Jade Spirit Capsules were divided into two types, one was an ordinary jade spirit capsule, and usually it was used to adopt the spirit beasts that he liked. Besides the space jade and the light jade, this kind of capsule also needed another type of jade, for example, if one wanted to catch a water attribute spirit beast, other than the Jade Spirit Capsules, one would need to melt the shell of the water attribute jade stone, otherwise, with different attributes, no matter how good the quality of the Jade Spirit Capsule was, it would be difficult to accept it.

The purpose of this was to control the temperature. The ice was used to freeze the ice to preserve its freshness, while the good Jade Spirit Capsule could even allow the temperature to reach -50 ? C, where the ice and magma could not be directly inlaid. When it was being made, it would melt together with the memory metal, and after it was molded, it would have the function of heat preservation. Jade Spirit Capsules like this were usually used to seal medicinal herbs or ancient spiritual objects, causing them to possess their original spirituality.

After introducing the Jade Spirit Capsule, let's return to the battlefield to take a look at the four people who have lost. Although the difference in strength is enormous, losing is still a loss.

"Little brother, even though this sister really appreciates the amount of knowledge you have, but you should remember that the books are a little different from the actual things. The Cloud Thunder Snake's class does indeed pass through the joints of numbers, but it is not like you, including not only the body but also the numbers on the head and tail. My darling is a Gold-rank ?" Another burst of cheerful laughter, mixed with a bit of excitement, should be the affirmation of Fan Mu's mind.

"Why do I have to capture you all? Well then, hehe, can you tell me now, who brought you all here? There's a reward, huh?" From the clouds came a melodious song, full of life and energy, restoring the strength of four people. In the eyes of the four people in the electric net, it seemed as if they were filled with a chill.

"Cough, cough, Sky Girl, I was the one who brought them here. Please forgive me if I offend you." Lingyun answered first. Fan Mu had saved him twice, and it had always been his purpose to repay favors. Even though his heart was filled with apprehension, he still stood up bravely.

"Although little brother, your looks are not bad, but big sister hates children who lie the most, I'll punish you," with that, the electric net ignited again, causing Lingyun to be unable to find the source of the electricity. He couldn't help but grin and grumble to himself, "Why am I always the one who gets hurt, what happened to my looks?"

"Ai, I hate smart kids. I could have left with the jade anyway. Why did you guys come looking for me, but you guys can't not give me one. What should I do? You guys are so conflicted." The voice sounded a bit upset. If it was an act, then it really had excellent acting skills.

"You, you're the Demon Thief?" Fan Qin finally reacted, it wasn't wrong to say that he had some reflexes, but did you really think that it was a goddess who had descended from the heavens? "Hm?" The strange thief thought that they had already known about this matter, but to think that there would be a fool among them.

"Big brother, I've always admired you. You're my idol!" Fan Qin was very excited, as if he had seen a lover in a dream. The bandit's mouth was wide open. Was he insane? He didn't even bring flattery. Could it be that this was a new tactic? He couldn't help but laugh.

Alright, since you admire me so much, I'll give you one more chance. I don't know how many stages there are in total. With a strange expression on his cold face, he laughed.

The little guys were all stunned. Just fawning on him was enough. What were they fighting for? Not only did their injuries heal, but more importantly, they had left behind shadows. What exactly was this grudge about?

"That little brother, his name is Fan Mu, right? It's not bad to be able to see through my Four Symbols Poems. I'll give you a little present later, hehe." The bandit continued with a cold expression.

What could it be? Fan Mu pondered in his heart, and could not help but complain. This bandit was really the storyteller, so he inadvertently revealed his helplessness.

"All of you are my toys now. The game is about to begin, a total of four incense sticks of time! The first hint is' feeling, 'and I'll be waiting for you in the next place. Come on in the bowl and wait for you, hmm. The fairy's voice was like a bell, mesmerizing Fan Qing.

"You just went to the bowl," Fan Mu muttered to himself.

Right after he finished saying those words, the space and time beneath his feet began to become illusory. The ice shattered, and the golden words "Cyanwood Palace" finally appeared on the surface.

It really wasn't easy to finally return to the real world. The four of them felt extremely fortunate, but they also felt that the first trial had already begun. The four of them looked at the changes in their surroundings. It was indeed the Cyanwood Palace that was not bad.

Staring at the carved windows, speckles of sunlight shone through the slits, causing the ancient atmosphere of the Cyanwood Palace to ripple even more. A faint sandalwood fragrance filled the entire hall, and under the purple clouds, it seemed even more strange.

"Ah ?" Fan Qin gave a pitiful cry as he was sent flying several times around the body, and finally crashed into the wooden pillar. The huge impact caused a large part of the wooden pillar to cave in, as if it would break with a gentle touch.

Lingyun pulled Fan Qin up from the ground and quickly applied some homemade ointment on his wound. After checking with Fan Mu, he came to the same conclusion: Fan Qing was attacked by a Phantom Frozen Blue Wolf.

When it moved, it was like a phantom, surpassing the limits of human vision. If it didn't coincidentally run into the wolf, its attack would be like a shadow, unable to escape.

Based on the size of the wound, Fan Mu could roughly determine the rank of the Ash Wolf. However, due to the Cloud Thunder Snake's previous lesson, Fan Mu dared not say anything too absolute. After all, the books and the real thing were really different.

The direwolves were relatively common at the top of the Nine Colors Mountain. The snow that accumulated all year round provided them with a shelter. Their living quarters were extremely cold, so it was rare to find any trace of them.

Looking at the wound, this mastiff is still young. At first, I estimated that it should be around the yellow level, and it would be very difficult for the mastiff to catch up to its whereabouts. The only thing I know is that its tail can fall off, and every time it falls off, its ability will decrease once, and it will take more than a month to recover. After the meeting was over, the four of them displayed a confident attitude that they would definitely win. Indeed, a Yellow Rank Spiritual Beast was much easier to deal with than a Blue Rank Flame Ant or a Gold Rank Cloud Thunder Snake.

Hence, the key problem now was that the direwolf's main skill was Phantom, so finding it would become the key to victory in this battle.

The clouds moved with the wind, and a demonic wind blew over, "Quick, dodge, Fan Mu."

"Boom!" Xu Tianliang's arm was petrified as he blocked Fan Mu's path, facing the direwolf in the illusion state. "How dangerous," Fan Mu exclaimed before giving the order, "Everyone, focus your attention on a square in the city and carefully sense the direwolf's location."

As such, the four of them quickly formed a circle, not giving the Ash Wolf even the slightest chance to attack.

However, the direwolf was not stupid. It leapt up and landed right above the four people's square formation.

Sensing the presence of the wind, Fan Mu's lips curled up slightly, "Lingyun, Xu Tianhao!"

"Here!" The two of them roared in unison, scaring the Phantom Icecap in the air, but it quickly adjusted its posture and charged towards the four of them.

Just as he was about to hit the four people's heads, a dramatic scene appeared. What welcomed the direwolves wasn't their heads, but the three mud men and Ling Yun's whirlwind sword.

The water sword struck the direwolf's abdomen in an orderly manner, and a pained expression spread across its face. With a furious roar, the direwolf finally revealed itself.

The direwolf appeared and blue ice appeared around its body, blocking the incoming attack. However, it was unable to completely eliminate the effect of the Lingyun Swirling Sword, and was viciously pierced.

Just as it was about to take a breather and regroup its attack, Xu Tianliang's attack arrived on time. No one would hold back when they met on a narrow path, and the four of them knew that being merciful to their enemies was the same as being cruel to themselves, so they threw out their ultimate moves without hesitation.

"Earth Bind Spirit Sphere," Xu Tianliang focused on chanting. Dust like dirt and stones rose up from the ground and hit the direwolf's body. The direwolf opened its obsidian eyes in an attempt to break through this disadvantage, but found that it was already surrounded by dirt and rocks.

The soil and ice crystals collided, causing dazzling ice flowers to bloom out. They glittered, constantly rubbing against each other, and created a "plop plop" sound. After breaking the wolf's defense, Xu Tianliang waved his hands, and more soil and stones moved along, sticking to the mastiff's body, tightly wrapping it in layer after layer.

"Bind!" Xu Tianliang's left hand made a different gesture, his index finger crossed and held his breath. He then retracted his right hand towards his chest and clenched it into a fist.

Seeing that the ball of mud had already stabilized itself, the four of them heaved a sigh of relief. The mastiff was probably done for.

When Lingyun, Fan Qing, and Xu Tianliang felt that Fan Mu's plan had been carried out so smoothly, they could not help but give him a thumbs up.

"Brother Mu really is amazing. Judging from his physique, this direwolf should have reached the yellow level. Isn't it because of Brother Mu's strategy that it was defeated? I'm impressed! I'm impressed!" Lingyun was filled with emotion. Fan Mu was really thoughtful. Even if there was a difference of one stage, it would not be enough to cover up Brother Mu's aura of wisdom.

It turned out that Fan Mu had let everyone stand in a circle with a deeper intention in mind. If he said that he was going to be more direct, then he was prepared.

When normal people realized that it was not easy to break through in all four directions, and they couldn't even climb up from the ground, they would choose to attack from the top.

The spirit beasts had already evolved to become intelligent, so they were naturally not stupid. Their thoughts must have been the same as a human's to find the most vulnerable position. As Fan Mu had expected, the direwolf chose to attack from the top.

No matter how fast the illusion was, it was only a mirage, it could not completely disappear. Every movement it made left a trail of movement beside it ? ? The wind, it was precisely by judging the direction of the wind that one could roughly sense the direction of the direwolf. This was all thanks to Fan Qin, he told the three of them that they could feel a gust of demonic wind before being attacked.

Once everything was ready, he was prepared to wait for the Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf to take the bait. When it leaped up, Lingyun used his acute senses to grab hold of that instant, and locked onto its position. He then used a water ball as a signal to inform Fan Mu.

At this moment, the four of them were extremely happy. They did not expect that through close cooperation, they would be able to instantly kill a spirit beast two ranks higher than them. The ball of mud that was originally floating in midair had already fallen to the ground.

Fan Qin raised his foot and placed it on top of the spirit bundling ball. He raised his eyebrows and shook his head, and unexpectedly put together an idea. He acted like a discus thrower and said, "Look at how cool I am. I'm a dragon slayer."

The scene was so beautiful that Xu Tianliang quickly covered his eyes with his hands. Fan Qin's "wild tug" made the three of them burst out in laughter. Xu Tianliang covered his stomach as he bent down and waved his hand, saying, "You look like you're a dragon-slaying messenger. No matter how you look at it, you're just a street sweeper. This whole shit, sh * t, there's wood, there's wood!" He was panting heavily as he spoke, pretending to laugh until his stomach hurt.

"Pui, you dare to look down on this Dragon Slayer Warrior, find fire!" Fan Mu spat in anger.

"I'm really cold, come bite me!" Xu Tianliang waved at Fan Qin, who was still in flames above his head. He picked up a small stone and threw it into the distance, "Come, Wang Cai, bring it back."

"Okay, you, if I don't make you into a roasted suckling pig today, my surname won't be Qing." Fan Qing was speechless from the damage. He raised his sleeves, ready to start a fight.

Looking at these two treasures, Fan Mu and Lingyun shook their heads helplessly. At this point, the first test is already over. After exchanging glances, they both sighed. Luckily, there was still one more to be counted.

"Crack." A small crack appeared on the surface of the spirit bundling ball made of dirt and stone. After a while, it became bigger and bigger. Fan Qin was startled and quickly jumped into the air.

"Not good!" "The direwolf was not locked down," Fan Mu was slightly surprised, but he quickly regained his senses, realizing the severity of the situation. "It is indeed not easy to deal with a yellow level direwolf. Lingyun, Fan Qing, Xu Tianliang, quick, don't let it come out unscathed. If you don't control its movements now, it will be very difficult to control it."

Considering the difference between the classes, Fan Mu felt that this was the best time to deal a fatal blow to it. Once the phantom formed again, it would be difficult to catch it even if one was hit by a setback, and the spirit beast wouldn't jump into the same fire pit twice.

"Ling Yun, you will be responsible for attacking its tail. Even if you can't seal it, you will have to skin it." Fan Mu gritted his teeth, praying that this attack would succeed.

The four of them gathered their energy, waiting for the mastiff to appear and give it a huge blow. At this moment, however, the spirit bundle was a little strange. Not only was it emitting a blue light, it was also emitting an ice-cold aura.

Bang! The spirit binding ball exploded and the direwolf once again appeared in front of everyone. The silver fur on its forehead had already disappeared and was replaced by a seductive blue outfit. Within its obsidian eyes, there was an additional coldness, and a less anxious look.

Lingyun and Fan Qin's moves were already prepared. Seeing that it had come out of closed door cultivation, Fan Qin immediately spat out a mouthful of flames, and the mastiff let out a breath of cold air. The fire and ice fought each other in the instant of contact, and a thick mist of water gradually enveloped the entire arena, enveloping everyone within.

The core of his elemental energy continued to glow with light, and countless of water particles turned into flying needles that danced towards its tail. In the thick fog, even though his vision was limited to a large extent, Ling Yun's arrogance could be considered to be second to none among his peers. Finding the position of its tail was a piece of cake.

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