"Rumble ?" The Flame Ant rubbed its large pincers against the ground violently, causing mud to fly in all directions. In the blink of an eye, a five feet wide cave appeared before their eyes.

The quartet did not expect the fire ant to start digging. Could it be that the treasure was hidden underground? The quartet looked at each other, confused. In the end, all eyes fell on Fan Mu.

"Brother Mu, if you don't mind, how about the team leader who completed this mission?" After this dangerous battle, Lingyun had to show his admiration towards Fan Mu, not only because Fan Mu saved him, but also because Fan Mu's vast knowledge was hidden, just like an encyclopedia. Calm, reliable, and never exaggerated his pride, Lingyun had to admit that even though he had a certain desire for control, he met a Blue Rank Spiritual Beast the moment he got close to the Green Wood Palace, and what he would encounter afterwards was still an unknown mystery.

Hearing Lingyun's words, Fan Mu was flattered. "How can I do that? I know my own strength. Without everyone here, I would have long become the fiery-red soul of the Blazing Ant. No way." Fan Mu gave in, saying Lingyun was the most suitable, capable, thoughtful, and calm person. He was the perfect choice for the team leader.

"Brother Mu, you don't have to give in. From the beginning till now, we have been following your lead. You not only have a lot of ideas, but also have a miraculous ancient martial art. We are all willing to acknowledge you as the captain, right?" Lingyun continued to explain, and as he said that, his eyes turned towards Fan Qing and Xu Tiangou, and the three of them nodded in unison.

Fan Mu was overjoyed to be able to obtain everyone's acknowledgement. He secretly made up his mind that he would definitely find a treasure and head out with them.

Fan Mu no longer refused and officially became the captain.

After the four of them tidied up the situation, Fan Mu gave their first order: enter the cave. In his eyes, spirit beasts were much more trustworthy than humans, and their hearts were sinister. What was missing was the sincerity in the spirit beast's eyes.

After this battle, it could be said that they had become friends without even fighting the Flame Ant.

So, Fan Mu was the first to enter the cave. The others followed him into the cave.

The newly born cave was soaked in water, it was slightly wet. The Flame Ant kept digging and pushing forward, the huge pincers were strong, the surrounding soil became thick and sturdy under its push, moving inside the cave didn't feel out of place. Although the cave wasn't very large, he only needed to lower his head.

"Kacha ?" The flame ant's huge claws broke through the soil.

The first rays of the sun shone on Fan Mu's face, gentle and gentle.

"This ?" The scene in front of him made Fan Mu flabbergasted. The huge cave was actually filled with green, and the fragrant flowers and plants covered his nose like honey. The spirit grass danced, and when he took a closer look, the first rays of the sun shone down, and it was actually only a flying bird.

"So beautiful ?" The four of them looked at the fairyland in front of them and could not help but exclaim.

"Hehe, wow, you've finally come. Welcome to the Cyanwood Palace." A luxurious female voice rang out from the clouds and descended into this heavenly paradise. It was like a fairy descending to the mortal world, yet one could only hear her voice and not see her.

However, the Flame Ants were extremely agitated and furious. They spat out flames in all directions, but strangely, the flowers and plants in this fairyland were not burned at all.

"Hmph, you bastard." Following a scornful taunt, the Flame Ant unexpectedly disappeared without a trace from the four of them.

Cold sweat oozed out from Fan Mu's back, and he didn't have the time to think about where the Flame Ant had gone to. He didn't even have the chance to make a move before he was finished. So powerful, who was this guy?

Just as Fan Mu was thinking, the earth began to tremble. In the blink of an eye, a bone-piercing chill came over, and the green before started to fade away, replacing it was a field of ice.

Ling Yun regained his senses, his heart was filled with bewilderment, and he shouted out loud, "You ? "It's actually someone from the Fantasy Faction." His eyes were full of surprise as he stared in the direction the voice came from.

Laughter fell from the sky, followed by the words, "Children do not know how to be polite, but they will suffer."

Immediately, Ling Yun's clothes were covered in a thick layer of ice armor, and were constantly trembling from the cold. This was also the first time he truly felt the might of the Illusory Sect, although he knew that these feelings were definitely fake, it was more real than real.

Seeing this, Fan Qin was extremely anxious. Calming himself down, he clenched his right hand into a fist and stared straight at the center of the snowflake. After a series of chants, a fireball appeared in Fan Qin's hand, "Ha!" Fan Qin yelled, and the fireball in his hand flew towards the center of the snow. The snow's virtual cold and the fireball's heat made Lingyun in the whirlpool, causing him to lose his cool, "Aiyaya, I can't take it anymore. Fan Qing, don't throw the fire!"

"Let's see if you still know your manners. Since your looks are not bad, I'll let you go this time." The goddess gently waved her sleeves, and a gentle breeze blew away the snowflakes, leaving behind a rose in Lingyun's hand. Lingyun gave a fist and bowed towards the direction of the voice.

After personally experiencing the power of the Mirage Faction, Lingyun sighed to himself.

"Sister, I don't want to harm you two. It is not easy for you two to find this place. Come, come, quickly tell me who is so smart to be able to solve my mystery." The voice still came from the horizon.

Fan Qin shook his head, telling Fan Mu not to admit that the enemy was hiding his power, and that he was too strong, so he didn't know if Fan Mu would do anything rash or not. If he messed up, he would be dead, and it would be better to hide his feelings, "You really keep a low profile, how can I make you guys say that. Go, Cloud Thunder Snake, let them go.

Although the goddess' voice was like the music of heaven, the four knew that there was going to be trouble now. The Cloud Thunder Snake was a rare spirit beast in the depths of the Siddhartha Walser mountain. After a long period of evolution, not only did its lightning attack surpass the group before, but it also evolved its ability to fly.

Hehe, just thinking of how little handsome bro is going to throw himself into my arms makes me so happy. If I accidentally win, I'll give you guys a hint of looking for treasures. The place where the voice came from was densely covered in colorful clouds. A streak of lightning shot out from the clouds, leaving behind a long trail of thunder and lightning with the sound of a magnetic explosion.

The Cloud Thunder Snake floated in the sky, its body was ten meters long and divided into ten sections. Its body was surrounded by lightning, on its back was a gorgeous leopard pattern, on its head was a jade-like symbol embedded with lightning. Its tail was beating the clouds from time to time, flicking its tongue to sense the direction of the four people.

The faces of the four men were filled with emotions. It seemed that even if they couldn't fight, they wouldn't be able to escape. What should they do?

"Calm down, I believe you all can see that this Cloud Lightning Serpent is no ordinary beast. The rank of a Cloud Lightning Serpent can be determined from the number of its body, two stages one, and this one has already reached the Cyan Rank. Based on its strength, we will definitely be completely crushed, so the key to victory here is you, Xu!" Heavens! "Broad!" Fan Mu called out the name word by word.

Upon hearing Fan Mu's words, Xu Tianliang felt somewhat proud, but he quickly calmed down.

The strength of this Cloud Thunder Snake definitely wasn't any weaker than the Blazing Ants, and the four people here were basically all Red Rank. More importantly, there was also a Zero Rank one among them. What should he do?

"Xu Tianguo, you know one principle, right?" Fan Mu lightly patted Xu Tianguang's shoulder, telling him to listen to him first, "Hit the snake until it hits seven inches! Hit the snake for three inches!

Xu Tianliao naturally knew that although he was intimidated by this Cloud Thunder Snake, he was not stupid. Normally, when he was training, he would use this method to capture snakes and other such things.

Seeing Fan Qin's confusion, Fan Mu continued to explain, "To hit seven inches and three inches is to say that you have to hit a snake to hit its vital points. The snake's three inches was the most fragile and easily broken part of the snake's spine. After the snake's spine was broken, the channels that lead to the nerve center and other parts of the body were destroyed. The seven inches of a snake was the heart of a snake. If one were to suffer a fatal injury, they would definitely die. No matter how bizarre the Cloud Thunder Snake is, it still has the nature of a snake. "

Hehe, a child like you knows a lot. Not only do you understand the grade of the Cloud Thunder Snake very well, you even know its weakness, but let me remind you in advance, the things in the book might not all be right. Don't let my darling cry like lightning later on. After hearing Fan Mu's explanation, the fairy in the sky giggled. She wasn't surprised by the kids' reaction speed, rather she liked them more. Now, it was better to "take care" of these kids.

"Magnet ?" The Cloud Thunder Snake transformed into a streak of silver light and swooped down, throwing out a long shadow. It was extremely beautiful, but now was not the time to admire its beauty. The four people stood up and dodged the first attack.

"Cut the crap. Lingyun, Xu Tianming, do you remember how to deal with the Blazing Ants? The weakness of the Cloud Thunder Snake is the center of the third section. Concentrate your attacks there."

Then Fan Mu gave Fan Qin a look, as if he wanted the Fairy to hear him, and shouted, "Fan Qing, a fire attack that leaves no room for negotiation! "Cover me!"

"Hmph, catch that speaker and serve him well," the fairy ordered the Cloud Thunder Snake.

"Fire Meteor!" Fan Qing chanted in a low voice, his hands forming triangular runes, blue veins popping out from his head. Fire Meteor was the strongest skill that he could use, and its damage was no worse than an Orange Rank skill.

Brilliant scarlet light shot out from the source energy core, akin to an inexhaustible blood-red flame. Rumble! * The rocks on the ground continued to rise, and in an instant were engulfed in flames, spinning around Fan Qin's body. Fan Qin drew a circle in the air with his right index finger, then pointed at the Cloud Thunder Snake.

The fire meteor seemed to have missed its target, it did not fly towards the Cloud Thunder Snake at all, instead, the Cloud Thunder Snake did not spare a glance as it flew towards the meteor, allowing the meteor to strike it. Under the crisp and clear sound of the strike, the Cloud Thunder Snake landed safely, without any injuries, opening its huge mouth, exhaling air, as if it was mocking the weak creature in front of it.

Fan Qin also gasped for breath. The blazing meteor had consumed a lot of his energy, but he had a faint smile on his face. He said softly, "It's your turn, it's broad and bright, I've done everything I could do. If you can't kill it, I'll kill you."

"Earth Elemental Rock Stomp!" After the first lesson, Xu Tianguo was already able to grasp the position of the rock protrusion skillfully, and his explosive power was even more powerful. Magnetic Noxious Technique, the ground began to crack open, rapidly approaching the Cloud Thunder Snake. Before the Cloud Thunder Snake could react, the rock protrusion had already arrived.

Although the Cloud Thunder Snake had an absolute level suppression, an earth attribute attack still dealt some damage to it. A tough and sharp rock shot up from the ground, and the instantaneous impact sent the Cloud Thunder Snake flying into the sky. Even though the body of the Cloud Thunder Snake was tough, it still had a small hole pierced through.

He had originally thought that the Cloud Thunder Snake would be like a fire ant and be knocked over, but it actually managed to stabilize itself in the air. At this moment, Lingyun had already jumped up, looking for 30% of the snake's strength, but what welcomed him was the divine dragon wagging its tail.

Bang! * * Bang! * The tail of the Cloud Thunder Snake struck the ice wall. The huge destructive power caused the ice pillars to fall one after another, exploding on the ground and creating a cloud of ice mist.

Lingyun wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. He still remembered the dangerous situation he was in, and when the Divine Dragon Tail was right in front of him, his body involuntarily flashed, brushing past the huge tail and escaping from it. "He saved my life again!"

Fan Mu's heart was also in turmoil. In that instant, he thought of nothing else but himself and his second secret skill, Wind and Cloud Movement. With regards to these ancient techniques, Fan Mu was pretty much able to cultivate the other three techniques that he had learned to the point that he had not yet reached his home. In the past, he had not even been able to move a single stone, but today, he had actually moved a living person.

Fan Mu, you've grown up. What do you think you should do now? This snake is not at the level you think it is, so you just have to wait and see. "Darling, be careful, don't hurt them. It's not good to ruin my toy. After typing on the last line, she purposely said something fierce. Cloud Thunder Snake was shocked, he knew that he had gone too far, he had just released a move due to his anger, he knew his master's strength, if he was really scolded, he would be in deep pain.

Fan Qin and Fan Mu had consumed too much energy, so they didn't even have the thought of dodging before they were firmly locked inside the electric net. Xu Tianliang and Lingyun were still okay, dodging left and right on the surface of the ice, but the electric net seemed to be able to track them, and in the end, they were trapped inside the net.

Magnetic force made the four people's bodies go numb from the electric shock, rendering them unable to move.

"Alright, come back, darling." A sweet voice rang out from the horizon once more. With that, the Cloud Thunder Snake turned into a streak of yellow light and was retrieved into the Jade Spirit Capsule by the fairy.

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