"Rumble ? Rumble ?" The earth began to shake as they circled around the four.

Fan Qin's waist was brushed by a scorching flame, which frightened him so much that he tripped on the floor. This was the first time he had ever felt such a pure power while cultivating fire elemental energy.

"Boom, boom ?" With ghostly eyes and a huge body, every step he took was like a clap of thunder.

"What the hell!" Fan Qin was somewhat anxious, "Second fool Ling, you really are a jinx. Just as you finished saying that, this shitty thing came over. What kind of shitty thing is this?"

"Blame me," Lingyun's voice sounded somewhat low and deep, "This is probably the Blazing Ant, metal shell, skin is extremely hard, it's invulnerable, and it's a combination of metal and fire."

Lingyun skillfully appraised the red light in the fog, his eyes showed no fear. He did not expect to meet you here, and bring you back just in time to help jade factory find the treasure on the ground.

"Not easy to deal with!" In the past, he had wanted to tame a spirit pet, but he had been burnt until wounds were all over his body. Now, he could not help but be on his guard, "The fire is very pure, the body is very powerful, what do we do?"

Hearing Tian Kuan's words, Lingyun laughed and replied, "You seem to have forgotten something, restraining your attributes!"

At this moment, the Flame Ant's flame had already burned a path, and its 10 feet tall body was revealed. "Oh my god, how could it be so big!" Fan Qin cried out in alarm. Indeed, ordinary Flame Ants were already incredible when they were already at least half a meter tall. This one was a dozen times larger than normal. This life was way too comfortable.

Fan Mu was startled as well. He had read a lot about Flame Ants in books, but this was the first time he had seen one of this size.

"Fan Qin, Fan Mu, both of you step back. The sky is wide, use a stone to seal his escape route." At that moment, Lingyun lightly tapped his toes and jumped into the air.

Following a slight chanting sound, dozens of huge rocks appeared out of nowhere, and with a movement of his hand, they circled around the Flame Ant. With a "clang", the huge rocks accurately landed around the Flame Ant, blocking his path.

The Blazing Flame Ants refused to be outdone. Their forelimbs flashed as they hardened into sharp blades, cleaving apart the giant rocks that were blocking their path.

"Interesting, now let's obediently accept the baptism," Lingyun sighed, but he had absolute confidence in his attributes. The red colored source energy core radiated light in all directions, and under his command, the water element filled the entire space.

A huge water ball emerged from the center of his two hands, forming a stream of water that shot towards the Flame Ant's head.

"Aooo ?" The Flame Ant let out a howl, appearing to be very angry. It took a deep breath, and then spat out a wave of heat wave. The moment the water ball came into contact with the heat wave, it evaporated without even seeing the flame.

"Not good, this Flame Ant's level is very high." Lingyun calmly analyzed. The gap in their stats had been completely erased. Lingyun thought, but this was the only way to get to the Cyanwood Palace. He definitely could not give up here.

Fan Mu stood to the side. Even though he wasn't participating in the battle, he was still carefully observing the battlefield. He realized that the advance speed of the Flaming Ant was too slow, could it be?

Lingyun regained his morale, and as water particles poured out from the source energy core, his movements became faster and faster. "Water Dragon's Bullet!"

The fist-sized bullets rained down on the Flame Ant. Before the Flame Ant could react, they smashed into its body. The effects were excellent. The pain made the Flame Ant howl again.

Lingyun did not plan to give it a chance to catch his breath. The continuous Heavenly Dragon Bullet was so painful that the Flame Ant had no way of defending itself, but at this moment, the Flame Ant seemed to have recovered its senses, and a red light was emitted from its skin.

The Blazing Ant Queen stomped on the ground and rushed towards Ling Yun. Ling Yun had just stood still and had no time for him to think about his next move.

Boom! The giant forelimb once again transformed into a sharp blade, chopping down.

"Ah!" Ling Yun's horn sounded through the sky.

Lingyun was still trembling in fear. Fan Mu had saved him, and the moment the fire ant chopped down, Fan Mu's Profound Rippling Steps had arrived. If they were just a second away, they would have already been chopped into pieces.

Ling Yun panted, "I will never forget Brother Mu's kindness in saving my life." He wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and stood up again, "What did Brother Mu use? "I remember that Brother Mu can't use his elemental energy yet."

"It's just a small thing. It's nothing much. I think some of the ancient tactics and tactics are quite interesting. I just want to learn them and play with them." Fan Mu spoke very easily, spending a lot of time and effort to practice. Although his body's memory was good, he had only mastered the basics of a book, and could only use four small combat techniques. Ripple Tiny Steps was one of them, mainly to increase his walking speed and save his life, this time it could be considered as saving someone's life.

"I underestimated my opponent too much!" Lingyun thought for a moment and slapped his face. If it wasn't for Fan Mu running fast, he would have already finished playing.

"Don't be like that. It's good that you're fine. We should come up with a solution!" Xu Tianguo also arrived at Ling Yun's side. Seeing this soul-stirring moment, he too broke out in a cold sweat.

"I already have a plan," said Fan Mu. As soon as he finished speaking, two pairs of eyes came over. "What plan?" Lingyun and Xu Tianliang said in unison.

"Don't you guys feel like you're missing a person after killing a thousand men?" Fan Qin spat out the flame while swearing, "We agreed to block for a while, but the sky is so wide and you're raising this monkey, you're about to kill me." As he said this, he did a backflip and dodged the Blades that were formed by the Blazing Ant's right arm. As he landed, the Blazing Ants spewed out flames at him again.

"Um, just hang in there for a while. We have important matters to attend to." Xu Tianhu wanted to laugh, but held it in.

Ah ah ah, if I were to die here, I would definitely drag you down with me. Heh, Fire Blast Ball." The only advantage he had was his agility. Right now, he had no time to attack, only being able to dodge. As he continued to attack, the temperature around him grew higher and higher.

"Watch out for the Flame Ants' hind legs, they are already tired of crawling. Perhaps it's because they've already been wounded before, the Flame Ants' bodies are covered in iron clothing, their helmets are made of iron, and the weakest part of them are at the base of their hind legs. Also, I remember that there is a blue dot on the abdomen of the Flame Ants, only the temperature there is lower than the body temperature, and it's said that the Flame Ants' Death Acupuncture Point is over there!" Fan Mu didn't dare say it out loud. After all, this was his first time meeting a real person, and he had only been reading before.

Ling Yun closed his eyes, rubbed his nose, and thought about the dead end in his heart: "I got it! Can the heavens overturn him? " Ling Yun excitedly asked Xu Tianguo.

Hearing this, Xu Tianguo stood up and shouted towards Fan Qing, "Run, your brother is about to open up a trap, if you want to accompany him in death, then don't move."

Fan Qin did not look like he could last much longer, his face was flushed red, the power of the flames was also weakening, and the light from the source energy core was almost completely gone. At this time, he heard Xu Tiangou say, "Hmph, just wait, let's see how I'll take care of you, Mud Monster!" Fan Qin mumbled to himself, then quickly fled behind him.

The Flame Ant was not ready to let go of this matter and turned to Fan Qin to release a flame. Lingyun waved the jade in front of his chest, and placed his left hand on his right hand. His chest formed a stream of water, and flew towards Fan Qin at an even faster speed. The water and fire collided fiercely, creating a burst of steam. The destructive force was not small, and poor Fan Qing was blown away, crashing into a tree.

"Your opponent is us!" Lingyun and Xu Tianguo stood in front of the Flame Ant with determined expressions. Fan Mu made a small opening and used a Ripple to bring Fan Qing to a safe place.

Swords were drawn and a fierce battle was about to begin.

The Flame Ant shook its head, as if it was mocking the little kid that it sent flying.

Lingyun gave a sinister smile, his face brimming with killing intent, "The sky is vast!"

"Alright!" Xu Tianliang understood and chanted a spell in a low voice. Lingyun had actually dripped a drop of his blood on the jade and activated his jade. The turbulent water vapor quickly spread out in the forest, causing the Flame Ants to feel very uncomfortable.

Lingyun floated up, leaped up, and stood on a nearby tree. He nimbly jumped on the tree, and circled around the Flame Ant in the air. This time, the Flame Ant was actually enraged, and started chopping at the surrounding trees, however, the sneer on Lingyun's face became even more mournful.

With his right hand slightly raised, a column of water was immediately formed, beautifully covering the Flame Ant's body, and then, dozens of Sky Dragon Bullets ruthlessly bombarded its hind legs. As a result, the arrogant Flame Ant fell to the ground in pain.

"Rumble ?" Xu Tianliang had already finished his preparations. The earth trembled as he said, "Earth Tearing Stone Mountain!" With a shout, he slapped his left hand onto the ground, then covered his left hand with his right hand, and struck down with all his might. A crack appeared in front of his index finger, and with a sonic boom, he forced it straight towards the Flame Ants. Then, a crack appeared in the ground beneath the belly of the Flame Ants, and a stone pillar rose up from the ground.

Taking advantage of this opening, Lingyun followed it to the belly of the Flame Ant, and carefully searched for the blue spot under the belly that Fan Mu mentioned. Suddenly, Lingyun's eyes lit up, and used all his strength, waving out his left hand.

With the sound of an incantation, the jade in Ling Yun's chest started to shine brighter, as though it could explode with limitless power in the next moment. The water particles continued to gather around Ling Yun, and rapidly condensed into the form of a treasure sword.

"Bang ?" The Flame Ant fell to the ground. Its six limbs were trembling as if they had lost their vigor. Xu Tiankong smashed the ground and a huge boulder weighing over a hundred jin flew out. He raised it up and was about to smash it down, striking the Flame Ant one last time.

"Wait a minute!" Xu Tianliang staggered, but he was still able to steady himself. He took a step forward and threw a huge boulder to the ground.

"Damn! Big Brother, when I used my full strength, don't be so shocked! You nearly touched your waist!" Xu Tianliang was speechless. He held the huge rock with one hand as he panted.

Fan Mu let go of Fan Qin, ignoring Xu Tianliang's complaints. He stepped onto the Rippling Light Steps and jumped in front of the Flame Ant's head. Lingyun did not know the situation, so he followed. The Flame Ant's body had lost its heat, and its vital signs were disappearing.

"What's wrong?" Lingyun asked softly as he saw Fan Mu's dazed expression.

"The Blazing Flame Ant didn't do anything bad, and its life shouldn't be lost. Furthermore, the spirit beasts have been our partners for a long time. It wouldn't be so irritable so easily. There must be a reason behind it." Fan Mu explained, carefully searching for something in the Flame Ant's body.

"Is it still not dead?!" Lingyun was very surprised, shooting whirlpools was the most powerful skill he could use, and judging from the power of the fire ant's flame, it was at most a Yellow Rank. Although Lingyun had only stepped into the Orange Rank recently, it was a fact that he had blocked the whirlpool.

Fan Mu stroked the head of the Flame Ant, and pointed to a hole in the center of its forehead. "That's right, this fellow isn't at the level we have imagined. Its Heaven's Eyes are already open, and it should have reached the Blue Rank." The Fire Ant was also known as the Three-Eyed Dragon. When the Heaven's Eye was fully activated, it would have the ability to predict the future. Furthermore, it would also have the power of a quasi God King.

Lingyun was so shocked that his mouth was wide open. It can't be, Blue Core, its one strike can definitely burn the whole forest, who would be bored to seal it?

"However, your attack greatly damaged its strength, so it will probably not be able to recover in a short period of time." Fan Mu continued to search the Blazing Ant's body, trying to find the culprit that caused the spirit beast to go crazy. He suddenly walked towards the location of its hind leg and saw a cross nail-like thing nailed firmly onto the second section of the Blazing Ant's left hind leg. "Brother Yun, this ?"

Lingyun understood, and changed into a pincer, holding the wooden nail. Xu Tiangou and Fan Qin also caught up. Fan Qin looked pale, and from the looks of it, Fan Qin looked a little weaker.

Four of them pulled the nails out.

"Phew ?" The moment the wooden nails were pulled out, the Flame Ants started to move. The sealing power gradually released out, and the temperature continued to rise, becoming even hotter than before. The four jumped back, and Fan Mu held the cross-shaped wooden nail, took a closer look, wiped the tip of his nail with his hand, sniffed it, and quickly covered his nose.

"This wooden cross nail was actually covered in the Bewitching Powder. No wonder this spirit beast is so irritable. This thing can make a human or spirit beast lose their minds." Fan Mu broke out in a cold sweat. In the Hundred Herbs Solution, it was said that the Bewitching Powder was made from the diseased grass, and was hidden in the water at the bottom of the Ghost valleys in the east. Around it, there were often Violet Rank or higher spirit beasts accompanying it, and its enchanting aroma could cause them to hallucinate, causing them to fight and never stop, making them even more flourishing with their blood.

According to the ancient books, the path to becoming a god was not only based on efforts from the Houtian realm, but also on the innate spirit. The power of the five elements was not something that could be linked just as you said, there were not many people who could cultivate jade, many people's physiques even rejected certain elements, the lack of earth and wood, their parents thought that they could make up for it with their names, but heaven's will did not allow them to do anything. At the same time, it was also a matter of mutual rejection.

Even so, there were still many people walking on the path to becoming a God, because the God King's ability was too enticing. The God King was blessed by the world's spirit energy, and he was able to have youth and beauty.

Fan Mu broke out in a cold sweat. It was very likely that the person who attacked the Flame Ant was a Gold-rank expert, or even the realm of the God King, but why did he have to act against these spirit beasts for no reason at all? Why did he have to seal their abilities?

"Haha, look at him! He's so funny!" Fan Qin patted the Flame Ant's head, teasing it.

The Fire Ant gradually recovered its strength, and gently looked at the four little people. Its long cry was its way of thanking them, although its mind was confused, but it seemed to know what had happened. The Fire Ant skillfully controlled the fire on its body, placed it on its back, and crawled towards Fan Mu.

Fan Mu looked at it for a moment, as if he understood its meaning, and then said to everyone, "The Blazing Ant seems to know that we are here to look for something, it knows where the jade is hidden, and it says that we will follow it."

After he finished, the Blazing Flame Ant nodded and told the four that he was thinking about what he said. It happily turned around and did something that shocked everyone.

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