and Yin Mist, or because we can't cultivate it, so we have to be careful at all times."

Lingyun shuddered at Fan Qing's words, "What have we done? Why are we being followed?" He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and asked.

"Perhaps it's due to my ability ?" Ling Yun muttered to himself, "Come, let's gather here!"

"Water Wall." Lingyun chanted a spell, and with the movement of his fingers, a hollow water ball wrapped around the four people in the squad.

For the sake of safety, we will advance within the Waves Wall. My Waves Wall can be considered magical, it can not only defend against attacks but also insulate voices, "Lingyun did not lose his composure and explained to everyone, but pointed behind with his finger," I think it could also be our classmate, and some of them are also enemies. They are also the guardians of treasures, so before we reach our destination, we will try our best to avoid any conflicts.

The group of four tried their best to shake off the pursuers, and increased their speed. The pursuers did not want to be outdone, so they bit on the people in front of them. Lingyun pondered, but the thick fog prevented Lingyun from recognizing the people behind.

As a result, after a series of races, there was still no gap.

"Sigh, how troublesome, it seems like the people behind us are reluctant to part with us." Sensing that people were getting closer and closer, Lingyun could not help but let out a laugh. Amongst the four of them, Lingyun's mental strength was the strongest, and his keen observation allowed Lingyun to have the strength to fight for the championship in the town's competition at such a young age.

Lingyun raised his eyebrows, and said to Xu Tiancai, "Tianliang, is that power of yours okay?"

"Don't worry, it should be around the same. However, even though there is no difference in appearance, you don't know the difference in aura. If it is a student, he should be able to fool us. If it is someone else, we must be careful." Xu Tianliang's back was also covered in cold sweat. He had the ability to camouflage, and Lingyun was hoping that he could use this ability to fool around.

Normally when walking on the streets, people would think that one of the two was his twin brother if they saw him walking on the streets. In reality, the other one was just a clay figurine. Perhaps both of them were.

"Well, let me count. We'll get out of the water wall, and then it'll move along with the little ones, until we're in front of the bifurcation." It was clear that Lingyun did not want to play cat and mouse with the people behind him anymore, and now was not the time to fight. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity at the fork in the road, and throw them off.

"Alright, 3 ?" Ling Yun began to count down.

"Didn't you say 123? Why is it 3 now?" Fan Qin asked, feigning speechlessness, almost causing Lingyun to spit blood and fall to the ground. Xu Tianliao laughed and said, "Don't mind the details."

"Be serious, all right? We are carrying out a mission. Alright, let's start again. The sky is wide, prepare 3 ?" Xu Tianliang's left hand was placed on his right wrist as he chanted an incantation. At the same time, he was making a report, "2 ?"

"Mud Avatar!" Xu Tianbao let out a loud cry, and the four clay figurines followed suit, advancing forward with the four of them like living beings.

It was almost at the fork in the road. "Split 1!" Lingyun gave the command, and everyone headed in a different direction from the mud man, disappearing into the fog.

"Looks like I've lost them." Lingyun felt that the aura behind him became weaker and weaker, and now it had already disappeared.

"Aiya, my god, this is indeed a big world. That clay figure is truly a fake. The effects are outrageous!" Fan Qin changed his tone again, at the same time slapping Fan Mu on the back.

"What are you shooting me for, did you eat the wrong medicine!" Fan Qin's hand was neither light nor heavy, and after a series of violent slaps, he seemed to be in some pain. Fan Mu could not help but frown.

"I was wondering why the rock was so soft." Fan Qin scratched his head and laughed.

"Did you guys bring a Jade Spirit Capsule? I heard that there are a lot of rare spirit beasts here. Normally, it's very hard to see them." After the crisis was over, Xu Tianliang opened his next words.

"Jade Spirit Capsule, tease me. Why would mom buy such a precious thing for me?" Fan Qin said in disdain.

"This ?"

"..." The scene changed to the other side of the forest. Fan Tian and the other two seemed to be chasing something, quickly shuttling through the gaps between the trees.

"Weird, what's going on? I think we ran back home again?" Fan Tian was flabbergasted. Seeing Liu Xin's mark on the tree in front of him, he was puzzled, as if they had been walking in circles for so long. Liu Xin touched the burn mark on the tree, and after confirming that it really was her mark, she nodded to Fan Tian.

"Quick, intercept them and see what's going on," Fan Tian gritted his teeth, his face filled with anger, as if he had suffered a great loss. He then turned to Dai Qiu Hu beside him and said, "Qiu Hu, it's all up to you!"

"Alright!" Dai Qiu Hu roared, biting the tip of his tongue, and spat out some blood essence onto the jade he was wearing. The glowing red core instantly became extremely alluring, a normal skill did not require the blood essence of the caster, it seems like Dai Qiu Hu was not an ordinary person.

The dirt road in front of him actually started rumbling and shaking, from the bottom up, it was as if they were sprouting. Countless huge rocks gushed out from the gap in the ground, and the protruding rocks rushed towards their prey in a straight line, and just as they were about to catch up, they quickly exploded, completely sealing the four of them in the pile of rocks. "Boom!"

Fan Tian and his two teammates quickly arrived at the place that was sealed by stones and soil. Looking inside, the scene inside the wall made of stone really made Fan Tian flabbergasted. There was no one there, only a pile of mud and not even a sliver of life.

"I've been set up!" Fan Tian stomped his feet in anger, he never expected that he would fall into their trap.

"It doesn't matter, there's only one way back!" At this time, Liu Xin seemed abnormally calm. Although she had circled around a few times, she didn't lose his mind, "I think they must have done it at the fork in the road. If we go back, we should be able to make it!"

"Yes, that's right. Let's move out immediately!" Fan Tian clenched his teeth, suppressing the anger in his heart. He definitely could not let this go. To be toyed with by them, he had to take revenge.

"But big brother, why must we follow them?" Liu Xin was Fan Tian's childhood playmate, so she was a bit cowardly in terms of character. However, she was smart, and with her slightly plump body, she had a fiery red head, which made it obvious that she grew up playing with fire.

When they entered the forest, Fan Tian had already stated that he would follow Lingyun, although it was very incomprehensible, but Fan Tian said he had his own arrangements, so it was fine to go together with him. However, after being toyed with like this, Liu Xin felt that there must be some sort of secret behind it, and she really didn't know why Fan Tian was so attached to these people, how do you know that they were definitely right.

Fan Tian rolled his eyes, "I said I have my own plans ?" "Why are you being so long-winded? Hurry up and leave. If you can't catch up, I'll teach you a lesson!"

After saying that, he walked back to his original path without looking back.

Looking at Fan Tian's back as he left, Dai Qiuhu shook his head helplessly, what could he do, this kind of teammate, he beckoned to Liu Xin to chase after him. Liu Xin was stunned, but before she could come back to her senses, she discovered that the two of them had disappeared, in the dense fog, this creepy forest looked even more eerie, he who was already scared to begin with, so he shouted, "Hey, wait for me!" He stomped his feet on the ground and chased after them.

"Whew, the cool breeze blew past, leaving behind only faint purple smoke and fallen leaves." Swoosh, swoosh ? Fan Tian and the other two were advancing along the same path. As time passed, the purple mist became denser and denser. It was like a giant cage, imprisoning them for life ?

"Alright, don't be so listless. I won't hide anything from you. Our task now is to catch up to them." Fan Tian said with a bit of a pant. After such a torturous situation, he was finally getting anxious.

"What I want to say is, no matter which way we go, we all want to find the hidden treasure spot. And what is unknown is that Lingyun has the intuition of sensing the Spiritual Objects, and the method to find the treasure!"

"What do you mean?" Hearing Fan Tian's explanation, Liu Xin became even more confused, her 'rosy' face became even hotter. Liu Xin sniffed and expressed her opinion, "Don't tell me, he and that bandit have a good connection?"

Dai Qiu Hu almost choked on blood when he heard this, "Big brother, can you not hurt me so much? If that's the case, then that guy would have long been captured by the government's henchmen. How could it be your turn to discover this truth?"

The reason why he said this was because Dai Qiuhu had some conflicts with the government officials and was then forced to 'enjoy' prison life for a few days. Currently, he was using his henchmen to describe those government officials who did not know what was good for them.

My father had a very close relationship with Ling Yun, so he was Ling Yun's father. One day, when my father was drunk, he revealed this news, and the Ling Family members' blood had a special ability. "Fan Tian originally did not want to say it, but now that he had lost them all, there was no point in hiding it anymore.

"That is to feel the best jade!" Fan Tian explained as he cast this spell in midair. He discovered that this fog could actually be ignited. Under the burning of his flames, a path was actually ignited where the purple fog disappeared.

"Wow!" Dai Qiu Hu could not help but praise Fan Tian's cleverness when he saw his vision brighten.

Fan Tian held the fireball with both hands as he continued to explain, "As you all know, the Ling family's top grade jade stones are used for their businesses. The reason why the Ling family was able to discover so many top-grade jade stones was all because of this secret on their bodies!"

"There's such a thing, I don't even know about it!" Liu Xin smiled in relief, as if there was nothing in this world that she didn't know.

"This kind of thing would cause a fatal disaster. No wonder Lingwang Shop is so low-key all the time!" Dai Qiuhu raised his eyebrows. He, who was originally very calm, was clearly a bit agitated. He knew that secrets were his favorite thing and was a weirdo.

This is also the reason why I told you to follow him in the beginning, and no one could find him, he will definitely find us, "Fan Tian sighed, he had to admit that the Ling Family and his family could be considered as lifelong friends, and even though he and Ling Yun weren't very close, he still knew the importance of this matter, and he definitely could not go against the friendship between the two families. Thus, he warned," Just pretend that you did not hear anything about this.

Fan Tian's voice was firm, and after Liu Xin and Dai Qiuhu heard it, they followed suit.

"Also, I have an even more important matter to confirm," Fan Tian muttered to himself. His face twisted as he thought of something. For some reason, he felt that Fan Yun's disappearance had been sealed off by his family, but he believed that the culprit must be that person.

"Brother Tian, what's wrong?" Seeing Fan Tian's actions, Dai Qiuhu and Liu Xin did not dare to move. This was the first time they had seen Fan Tian reveal such a terrifying expression.

No one knew what Fan Tian was thinking, but his face calmed down as he said to the two, "Alright, there's no time. Hurry up, or else we won't know where they went." Finishing his words, Fan Tian charged out like a horse, while Liu Xin and Dai Qiuhu did not dare to fall behind, following closely behind.

"Zi ?" A noise came from the other side of the forest. The forest was not big, and even the slightest noise could be heard, "Wait a moment!" Ling Yun seemed to have discovered something, "I found something."

Xu Tianliang and Fan Mu immediately stopped the car, but Fan Qing didn't react. He ran into a tree in front of him, and as if he had lost his soul, the Xunyu Sparrow flew up into the air, chirping as it flew away. It then looked at Fan Qing, who fell to the ground from the impact, almost fainting.

The three of them rushed to Fan Qin's side. They thought something had happened, but the result was that the scene was too beautiful for them to look at.

"Aiyo ?" Fan Qin slowly stood up, "You've lost half your life, what are you doing, crying so anxiously!"

Fan Mu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, sighing to himself. Blame him, it was you who was slow to react, okay ?

"It's good that you're fine," Xu Tianguo said as he helped Fan Qin up, "Don't be rash anymore. This collision was not light."

"Don't be like an old mother, I'm a man!" Fan Qin's face was solemn, and he made a gesture of combing his hair into the shape of an adult, swearing that a man wouldn't cry out in pain.

"Pfft, guess me. If you continue like this, I'm going to puke." Xu Tianliang covered his mouth and waved at Fan Qin.

"Alright, alright, let's get down to business." Lingyun saw that the topic was getting more and more distant, and had no choice but to pull them back, "We should be going in the right direction."

The three of them simultaneously shot a peculiar look at Ling Yun, and asked at the same time, "What do you mean, you don't understand!"

"I'm saying that we went in the right direction," Ling Yun did not expect them to be this surprised, so he explained, "Our Ling Family has a special ability, but I hope you keep it a secret. This ability is when we get close to high quality jade, our blood will gather in our hands, take a look ?"

Lingyun reached out his hand to let the three of them have a look. His five thumbs were beginning to turn red, especially on his thumbs, it was as if there was a small red light on them.

Whenever we get close to high quality jade, it will be like this. Some people who don't know anything are spreading rumors outside, actually making this ability seem like a myth. Some people who don't know about it, like a myth, will find out about this divine jade when they're at home, and because of that, our people were able to cause a fatal disaster. Lingyun looked at the three of them, his eyes full of sincerity. He felt like a student admitting his mistakes in front of his teacher.

Tian Kuan patted his shoulder, "How could that be? You don't believe in our character at all?" After saying that, the four of them burst out laughing loudly.

"I feel it, I'm very close. Let me see where the ancient divine jade is." As he spoke, Lingyun bit his left index finger and drew a rune on his right hand. "Blood Attraction Technique!"

The red blood on his right hand constantly changed forms. As Lingyun continued to strengthen his control, the blood symbol gradually turned into the shape of an arrow. Pointing to the east, the four of them shouted in unison, "Green Wood Palace!"

"My brother has godly foresight, hahaha!" Fan Qin stroked Mu Ge's head and laughed as if he was playing with a monkey.

"It's all thanks to Brother Mu this time." Lingyun waved his hands and respectfully bowed to Fan Mu. "To be able to have a friend like Brother Mu is truly a blessing of three lifetimes!"

"Hurry up and get up, there's no need to be so polite. I'm the lucky one that Brother Ling would acknowledge me as his friend." Perhaps the word 'friend' was really not easy to come by.

The top one was Ling Yun. After looking at the members, the atmosphere became serious, "The road ahead will be very dangerous, there are many high level spirit beasts outside the Green Wood Palace. However, this time, we can only succeed, we can't fail!"

"Heh ?" The four of them shouted in unison, like an oath, resounding through the forest.

In the distance, a serene yet beautiful smile gradually bloomed. An incomparably cold voice sounded, "You've finally arrived." As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared into the mist without a trace.

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